30 Times People Acted So Entitled, The Internet Had To Call Them Out For It (New Posts)

Have you ever met someone who believes they can always get their own way? That they’re better than anyone else in the room and deserve special recognition for merely existing? Well, if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. But thanks to the subreddits we will call ‘Entitled Batch’ and ‘Eff You Karen’, there’s proof that many people have.

Entitled people are far from our preferred choice of company, yet we still have the “pleasure” of encountering them every now and then. But while some of us decide not to waste time and energy on arguments that lead to nowhere, others take out their phones and rightfully shame these jerks online.

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And we get to see it all in broad daylight. Bored Panda has collected the most teeth-clenching and blood-boiling examples of how some people are way out-of-touch and light years away from reality. So continue scrolling and feel free to vent your feelings in the comments.

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#1 This Restaurant Is Really Sick Of Karen’s S***!

Image credits: depressed_popoto

#2 Triggered By A 9 Yrold

Image credits: Upbeat-Head-3363

#3 You Would Think They Would Be Nicer After Leaving Church

Image credits: ifallupthestairsalot

When entitled people aggressively ask for discounts, demand to speak to your manager, leave zero tips, and grab more freebies than they can carry — they’re almost asking to be exposed for their shameful behavior. With over 328K members and counting, the ‘Entitled Batch’ subreddit is doing exactly that. The moderators want to share what the very real experiences with people who “always get their own way and are better than everyone” look like.

However, the moderators also noted the forum “in no way intends to spread hate or abuse or to offend any party” but rather to share stories and entertainment. So just because a person’s entitled, it doesn’t mean they deserve to receive an enormous amount of hate.

For this reason, the number one rule states it’s forbidden to include any information that could identify the people connected with any posts. Whether it’s their names, phone numbers, addresses, or locations, they ask fellow group members to be respectful.

#4 This Tweet Says It All

Image credits: StellaParton

#5 A Woman Who Has Never Had A Job Accused Women Of Not Wanting To Work

Image credits: F4RN3RB0CK3N

#6 Canadian Women’s Hockey Team Beat Russia While Wearing Masks

Image credits: CapitalCourse

The other subreddit that is featured in this post, ‘Eff You Karen’, is a 1.3M-strong online community that is purely dedicated to exposing the most annoying Karen behavior. Some of the forum’s rules include avoiding witch hunts, political topics, and also censoring social media identities, yet their posts still make for really amusing content.

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Sure, everyone has those awful days when it feels like the whole world is against them. Also, every single one of us make mistakes we’re not proud of. But not all take the opportunity to learn from them and be on their way to becoming better human beings. Some people resort to such entitled manners, it’s hard for them to go unnoticed.

We can probably agree there’s no excuse for behaving like an awful and selfish person, but there’s still one question that keeps running through our minds: Why are they acting this way in the first place?

#7 Bro..?

Image credits: KingVincas

#8 Karens Then, Karens Now…..

Image credits: Pransant

#9 Weird Mother On My Flight

“Weird mother on my flight,
I was returning back to Istanbul, watching my predownloaded stuff on Netflix. There was a mother next to me with a probably 4-5 year old kid. At first everything was fine; she was distracting her kid with her phone, I was watching the season 4 of rick and morty, then her battery ran out.

She gave her kid some toy but after a while kid started crying. I had a powerbank with me and before my battery got to %20, I plugged mine in.

After a while she asked me for my powerbank, but I needed it for my phone. She said

“Im an adult and you MUST respect you adults, hand it to me”

She suddenly turned into a b****.

I kindly said I needed it for my phone and pointed a power outlet and said you can use this one.

I re opened Netflix and watched the season I downloaded before being onboard. She called a personnel and said that my flight mode wasnt on and I was using Cellular.

I showed the downloaded logo and my flight mode and this dumb mother gave up.

Then the personnel showed the same outlet I showed to the ****** sitting next to me and her face was priceless.

Good thing it wasnt a big problem, the flight went mostly peaceful and calm”

Image credits: Suhyeon Choi

“Psychological entitlement is the perception that one is more deserving of favorable outcomes than other people are,” Emily Zitek, a professor at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, explained to Bored Panda in a previous interview. “Entitled individuals view themselves as unique, and they believe that they should receive rewards and benefits, such as more money, better grades, or preferential treatment, regardless of their performance or effort in comparison with others.”

According to her, a sense of entitlement could come from many possible sources. Previous research has shown how messages in the media, an organization’s culture or reward system, or certain parenting practices may contribute to the development of a sense of entitlement.

#10 Some Customers Are Worth Losing

Image credits: thestudlife

#11 Entitled B*tch Wants My Parking Spot

So, A few decades ago, I went from 70 to 0 too fast one night and ended up in the hospital with a pen in my teeth signing a form on a clipboard held over my head that they could cut off both of my hands and my right leg because they were all so mangled that there was a less than 50% chance of them being saved.

18 hours of surgery and I woke up with everything I went in there with (and a few extra metal parts to boot) but it took years and a couple of dedicated physical therapists (whom I lovingly refer to as “Helga and Ursula the Bitch-Goddesses”) for me to be able to walk and use my reconstructed hands.

I’ve had 4 follow up surgeries since then and I can now walk without a limp but it’s still difficult to walk very far without pain so I have a handicapped placard on my car. I found out real quick that there’s an attitude among handicapped placard owners. They all seem to think that they’re more deserving than you of the spot that you just parked in. That plus FedEx drivers use them indiscriminately.

My first experience with FedEx was when I went to get my name registered on the sewer and water utilities for the house we just moved to. There was only one handicapped spot and a FedEx delivery truck was parked in it. So I parked sideways and blocked him in then hobbled my way into the building with my cane. (I was still in physical therapy then)

About 5 minutes later, I see the FedEx guy come up:

FedEx Guy: Who owns the Silver Infinity outside?

Me: That would be me

FedEx guy: You’re blocking me in

Me: You parked in the handicapped spot

FedEx guy: I was only going to be there a few minutes

Me: Well now you’re going to be there until I finish my business here.

FedEx guy: You can’t do that!

Me: We can call the sheriff and see which one of us gets a ticket.

But the Entitled Bitch portion of the story happened a few years later. By then, I was able to walk without my cane and I had encountered more than one of these so I knew what was about to happen and I had prepared my response ahead of time.

I had just parked and gotten out of my car and was walking into Wally World when I see the Cadillac moving slowly by with the window rolling down and the EB about to lay out her case on why she deserved my spot and I didn’t.

EB: What’s your problem?

Me: Excuse me?

EB: You don’t look like you’re handicapped.

Me: Thank you! I’ve worked really hard to be able to walk without a limp

EB: I don’t think you’re really handicapped.

Me: You could have stopped talking after the first three words of that last sentence and been entirely correct.

EB: So what’s wrong with you?

Me: *sigh* If you must know, I lost my foot in an accident.

EB: Really? How did that happen?

Me: I broke it off in some nosey bitch’s ass!

Image credits: Bannon Morrissy

#12 “Obey”

Image credits: Esquire1114

“Furthermore, having a high status in society” and being told you “possessed a rare skill (creativity)” could also lead to higher entitlement. Also, one study found that “children whose parents overvalued them reported higher levels of narcissism, of which entitlement is one component.”

“Thus, it seems that one reason that people may become more entitled is that they have received a message (from the media, society, an organization, or their parents) that there is something special, valuable, or worthy about them,” the professor said.

#13 Karen Want To Get Rid Of Her Fiancé’s 5 Years Old Kid

Image credits: Tatarkingdom

#14 Mind Your Goddamn Business Karen!

Image credits: torriangray

#15 Customer Karen

Image credits: Adelu1219

Zitek found in her research that entitled individuals “are more selfish, follow instructions less often, are more likely to think things that are unpleasant for them are unfair, get angry about bad luck, and are less likely to comply with the health guidelines of the pandemic. But on the flip side, people who feel entitled can also be more creative and better at getting what they want in negotiations.”

Those who ever had to stumble across a person demanding special treatment will tell you that interacting with them can be challenging. “People who have to interact with entitled others report lower well-being and burnout,” the professor mentioned. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, you “should remember that this person’s claims are not based on merit and that if [you] reject this person’s request, the person will likely get angry/upset.”

“However, in one of my papers, we argue that just giving in also isn’t a good solution because it could lead to more entitlement later,” Zitek said.

#16 My Sister In Law…

Image credits: Seiri01

#17 You’re Closed? But I Forced Open The Door…

This happens way too often. We usually turn off the automatic doors around a minute or two before we close, but it doesn’t get locked until exactly 8(or whenever we are closing), we have had numerous people push the doors open at 8 and look like a deer in the headlights when we say we are closed.

Imagine being so entitled that you force one of the doors open and are surprised when you are kicked out.

Image credits: Claudio Schwarz

#18 A Kid On A Plane

The story happened this week on an international flight. The layout of the plane was 3+3 seat rows, and sitting in front of me was a family of mom, dad and a 4-5 year old son on the middle. Our flight got delayed a good deal so the kid was probably already bored out of his mind. Right after boarding the boy takes out the seat table and starts bashing it repeatedly like he’s tryna to smack the devil out of it. After 10+ hits the dad asks him to stop as the person in front of them was getting visibly frustrated.

Dad: Stop now, you’ll break it and the angry man will come take you

Mom: I don’t care what they say, it’s a child and if they have a problem with this they should get up and relocate!

As soon as I’ve heard it I was furious and low key spent the rest of the flight hating on her. There were no vacant seats on the plane, the consistent seating is important due to covid rules, and, most importantly, what traits is she trying to bring up in her son?

Image credits: Hanson Lu

Elizabeth Overstreet, a relationship expert, added that often when someone is entitled, “they are typically unhappy or feeling some inadequacy with themselves. It’s important that you provide boundaries with them. Treat them the same as others. You may even feel some compassion for them too.”

“Often, people who are entitled are not the happiest and even at times are insecure. While you shouldn’t allow their entitlement to rub off on you, you can show them by setting boundaries with them and treating everyone equally. In doing so, you could be shining a light on how their behavior is actually not the right way to do things,” she said and added you could also be showing them healthier ways to treat others. “However, realize it’s not on you to fix or alter who they are as a person.”

#19 Karen Has Been Around Since At Least The 1900’s

Image credits: heyjpark

#20 The Kardashians/Jenners Tell Us To Get Off Our A**es And Work And Here Are Some Of Their Job Postings

Image credits: ghostgoddess7

#21 I Hate Humans

Image credits: IndyMazzy

#22 Entitled, Spoiled Sister-In-Law Takes Her Cats To The Pound And Allows Them To Be Euthanized

I posted a story about my ex sister-in-law and felt like this spoke more to the type of person she is on the inside.

She and her cousin got two cats and brought them home, made sure they were fed, and that was the end of it. They never played with the cats and even changed their names after a couple months because they were just so fickle and indifferent about the pets they chose to adopt.

One day, they got sick of the cats that were super antisocial because they never received any type of attention but negative because SIL and her cuz were so fed up with the situation. So they took the cats to the pound. They were warned that the animals would be euthanized if they weren’t adopted after 30 days and to come back and get them if they didn’t want that to happen.

The date came and went, and these two grown adults (one in her 30’s) “forgot” and let their cats be put down. I learned of this after the fact because they were so ashamed they swore their family to secrecy, but the tea was spilled anyway. Pretty horrifying.

Image credits: Ayelt van Veen

#23 Something That Happened To My Mother Yesterday At A Qt

Image credits: Steven-Flayer

#24 The License Plate Says It All

Image credits: RedMegalosaurus

#25 A Girl I Haven’t Spoken To Since Graduating High School Just Straight Up Asked For A Wedding Invite

Image credits: flamingotitties

#26 If You Have A Monthly Income Or £30 Why Are You Tryna Buy Art? Ohhh Cus You Expected Me To Work For Free Gotcha

Image credits: Glitchikat

#27 Found At My Local Walmart Today

Image credits: xxmoonlitnightx

#28 Fb Post Asking For Free Service

Image credits: AntUpbeat7697

#29 Almost 15 Minutes After Last Slot

Image credits: cleefas

#30 Found In The Wild Today In A Tag Group

Image credits: ImaSlutForRangoons

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