30 Unfortunate Things That Might Happen When You’re Pregnant

As if the hyper simulation called life wasn’t hard already, if you’re a woman, Mother Nature throws you a real party to check how high your threshold is, and it lasts 9 months straight: with no breaks, no excuses, no emergency exit.

Yep, we’re talking pregnancy. While most people see only the happy side of this miracle, excitement, and anticipation that comes with expecting a baby, moms who’ve been there have experienced the other side of the coin, too.

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From swelling up to the point that you no longer recognize your reflection to craving some genuinely weird food combinations, welcome to the mad land of pregnancy brain. Let’s take a look at all the crazy and unfortunate stuff that moms have been going through while pregnant, which surely makes them legit superwomen. Because if they survived this, nothing’s impossible for them.

#1 The Major Swelling, Even Your Nose Can Swell Up

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#2 The Veins In Your Legs Can Start To Protrude, It’s Called Varicose Veins

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#3 Weird Vaginal Discharge Can Happen As Your Body Changes, And So Does Your Discharge

Image credits: amandavallameek

#4 Pretty Disgusting Food Cravings Can Happen

Image credits: OzakiAmanda

#5 You Need To Pee All The Time

Image credits: raelynngill

#6 You Become More Forgetful, It’s Called Pregnancy Brain

Image credits: kim33189

#7 My Pregnancy Feet Versus My Normal Feet

#8 Many Women Face Constipation, Which Can Lead To Hemorrhoids

Image credits: elizabethbretzer

#9 I Had To Cut The Ring Off Because My Fingers Were So Swollen

#10 This Is What Happened When I Wore Mid-Calf Socks!

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#11 Eight Months Pregnant = Motorized Cart At The Store. Note My Swollen Ankles!

#12 While Pregnant With My Second Daughter, I Could Rest My Pregnant Belly On My Countertop. People Thought This Photo Was Fake. It’s Real, And My Back Still Isn’t Right

#13 Wanted To Trim My Bangs Really Quickly Over The Sink Before My Sister-In-Law Came To Visit. This Was The Result

#14 Rash Life. Wanna Know The Kicker? I Can’t Take Anything To Prevent The Itchiness. I’m Surprised My Partner Stayed By My Side After All Of My Complaining Lol

#15 Having Swollen Af Pregnancy Feet

Image credits: kimkardashian

#16 Stages Of Pregnancy

Image credits: SufficientCharm

#17 Feeling Exhausted Can Hit A New Level

Image credits: Laciholbrook5

#18 My Face Broke Out With Hormonal Cystic Acne That Was So Bad. I Also Had Cravings For All The Worst Food…but I Got An Awesome Table I Got To Carry Around With Me For A Few Months!

#19 Spent My Entire Last Trimester In Old Navy Flip-Flops Because My Feet Didn’t Fit Into Anything Else. I Also Got Pregnancy-Induced Carpal Tunnel To The Point Where I Couldn’t Move My Right Thumb And Had To Wear A Brace. My Feet Also Went Up An Entire Size, So I Now Wear A Size 11. Totally Worth It, Though

#20 Gaping Shirt Because Of My Pregnancy Boobs, And No Good Place To Put The Napkin Because Something Will Be Left Uncovered

#21 Hormones

Image credits: AnecdtlBrthCtrl

#22 Your Boobs Can Grow Unevenly

Image credits: MadisonDearing

#23 Experiencing Heartburn Is Also Very Common

Image credits: MJ

#24 More Than 50% Of Women Experience Morning Sickness

Image credits: the.rowswell.twins

#25 No One Tells You About The Road Map You Turn Into When Pregnant. This Was Me At 24 Weeks, And It Just Got Worse And Worse As It Went On

#26 My Daughter Was Always Over To The Right Side Of My Body (Which You Can See In This Pic). For The Entire Third Trimester, I Felt Like I Was Tipping Over

#27 Stretch Marks Within Stretch Marks, From My Ribs And All The Way Down. It Was Incredibly Itchy And Painful

#28 This Is My Sister At 8 Months. She Woke Up With Her Feet Very Swollen, So We Propped Her Legs Up To See If It Would Help

#29 Pregnancy And Puppp Rash. The Unglamorous Side Of Pregnancy

#30 Your Hips Actually Get Looser And That’s Why We See Pregnant Women Waddling

Image credits: Tony Alter

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