32 Cheap Medical Bills From The 20th Century That Almost Look Fake

The insane healthcare costs in the US have a solid record in shocking the rest of the world. The killer bills are what a staggering 83% of Americans, regardless of their income, said make quality medical care virtually unaffordable in this Pew Center research.

Moreover, almost half, or 41%, of working-age Americans, regardless of their income, are struggling to pay off their medical bills and have accumulated debt over time, showed this research. So if there’s an American horror story people are honestly dreading, it must be the healthcare costs.

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And in order to put this insanity in a different perspective, people are sharing medical bills and receipts from the past that are so cheap they genuinely look unreal. From a $7.50 X-ray bill from 1950 to a $4.85 delivery bill from 1947, the records reveal how prices were before taking a fatal turn less than a century ago.

#1 My Grandma’s Hospital Bill After Giving Birth To My Dad In 1955

Image credits: VirgoQueen918

#2 My Great Grandma’s Medical Bill From 1950

Image credits: Kytothelee

#3 1947 Hospital Bill Found Out My Parents’ Attic. Not Sure Who It’s For

Image credits: Old97sFan

#4 Hospital Bill From When My Grandpa Blew Up A Stump With Homemade TNT And Lost His Eye

Image credits: WudButton

#5 In 1948, A 2 Day Hospital Stay Cost Less Than 30 Bucks

Image credits: JwhatisBlue

#6 I Came Across This While Going Through Some Of My Grandmother’s Things That I Had In Storage And Thought It Was Worth Sharing

My grandparents were from Liberty borough this is the bill from when my mom Carol Davies was born in 1943.

Image credits: McKeesport Past

#7 Old Medical Bill

Image credits: HarryDoyle

#8 I Found This Hospital Bill Sent To My Great-Aunt For The Birth Of Her Child In 1939 (US)

Image credits: collectorguy92

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#9 My Medical School Professor Showed Me This Bill From His Birth In 1955 (In The United States).

Image credits: BinaryPeach

#10 The Hospital Bill From My Dad’s Birth In 1955. (Note The 5 Day Hospital Stay)

Image credits: hopmonger

#11 This Receipt For The Hospital Bill Charged To My Great Grandmother When She Had My Grandfather In 1930, Total Cost Was $38

Image credits: jackvandenberg1530

#12 My Grandmama Just Passed Away And We Found The Hospital Bill Of When She Had My Aunt In 1957. Insurance Paid $100 So They Ended Up Paying $2.95 For Having A Baby

Image credits: squidnezy

#13 This 1933 Hospital Bill For A 7 Day Hospital Stay And Delivery

Image credits: msyodajenkins1

#14 This Medical Bill From 1947

Image credits: Z317704

#15 The Hospital Bill For My Birth On 1-18-1958 . Note The Insurance Info Is In Red

Image credits: theFoot58

#16 How Much It Cost To Be Born In 1946

Image credits: Stau0237

#17 Here’s The Bill For The Birth Of My Dad Back In 1947 In Rural Wisconsin (Mondovi, Wi, Just Outside Of Eau Claire). 10 Days In The Hospital Seems Fairly Normal For Back Then

Image credits: Scurrah

#18 Medical Bill From The 50s

Image credits: hankgreen

#19 Grandpa’s Hospital Bill From 1944

Image credits: PatrickMetsker

#20 1948 Hospital Bill…

Image credits: ImgurBot5000

#21 Hospital Bill From My Grandpas Birth Circa 1929

Image credits: TickleMonster528

#22 This Medical Bill From 1914 For $13.87.

Image credits: Jeza26

#23 Hospital Bill I Could In The Garbage At Work. From The 1940s

Image credits: __WellWellWell__

#24 Happy 72nd Birthday Mom! Here’s The $65 Minneapolis Hospital Bill For A Week’s Stay.

Image credits: Rambonics

#25 My Grandma’s 1951 Hospital Bill For Maternity Services. Grand Total For One Live Infant Birth – $50

Image credits: Baphomet_Barbie

#26 Hospital Bill From 1939

Image credits: roosterrugburn

#27 Hospital Bill For Child Birth In 1955

Image credits: clickx

#28 The Total Cost For My Birth In 1971 In Virginia. $350.25

Image credits: B-b-bacon

#29 Bill For Baby Delivery And 8-Day Hospital Stay In 1932

Image credits: brockm92

#30 Medical Bill From 1977 (US)

Image credits: ender-ftw

#31 The Hospital Bill From When My Dad Was Born

Image credits: redneck_lezbo

#32 Grandpa’s Hospital Bill From 1944

Image credits: Tiptonians

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