30 Times Teachers Messed Up Big Time And Shared Their Fails Online

It’s funny how most of us imagine a classroom to be the place where all the serious business happens.

In reality, it’s where hilarity is turned up to the max—from funny typos on the board, to photocopying skills running errands, to plain absurd incidents that do happen more often than we’d like to think.

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But this time, we’re gonna turn the cards around and let the teachers share their fair amount of awkwardly funny accidents that have happened at school. In the end, they are humans too.

And what can be more human than failing on duty, like accidentally using a glue stick as a Chapstick in front of a class of little giggling devils?

#1 Teacher Fail

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#2 A Science Teacher

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#3 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone’s Homework

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The classroom is one heck of a tricky business, especially when you’re the one in charge. And even though being a teacher is generally regarded as a rewarding profession which has probably one of the biggest influences on our future generations, that doesn’t mean it’s not stressful.

In reality, incidents and accidents in a classroom are part of their daily bread, and it’s up to the teacher to manage the situation and not to let it escalate. Sometimes the incidents are indeed harmless and even mood-lifting, but other times, with 20 people in class, things spiral out of control.

#4 Announcment For Teachers Please Check Your Fonts

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#5 Teacher Fail

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#6 I Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Buy My Class Of Year 5’s Some Heart Shaped Balloons – Apparently Not

That’s why every teacher has to have a few classroom management strategies at hand. Rob Plevin, a teaching expert who specializes in noisy class solutions and teaching techniques, suggests a couple of useful tips to get everything under control.

First, as a teacher, you shouldn’t ask “why?” “Asking a student why they have or haven’t done something is an extremely confrontational and threatening way of approaching and almost always results in more conflict,” he suggests. 

Second, Rob urges teachers to create a diversion: for example, redirection of attention to a demonstration or something else happening nearby, a change in activity, or a story or joke. “Any off-topic question should do the job or, if you’re more adventurous, you could change your behavior and do something they aren’t expecting.”

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#7 Throwback To That Awkward Moment During Student Teaching

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#8 That Time I Made Fake Snow With My Students And It Looked Like Bags Of Coke’

#9 How’s Your Day Going? If I Had A Dollar For Every Time I’ve Locked My Class Keys In My Room, I Could Quit My Job. No Worries, I’m Innovative And A Problem Solver. I Always Carry A Tool Kit In My Car…

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Third, if a student is behaving ill, remind them of their past success. He suggests trying this by asking: “Remember how well you coped last time this happened?” or “Hey, I saw you behaving impeccably this morning. Come on, get back to your true self.”

Other strategies include offering support, staying silent, offering them space, and using your sense of humor. It’s incredible what a powerful tool humor can be in stressful situations and it can immediately lift the edge off the whole classroom.

#10 Bad Photocopying On My Behalf. The Year 6’s Found It Hilarious

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#11 How Is Your First Day Going?

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#12 Welp. I Killed The Class Pets Today

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#13 This Professor, Who Sent A Rude Email Because He Thought Everyone Skipped His Class. It Was An Online Class

#14 1st Of Many Teacher Fails: We Were Going To Play Hangman But Then We Realized That Was Inappropriate… So We Came Up With A New, Original Game Which We Called “Beat The Balls.” Then We Chose The Word “Grassland” And Well This Is Where We Ended Up

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#15 Fail

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#16 Teacher Fail

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#17 It’s May, And We’re All Here. What More Can You Ask For?!

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#18 High School Teacher Remote Teaching. Our Platform Generates Unique Classroom Codes For Each Course. For My Course, I Have To Screenshot And Send “Jizzin’ To God” To All My Students

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#19 Teacher Fail

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#20 When You Get Into The Prep-Room And Feel A Storng Smell Of Lamb And Wonder Where It Comes From And Then You Find This Amazing Bloodpool Behind The Cart Where You Placed The Dissection Organs To Let Them Thaw Well, It’s Alright! We Learn By Doing Mistakes. We Definitely Need To Buy New Intact Boxes To Our Lab Though

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#21 My First Ever Class As A Teacher Is About To Begin, All Notes On The Laptop

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#22 I’m Proud Of – Accidental Swear Word In The Findaword – Teacher Of The Year!

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#23 ‘from My Son’s Preschool Wall … They Are J’s … Right?’

#24 It Was My Substitute Teacher’s First Day On The Job, And This Is What We Walk In Class To. Dry Erase Markers On A Promethean Board Isn’t It Yall

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#25 Oops, Bad Spelling

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#26 Poor Balloon Placement In Class Today

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#27 Well That Didn’t Go As Smoothly As Planned . My Bean Bag Refill Finally Came In After Being Back Ordered For Months And Refilling It Seemed So Simple Until This Happened

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#28 When The Art Project Is A Giant Disaster

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#29 When Your Anchor Charts Go Wrong

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#30 4 Teachers. 10 Degrees. 1 Giant Mess

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