30 Things People Found Terrifying As Kids That Look Less Scary Now

Being a kid was not easy. The world was full of threats, and you could take nothing for granted. If you swallowed a seed, the plant would grow in your body. A psycho would hide behind the shower curtain every time you entered the bathroom. And for dessert, you could never skip a square when walking down the sidewalk, ‘cause you’d either get someone close to you in trouble, or (pick one) the plague would start.

Luckily, we are all past this point and as grown adults, most of these irrational fears are far behind us. But that doesn’t mean we don’t remember them, since so many people on Twitter feel like it was yesterday. After one woman who goes by the Twitter handle @torY asked “did anyone else go through a phase as a kid where u were genuinely concerned ab the bermuda triangle?” it soon became evident that not only was she not the only one, but that there are many more threats we had to endure as kids.

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So let’s see what things used to send chills down our spine right down below, and please remember, even if those fears may look unreasonable today, it doesn’t mean they weren’t real and distressing then.


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We all had fears as kids, and it’s totally normal. For most people, they went away, but for others, they stayed, evolved, and in some cases, developed into phobias. About one in 30 kids will develop a bona fide phobia that fits the official diagnostic criteria.“

Doug Symons, a child clinical psychologist at Acadia University in Wolfville, said: “When [fears] are excessive and begin to interfere with your life, we define them as phobias.”

Interestingly, the first fears can arise as early as some time between 10 months and 2 years. Toddlers start exhibiting separation anxiety, one of the first fears known to us, which they feel as a result of not wanting to be left at daycare or at bedtime. They may cry, cling, and try to stay near the parent at any costs.


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As you get older, fears become more complex and usually relate to the experiences you have in this world. School-aged children often develop irrational fears: for example, being scared of getting trapped in an elevator. However, psychologists urge parents not to tell their kids that it’s the 21st century and nothing will hurt them. You should try not to fixate on their fear, but help the kid to put it in perspective.

“Children have fewer fears as they get older,” says Symons, “but they can be more intense.” A teenager may hide them and pretend like it’s not a big deal. It becomes a real challenge for parents to get their child to communicate what they’re truly going through so they can find help.

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This doesn’t mean that older kids get over fears, however irrational they seem to adults, more easily. In fact, they may carry them for the rest of their lives and need treatment later in adulthood.


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