31 Times Creative People Decided To Make Quarantine More Fun By Crafting Or Building These Things

Most of us are stumped about what to do for fun while we’re locked down in our homes. We’ve rewatched the Harry Potter movies. We’ve reread all the books for the 12th time. We’ve “cleaned” our kitchens and even given exercise a go (Summer bodies, here we come!). So, what now?

Well, if you’re in need of some inspiration, Bored Panda has collected some awesome examples of what wholesome projects people are getting up to during the coronavirus quarantine. From creating formal dinner parties and movie theaters for kids to building bars, gyms, and teeny-tiny picnic tables for squirrels, these people know how to keep busy at home.

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So scroll down, upvote your faves, and let us know what projects you’re working on at home, dear Pandas.


Day 14 of quarantine, I made his table to the squirrel in the garden and I even put a bench in case you have an appointment

Image credits: Fernando Tepetate


Trying to keep my kids busy! Painters tape + washable markers. Looks like stained glass!

Image credits: msmysty


Took me all afternoon but I regret nothing

Image credits: PheonixSsmus

There are tons of things to do at home. All it takes is some imagination and a bit of friendly advice. For instance, I’m personally planning to take down my Christmas tree this weekend. Well, maybe next weekend. We’ll see.

Folks around the world are loving the idea of hosting formal dinner parties at home. For instance, Canadians Rick and Andrea who live in Italy had to cancel their cruise because of the quarantine. Even though life gave them lemons, they made lemonade. The day they were supposed to have left for the cruise, instead, they dressed up in their formal wear and enjoyed themselves at home.


Rusty gets an upgrade

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Image credits: mckaycoppins


Just finished this miniature over the past four days of lockdown… Found out our state will be shut down till the end of April… I’m gonna have a whole apartment block by the time this is over

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: AprilShowers53

Bored Panda spoke to Rick to learn more about how he and Andrea are handling the lockdown in Italy and what they plan to do for fun in the near future.

“Dressing up reminds us of the good times we have on holidays, in particular, on cruise ships. Also, it gives us a sense of getting out of the daily routine, being under lockdown and quarantine in Italy,” Rick told us about the pros of dressing up in your fancy clothes, even if you’re staying in.

According to Rick, he and Andrea are hosting a Quarantine Cocktail Hour on Zoom. “Anyone who wants to join is welcome!” Rick said, revealing that the meeting ID for anyone wanting to join in is 721 899 2542. The cocktail party will happen on Friday, 3 April, at 7pm Italy time (10am PDT, 1pm EDT). Rick said that online parties are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.



Image credits: PauloMemeBeast


Image credits: iskrastrings

But what about those people who are self-isolating all alone? How can they keep their spirits up?

Here’s what Rick had to say: “Plan out 6 to 8 recurring projects of about 1 to 2 hours each, each day, and make that your routine. Learn something new like healthy cooking, or a language. Practice you something you haven’t practiced in a while (like the piano). Make time to call someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time, they will likely be happy to hear from you. Do a little physical activity. You’d be surprised as there’s lots of Youtube videos that explain how to workout at home.”



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When you can’t find toilet paper needlefelt some.

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Image credits: missliz_art

Meanwhile, Smilebox suggests that people stuck in quarantine get their hands dirty with some craft projects. Whether you enjoy painting or making modern art from paper clips, the lockdown is the perfect time to let your creative spirit loose.

You could also start your very own indoor garden. It’s fun. It keeps you busy. And there’s nothing more satisfying than cooking with ingredients you grew yourself! (Plus, it’s a great skill to have in case there’s a zombie Apocalypse waiting for us further down the road.)


Spent the first week of quarantine building this greenhouse, all the beds are 30cm deep.

Image credits: Kracked_Monkey


Image credits: empowerdvlpmt


Finally finished my quarantine craft!

Image credits: faublehead

If you’re really struggling with coming up with new activities, you could even sort out your photos and create a slideshow for your family. Who knows, a few months from now, slideshows could become incredibly popular and shake the snoozefest label they’re stuck with now.

For those of you Pandas who are raising kids, keeping them busy can be quite a challenge. So think about building a small indoor gym for them to keep them moving and to help them channel their energy into something productive while you’re working from home. You should also think about organizing quiz nights for the whole family. It beats watching the TV every single time!


The Social Distancing Serving Spoon is complete! Price is $1,200 for single purchaser and $2,400 for married couples, plus an additional $500 for each child.

Image credits: taylorpneal


Stuck in quarantine? Build a live edge table build, start to finish

Image credits: THEbigSCHNOZZZ


Image credits: SDC_MisterJazzz


My daughter made this out of hot glue and painted it, then lied in wait as I found it. So proud!

Image credits: reddit.com


Image credits: JonnyWill25


Guy constructed a fort for his stressed doctor wife to relax in after work during the pandemic

Image credits: Possible-Bullfrog, Josh is Joshin


Image credits: MissBadgerMagic


I Finished Painting Coraline For My Halloween Display. She’s 6ft By 4ft



I had a lot of time on my hands as a result of the quarantine, so I decided to build a bar in my garage

Image credits: DieHausParti1


Quarantine so I made a ship’s wheel out of oak.

Image credits: Captaincanucksleft


Image credits: mirableokoi


Image credits: MagsSanders


Image credits: rholtom100


First week of lockdown and I’m climbing the wallsild, start to finish

Image credits: DukeNukemsDick



I’m not an art teacher, but this is pretty awesome. Design your own design with tape, have kids use colored chalk, when finished peel the tape, and you have a masterpiece!

Image credits: Blanco Vista Elementary PE

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