32 Funny Times People Realized How Mean Their Cats Actually Are

A drop of cold sweat runs down your forehead and you say it out loud: “my kitty doesn’t love me.” Here it is, you’ve done it.

Welcome to Mean Cat Owners Anonymous, the Twitter thread where owners share their emotional journeys about raising a cat demon. One user Meredith Hankins spills it out “my cat has a note in all caps red letters in his vet file” which warns the doctors to put a muzzle on him before handling him.

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The cat world is a tough nut to crack, but whatever happens to your parental dignity, remember that it can always be worse, much worse. And now, prepare some napkins to wipe off your tears and step into the limbo where mean cats set us straight.


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The hardest part of being an exemplary feline owner is realizing that cats don’t always like the things we expect them to. For example, a 2013 study showed that domestic cats which allowed themselves to be pet more often showed higher levels of stress. Another study suggested that cats don’t care when you call them. In fact, when 20 domestic cats were played three separate voice messages (one from their owners, two from total strangers), they didn’t exhibit any interest whatsoever. Every one of them could perfectly hear their names being called, but none of them decided to approach the speaker. Think it’s a coincidence? Well, think again.

When you enter the room, your kitty rubs up against your leg. ‘What a bond we have!’ you think and chuckle from happiness. ‘That belongs to me,’ thinks your cat. Many researchers believe that this behavior is not a sign of affection, but a cat’s attempt to spread their scent. Scent marking is a feline way to mark territorial boundaries and claim their power over your household idyll.


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