30 Tweets By Dachshund Owners About How It Feels To Have Such Personalities As Pets

Sweet but ferocious. The internet is obsessed with dachshunds all of a sudden and it’s barktastic. These tiny wiener dogs are gorgeous, fun to look at, but… some owners suggested that they get aggressive if you even remotely threaten (i.e. get near) their loved ones. Or do anything else innocent to set them off.

It’s none other than comedian and author Sarah Cooper that we have to thank for the flood of information and hilarious anecdotes about sausage dogs. Her thread on Twitter went viral and people had a lot of fun sharing what it’s like to actually own a small yet fearsome doggo. Check out some of the most hilarious responses below and upvote the tweets that you liked the most.

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Keep in mind, dear Pandas, that we’re not suggesting that dachshunds aren’t worth having as pets. We believe they’re absolutely wonderful! But reality is something we have to face and wiener dogs, despite how they look, most likely have the spirits of Vikings and Teutonic knights inside of them.

Of course, we might need to run some scientific tests to prove that, but we’ve got a hunch that it might turn out to be true.


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Dachshunds have been bred to be hunters. It’s who they are and no amount of social conditioning will fully change who they are at heart (though socializing them as puppies can make them slightly more mellow). Their inner hunters can come out whenever they get over-excited, surprised, or if they feel threatened.

Sarah’s doggy thread had over 131.7k likes at the time of writing and it brought a lot of smiles to a lot of faces. And, we’ve got to give it to her, we really do want to get a dachshund now, just like her. They sound like an absolute pleasure to have at home. However, getting a new pet isn’t something that should be taken lightly.


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Having a friend, companion, and teeny tiny Olympic hero for life is a huge step that means evaluating whether or not you’ll be able to provide them everything that they need. Starting with proper food and exercise and ending with enough space for them to move around in, as well as enough hugs to make them feel loved (and angry).


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While it’s important that any dog gets sufficient exercise and doesn’t overindulge in snacks and sausages, that goes double for sausage dogs. They’ve got long backs which means that if they get overweight, they can get in serious trouble (alongside other serious health risks that being overweight represents) like getting a slipped or herniated disc.


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So no matter how much your wiener dog begs you for an extra serving of your wonderful dinner, ignore their big eyes, friendly barks, and wagging tails. These cheeky dogs don’t always know what’s good for them. And what’s good for them is keeping a tight reign on how many calories they consume. If you’re ever in doubt, have a chat with your vet about what your doggo needs.


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What’s more, it’s important that you keep any food scraps out of your dachshund’s reach so that it doesn’t overindulge by ‘accident.’ As an owner, you have a responsibility to keep your snacky-snacks hidden. Even though they’re small, wiener dogs require a normal amount of movement: two walks every day should be enough to keep them happy and healthy. And let’s not forget that owners end up leading healthier lives when they’re on the move as well.


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Dachshunds need to build muscles through exercise to protect their elongated backs. But there is one thing that you should be aware of about sausage dogs. You shouldn’t let them run up and down the stairs. And you shouldn’t let them jump on or off furniture. They can get injured this way because of what their bodies are like.


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Usually, sausage dogs live from 12 to 16 years if we look after them properly and treat them with kindness. However, that means spending a lot of time worrying about their backs and whether there isn’t too much stress placed on them. You should also keep an eye on their ears: they can get infections easily, so be sure to clean them regularly.


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Are any of you Pandas dachshund owners? If so, what’s it like having a sausage dog? Are they as friendly yet ferocious as we’ve all heard? Do you have any photos of your dogs that you’d like to share with everyone else? What’s the most interesting thing that you learned about dachshunds in this list? Let us know in the comment section!


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