30 Times Things Deserved To Be Shamed

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

While that’s generally great advice to ensure our children are respectful towards their peers and don’t become bullies, sometimes, you just need to let those not-so-nice thoughts out. And if you’re looking for a safe space to do so, look no further, pandas!

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We’ve taken a trip to the That’s It, I’m Bored and Shaming Everything 2.0 Facebook group and gathered some of the most cringey and facepalm worthy pics we could find. From questionable posts on social media to products that should have never hit store shelves, we’re sure you’ll find plenty to judge down below. So enjoy scrolling through this list, and feel free to unleash all of your pent-up negativity onto these pics!

#1 Found On My Neighborhood’s Fb Group

Image credits: Katie Barry

#2 How Can Someone Not Know What Pepper Spray Is? I Mean I’ll Admit I Grew Up Under A Rock, But Woooooow

Image credits: Cassie Morgan

#3 Shaming The Ignorance

Image credits: Stacy Jones-Malik

Have you ever seen something on social media that immediately made you want to screenshot it and send it to your friends to judge? Of course you have! There are some questionable things online! But if your friends are too respectful to shame screenshots from the internet or you don’t want to constantly bombard them with cringey photos you’ve come across, this Facebook group might be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. That’s It, I’m Bored And Shaming Everything 2.0 makes it clear that it’s a “group for shaming,” but it’s not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

“We have fun here, post if you want your feelings wrecked,” the group’s about section warns. And clearly, many people do want to get wrecked, as the community has amassed an impressive 59k members since its creation in November, 2020. The group is still going strong, with 534 new members in the past week, 642 new posts in the last month and no shortage of hilarious content. But to ensure that the community doesn’t get too rowdy, the admins and moderators have some ground rules in place.  

#4 Google Sometimes Asks Me To Review The Places I’ve Been. I Went To Visit My Mom’s Grave For Mother’s Day. I’m Shaming Google For This Question

Image credits: Jae Marie

#5 Saw This Another Group! Apparently It’s From A Guys Tiktok Live

Image credits: Shanaya Barlow

#6 A Gun????

Why is there a gun?

Image credits: Erica Holland

To keep the shaming from getting too out of control and ensure that the community’s posts are all in good fun, That’s It, I’m Bored and Shaming Everything 2.0 doesn’t allow anyone under 18 to join, doesn’t allow political discussions or mentions of hot topics, doesn’t allow any racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism or other forms of discrimination, doesn’t allow any profile digging or doxxing and requires that faces and names are blocked out when posts include real people. 

Admins and moderators have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to rule breaking, and they remind group members that this is a shaming group. “Post at your own risk,” they warn. As long as the guidelines are followed, group members are free to roast those ugly Crocs they saw advertised on Instagram, that atrocious baby name they noticed posted on Facebook and that nail art that closely resembles a dog’s vomit. 

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#7 I Can’t

Image credits: Kristi Messenger

#8 Shaming This “Plus Size” Model

Image credits: Jessica Vasquez

#9 Can I Shame These Sneakers For $180 Bucks That Look Like Absolute Garbage?

Image credits: Lisa Moreland Stroup-Cook

Before we dive too deep into the idea of shaming others online, let’s address the fact that by no means do we condone bullying. There is a difference between screenshotting a dress on Balenciaga’s website that you can’t believe is actually being sold and sending hateful, targeted messages to individuals. This shaming group features anonymous posts and doesn’t make anything personal. But when it comes to why we find so much joy in shaming things and others online, apparently, research says finding pleasure in other people’s pain is an “intrinsic personality trait.” Perhaps groups like this are just a version of schadenfreude that we just can’t resist.   

#10 Shaming This Add….the Whole Thing Is Bad And Creepy. “No Guys And No Fatties”

Image credits: Allison Moebus

#11 Shaming This Dude For Obvious Reasons

Image credits: Shanaya Barlow

#12 Shaming Whoever Thought Of This Pose. It Looks Like She’s Making Out With Her Dog

Image credits: anon

Some hypothesize that online shaming groups also give us a much needed distraction from what’s actually going on in the world. Blair Glaser wrote a piece for Greatist in 2020 examining this topic, where she notes that shaming can be satisfying and feels better than acknowledging that very little in life is in our control. If we divert our attention away from ourselves and instead focus it on judging others, perhaps we can bask in that feeling of superiority and ignore the issues in our own lives. 

#13 The Floor Of This Girl Trying To Sell Clothes. There Are 18 More Pictures Like This Or Worse

Image credits: Kristina Maeve

#14 Shaming Temu For This Horrible Photoshop Outfit

Image credits: Celina Harding

#15 Rclean, Ouse, Ause, Rlisten… Got It

Image credits: Sabrina Payton

While not everyone is on board with groups that poke fun at others, Kara Alaimo wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg arguing that social-media shaming is actually good, in moderation. It can function as a way to hold others accountable and call out bad behavior, from companies or individuals. When we all agree that naming your child Pikachu deserves to be shamed, perhaps more parents will decide to give their children names that won’t lead to them being bullied their entire lives. And while groups like That’s It, I’m Bored And Shaming Everything 2.0 are more lighthearted than tweets calling out politicians for inappropriate behavior, in both cases, the posts are either harmless, or possibly even beneficial.   

#16 No In A Cemetery Eating Spaghetti Out Of A Plastic Bowl

Image credits: Cardiveli Green

#17 Shaming This Cheapskate With No Imagination

Image credits: Christine Morrison

#18 Funny Shaming Everything

Image credits: Monica Bergeron-Heintz

When it comes to shaming groups specifically on Facebook, James Greig wrote a piece for Metro UK discussing exactly why we can’t get enough of these communities. From wedding shaming to dress shaming to home shaming to food shaming, there’s no shortage of things to hate online. As far as why we love these groups, Christopher Hand, a psychologist at Glasgow Caledonian University, told Metro, “It could be a form of catharsis where you’re really upset by something that’s happened, and you get this release by going online to vent about it.”

“It’s also about the idea of community – you’ve got like-minded people giving you validation for your opinion, people backing you up and agreeing with you,” Hand continued. “I don’t think you can underestimate that. It’s a way for people to form a network and make themselves feel better.”

#19 Funny Shaming Everything

Image credits: Halei Kellum

#20 ……no Words Needed

Image credits: Lee Wills

#21 Can We Shame This De A**hat?

Image credits: Alex Scully

Weddings, and everything related to them, are some of the most popular things that get shamed in Facebook groups. The dresses, the cakes, the guests, the rules, the photoshoots, nothing is safe. But according to Rachel Withers at Slate, “it’s no wonder such communal dirty laundry–airing rooms have sprung up. There are just so many narcissistic screeds and possessive mothers-in-law and flip flop-wearing grooms and bridal party animal masks out there. For some, shaming groups are a much-needed place to vent—most people won’t share screenshots of their enraging friend on their own social media, lest the object of their scorn see it, and because they know they’ll go back to normal soon enough (hey, weddings are stressful).”

#22 This Nasty-A$$ Grease-Stained Headboard For Sale On Fb Marketplace

Image credits: Susan Burkheimer Benton

#23 The Longer You Look At It, The Worse It Gets…

“Hand made, solid wooden rocking horse with artificial hair. Heavy built”

Image credits: Christine Meyer

#24 Just Puke. Why People Whyyy

Image credits: Laura Hoover

Shaming groups like this can be a great place to vent, let off some steam and then return back to your normal life where you abide by the rule of keeping your not-so-nice thoughts to yourself. Some argue that groups such as these harbor negativity and encourage bullying, so it’s completely valid for those individuals to avoid these communities. But for the rest of us, who find anonymous, harmless internet shaming to be a guilty pleasure, we say judge away! Just keep it civil. You can hate the shoes a person is wearing, but remember that they don’t actually reflect on the person at all. They’re just shoes.  

#25 $695?!?!?!

Image credits: Melissa Lorene

#26 Saw This In Another Group…..ewwww

Image credits: Shaniya Pink

#27 Nothing Screams “I Have Too Much Money” Like This Monstrosity

Image credits: Melissa McKay

Have you been able to release some of your pent-up frustration through shaming these pics, pandas? It’s nothing personal against any of these individuals or companies, but some things just deserve to be shamed! Keep upvoting the pics you find most atrocious, and feel free to let us know in the comments which ones you consider to be the worst. Then if you’re looking for another Bored Panda article where you can freely judge photos, you can find a list all about wedding shaming right here

#28 It’s A Tent For An Animal, But Yet Her Pants Are Half Off And She Has A Corded Remote Control

Image credits: Leslie Banks Arnould

#29 Alpha Male Accessories

Image credits: Vivienne Reis Landry

#30 Your 7 Year Old Has To Work To Pay Off Their Unavoidable Er Visit? I’m (Not) Sorry But What? I Understand Chores And All But This Feels A *bit* Extreme (The Crossed Out Part Is The Kids Name)

Image credits: Kat Decker

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