30 Times People Encountered ‘Covidiots’ Who Think Covid-19 Is Nothing Serious And Decided To Shame Them Online

With more than 37 million Covid-19 cases globally, more than 1 million of which have been fatal, the global pandemic has changed our lives beyond recognition. And as we’re about to approach the second viral wave, everyone has become witness to the grim reality.

Except for the virus deniers who either see it as a conspiracy theory or think that it’s some kind of joke “simple” people, like you and me, fell for. It’s both scary and hard to wrap one’s head around how ignorant some of us can be, and below are the most recent examples that have been surfing around on social media.

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From Santa who can just as well bring a virus to your ho-ho-home, to fishnet face coverings that prioritize design over protection, it makes me wonder how many wake-up calls we’re still gonna need.

#1 Corona Go Brrr

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#2 Just Had A Karen Call 911 On Us Telling Us It Was “Unconstitutional And Inhumane” That We Require Customers To Wear Masks

Police came in gave a huge sigh and told us we were doing a good job.

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#3 Pos Pretends To Be Disabled To Try And Get Out Of Wearing A Mask

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It’s crazy to think that for some people, coronavirus doesn’t really exist. Thinking of the viral pandemic causing one of the biggest turmoils in recent history as a joke has to do with many various reasons. One of the most dangerous ones, is the overflow of incorrect information about coronavirus still surfing around various channels, from social media to television.

Fake COVID-19 news creates a fictional bubble where people see themselves as being a part of conspiracy, a global hoax that is playing tricks on them. Worst, the collective distrust in obvious tragedy escalates the spread of misinformation further and people get tied to the never-ending flow of COVID-myths.

But separating truth from fiction in the times of pandemic can literally save lives. Thus, Bored Panda reached out to the Babylon Health doctor Claudia Pastides, who agreed to share some of the most common COVID-19 myths that have been flourishing online.

#4 Lana Del Rey’s Mesh Mask

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#5 My Friend Really Uses Her Hand As A Mask

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#6 So This Pos Average Bollywood Singer Sneaked Out Of The Airport Upon Her Visit From The UK So That She Wouldn’t Be Quarantined, Threw A Huge Party And Now She’s Tested Positive For The Virus. Covid-19 More Than Anything Has Exposed Stupid People Like Her, Evangeline Lilly And Those Panic Buyers

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First, some people still believe that hand sanitizers don’t actually kill the virus. Claudia debunked the myth and explained: “Even though this is true for a few strains of viruses, like the norovirus that causes stomach bugs, it’s not the case with coronaviruses.”

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She added that applying a hand sanitizer that contains at least sixty percent alcohol will surely kill the coronavirus.

The second common myth circulating online is that COVID-19 is a man-made virus. The truth is that the “virus that causes COVID-19 is a zoonotic virus. This means that it originated from an animal.”

Scientists believe that it probably jumped the species barrier and ended up in humans. But it was definitely not made in a laboratory, contrary to some beliefs.

#7 A Local School Posted Photos On Their Social Media About How They Are Following Covid Guidelines. They Photoshopped A Mask On The Teacher’s Face

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#8 I Drive For Uber, And Since No One Pays Attention To The Covid Notices When They Book The Ride, I Started Sending Everyone This Advance Pickup Message. It’s Not Working Like I’d Hoped

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#9 Driving To Another State Just To Avoid Using A Mask

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Third, the claim that applying heat to your skin or taking a hot bath will kill the virus is false. “Hot baths and hot drinks won’t be able to reach or kill the virus because it lies within cells inside your body,” Claudia explained.

While the most effective way to curb the virus if it has come in contact with your skin is washing with soap or using hand sanitizer, once it is inside your body, there’s not much you can do about it. “It is up to your immune system to kill the virus off.”

#10 Karen Willing Infects 40 Members Of Her Own Family With Covid-19

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#11 Anti-Mask Sign In My Town

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#12 I’m A Hair Stylist. I Have A Client That Keeps Trying To Get An Appointment With Me But Refuses To Wear A Mask. Her Response Tonight

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#13 This Is How My Class Practices Social Distancing.. Nobody Is Wearing A Mask Either. (I’m On The Left In The Back)

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#14 Not Wearing A Mask Around Healthcare Workers And Patients

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#15 Karen Goes To Trader Joe’s Without A Mask, Employees Ask Her To Put On A Mask Or Leave, She Refuses & Makes A Commotion Because It’s Her “Civil Liberty”, Then Posts It On Youtube

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#16 Wow, I Wonder How That Happened?

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#17 Student’s Father Died From Covid, Professor Unsympathetic

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#18 No Mask In A Crowded Waiting Room Full Of Old, Sick People. Some Coughing! When I Confronted Her She Said, “It’s Too Hot.” And Waved Me Off Like I Was A Bothersome Gnat

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#19 We Have A Mask Order Too Tf

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#20 People In UK City Have Been Putting Up Posters In Bus Stops Urging People To Ignore Guidance For Coronavirus

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#21 Ukrainian Deputy Wearing A “Homemade” Face Mask

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#22 My School Just Canceled Spring Break To Stop Covid. Here’s A FB (Football) Game From This Year

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#23 Folks Like This Dude Are Why Covid-19 Ain’t Going Away Smh

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#24 Idk What To Do With This. My Girlfriend Snapped This Real Quick At Walmart Today. Yes That’s A Visor As A Mask

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#25 Wedding During Covid Has Chairs Inches Apart But At Least Each Plate Has Hand Sanitizer

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#26 Pennsylvania Server Finds This After Asking Customer To Wear Their Masks Until They Were Seated

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#27 Patient With Fever Removes Mask On Female Nurse And Spits On Her Face In Wuhan, Saying ‘I Don’t Want To Live Anymore And You Guys Should Not Live Too!’

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#28 This Is A Real Ad From My Local Newspaper

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#29 This Mask I Got An Ad For…

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#30 99.9% Idiot

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