31 Of The Most Powerful Photos From The 2020 Olympics

The long-awaited 2020 Tokyo Olympics has come to an end and some of the athletes are returning to their home countries triumphant with medals around their necks, while others were less lucky, but still have their hearts filled with good memories.

There were a lot of those memorable stories during the last few weeks and it would be hard to recount them all. Bored Panda brings you a list of powerful photos representing athletes’ milestones and just wholesome moments that made the Olympics even more amazing.

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#1 This Man Stands Outside The Tokyo Olympic Village Every Day To Motivate Athletes

Image credits: Youka Nagase

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were held in 2021, i.e. a year after it was supposed to, so this year it was highly anticipated. The Olympics were postponed due to the pandemic as last year, it was only the beginning of it, so Japan as well as the world wasn’t prepared to hold such an event safely.

Japan had an extra year to get ready for the Games and to ensure all safety measures. The athletes had to do COVID-19 tests regularly, wear masks everywhere and sanitize their hands. The Olympic events didn’t have spectators and the athletes had to put medals on their necks by themselves in order to minimize contact.

#2 Philippines Just Won Its First Gold Medal In The Olympics

Image credits: Reuters

#3 Jamaica Takes Gold, Silver And Bronze In Women’s 100m Final In The Tokyo Olympics 2021

Image credits: Reuters

However, it doesn’t matter how strictly the organizers try to make the athletes follow the safety measures, the risk of the disease is always there. So they had to think not only about prevention but also what should be done when a case of COVID-19 would be confirmed.

According to Kyodo News, the total number of people who tested positive since July and had any relation to the Olympics was 430. They reported, “Of the 430 confirmed cases since July 1, only 32 were those of people who stayed in the village. A total of 286 are residents of Japan and 144 from overseas. The largest portion of the total, 236, were contract workers, followed by 109 games participants and 29 athletes.”

#4 High Jumpers Mutaz Essa Barshim And Gianmarco Tamberi Shared The Gold Medal, Which Had Not Happened Since 1912

Image credits: AFP

#5 Olympic Gold Medalist Tom Daley Knitting In The Stands To Calm His Nerves While Watching The Diving

Image credits: PA

#6 Oksana Chusovitina, 46 Years Old, Has Participated In Olympics Since 1992 And 2020 Tokyo Olympics Was Her Eighth And Last One

Image credits: Fion Li

There were people who believed that continuing with the Olympics when the pandemic is not yet over was a mistake and the safest choice would have been to postpone it again. But evidently that decision wasn’t made and the Games carried on.

It was an extraordinary event with impressive opening and closing ceremonies and, of course, the performances of the athletes. Their results were amazing, world and national records were broken and even though Bored Panda didn’t report on everything, we covered some stories that maybe you would be interested in in, like the one of this BMX racer who had to crowdfund her trip to Tokyo, this one of an Australian working at Woolworths to be able to save some money, and this one of a gymnast who had to withdraw from the competition because of her mental state.

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#7 Flora Duffy Wins Bermuda’s First-Ever Gold At 2020 Tokyo Olympics


#8 Simone Biles Decides To Withdraw From The Olympics To Take Care Of Her Mental Health

Image credits: Agência Brasil Fotografias

#9 Quanesha Burks – From Mcdonalds To The Tokyo Olympics In Long Jump!!

Image credits: Quanesha Burks OLY

During these Olympics, it was the first time when countries like San Marino and Burkina Faso earned their first medals, and it was the year when a new Olympic sport, skateboarding, debuted. It was the first time a transgender person won a medal, and that was Canadian soccer player Quinn. Many more wonderful things happened that no pandemic could have overshadowed.

#10 American Shot Putter Ryan Crouser Won A Gold Medal And Had A Message To His Grandad: “Grandpa, We Did It, 2020 Olympic Champion”

Image credits: rcrouser

#11 Abe Siblings Uta And Hifumi Make Olympic History Winning Gold In Judo Within One Hour Of Each Other

Image credits: Yoshiyuki Tomizawa

#12 USA’s Isaiah Jewett And Botswana’s Nijel Amos Got In An Accident And Fell, Then They Got Up Together And Walked Each Other To The Finish

Image credits: AFP

At the Olympics, the most important thing is the participation, being a part of something big and feeling the Olympic spirit. But it is surely a great achievement to win a medal and know that all the hard work is rewarded. 

To quickly summarize, the US was the country that won the most medals (113); other countries in the top 5 are China (88), the Russian Olympic Committee (81), Britain (65) and the host of the Olympics, Japan (58).

#13 Momiji Nishiya (13) From Japan Is The First Gold Medallist In Women’s Street Skateboarding

Image credits: momiji_nishiya830

#14 Norway’s Athlete Karsten Warholm Broke His Own 400-Meter Hurdles World Record

Image credits: Reuters

#15 USA National Women’s Volleyball Team Reacts To First-Ever Olympic Gold Finish In 3-0 Sweep Of Brazil

Image credits: AFP

Did you watch the Olympics? What events were you most interested in? Was your country represented and did the athletes win any medals? Tell us your thoughts about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the comments and upvote the photos that speak to you the most!

#16 South African Swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker Is Congratulated By Her Rivals For Winning Gold

Image credits: CBC Sports

#17 World’s Fastest Man Is Lamont Marcell Jacobs, Having Sprinted 100 M In 9.80sec

Image credits: ZUMAPRESS.com

#18 After 17-Year-Old Swimmer Lydia Jacoby Wins Gold, People In Her Alaska Hometown Can’t Contain Their Excitement

Image credits: The Athletic

#19 This Is How India Welcomed Its Only Olympic Silver Medalist Home

Image credits: Voice of Indian Sports

#20 Rayssa Fadinha, 13, The Youngest Brazilian Athlete – And Now Medalist – In The Olympics’ History

Image credits: AFP

#21 American Sprinter Allyson Felix Becomes The Most Decorated American Athlete In Olympic Track And Field History

Image credits: Reuters

#22 Finish Line Of The Men’s Marathon At The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Image credits: Reuters

#23 A Sight You Wouldn’t See At Another Olympics

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#24 Colombian Runner Melissa Gonzalez’s Husband, David Blough, Watching His Wife Run In The Olympics

Image credits: detroitlionsnfl

#25 The Hands Of Hidilyn Diaz After Winning Her Country’s First Olympic Gold Medal

Image credits: Paolo del Rosario

#26 Alexander Zverev Became The First German Tennis Player To Win Singles Gold In The Olympic Games

Image credits: Reuters

#27 Yuto Horigome From Japan Wins The First-Ever Olympic Skateboarding Gold Medal

Image credits: zmsickmarvel

#28 The First Skateboard Medalists In Olympic History!

Image credits: Reuters

#29 Australian High Jumper Nicola Mcdermot Gives Herself A Rating After Every Performance In Her Journal

Image credits: Dr Noel Brick

#30 Filipino-American Lee Kiefer Wins Team USA’s First Gold Medal For Women’s Individual Foil Fencing

Image credits: fencing_fie

#31 Caeleb Dressel After Winning His 5th Gold Medal In The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Image credits: AFP

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