32 Funny Times When People Said “Well, That Escalated Quickly”

One moment a person is advising others to give themselves time off and ignore voicemail, the next he’s saying they should burn their house down. Things can go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat. And when they do, they end up on the subreddit r/ThatEscalatedQuickly.

Inspired by a classic meme, this online community might not be the biggest (it has 16K members) but 9 years after its creation, these folks are still active and constantly share new, surprising content. Below you will find some of their all-time most upvoted posts. Enjoy!

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#1 I’m Sorry, What?

Image credits: _fax5

#2 0-100 In Record Time

Image credits: datoome

#3 This Sign

Image credits: Kamikaze_AZ22

#4 Give Yourself Permission

Image credits: brianisze

#5 Son Is Taller Than Dad

Image credits: aidan4105

#6 In 30 Days You Will Be Unrecognizable

Image credits: aidan4105

#7 That Took A Turn… Masks Required

Image credits: StevenGIansberg

#8 Relationship Goals

Image credits: dylansprouse

#9 End It

Image credits: Wiildman8

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#10 Jack Sparrow House

Image credits: HamSolo31

#11 Top 5 In The World…

Image credits: JakeTBG

#12 Damn You Think She’d Know How By Now

Image credits: LeaderRing

#13 Sing Us A Song You’re The Piano Man

Image credits: Thedepressionoftrees

#14 Comment On A Hamster Video

Image credits: silverandporcelain

#15 How Am I Driving?

Image credits: AfroBotElliot

#16 Finger

Image credits: Insert—Name

#17 Thought This Would Also Fit Here

Image credits: OneGreasyBoy

#18 Oh No

Image credits: gezginorman

#19 Wait… No, That’s Not What I Meant

Image credits: illusoir3

#20 Grover Takes Food Very Seriously

Image credits: normelpersan

#21 I Too Enjoy Collapsing The Universe

Image credits: LegendOrca

#22 I Don’t Think He Understood The Question

Image credits: kafernated

#23 That Was A Steady Escalation If I’ve Ever Seen One

Image credits: Ironninja1116

#24 Just A Regular Day At The Saloon…

Image credits: musicman827

#25 Some Heavy Metal Right There

Image credits: AntiSocialMackerel

#26 This Amazon Review For Cookies And Cream Pocky

Image credits: mikesicle

#27 Isn’t This A Little Excessive For Losing A Pen?

Image credits: Elias_Swanberg

#28 Welp, That Happened

Image credits: EAsports859

#29 M8 Sold An Xbox

Image credits: hondafocus

#30 Steal Of A Deal

Image credits: Tiffred

#31 At Least Buy A Guy Dinner First

Image credits: ambrose_mark

#32 Damn White People And Their *Shuffles Deck* Ability To Walk In Rain

Image credits: TMZCobra

Source: boredpanda.com

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