32 ‘Hurricane Ian’ Memes And Jokes That Might Keep You From Losing It

From strong winds and rain to droughts and chilly temperatures, extreme weather events have an immense impact on all levels of society. 

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, hail, heat waves, and the star of today’s show, hurricanes, can take an incredible toll on our mental and physical health – and although everyone’s at risk, some people continue to be more vulnerable to the potential effects, hence why it’s vital to watch out for children, the elderly, folks with chronic and mental illnesses, and those who come from lower socioeconomic status. 

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Each of us handles difficult situations differently, so it’s important to keep in mind that we’re all in this together. Having said that, is there any better place to unite people than the socials? 

With Hurricane Ian approaching, netizens have flooded the internet with amusing survival memes. Today, Bored Panda has gathered a couple of the finest ones that might help you keep your sanity during this anxious time. 


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CBS News turned to its official Twitter account to spread the latest information regarding the tropical storm. The representatives issued a warning that came straight from the National Hurricane Center, stating that “the maximum sustained winds from Hurricane Ian increased to near 155 mph early Wednesday morning, just 2 mph shy of the threshold to be classified as a Category 5.”

The hurricane made landfall as a Category 3 storm in Cuba, leaving the island in a complete blackout; however, now that it’s nearing Florida, the category has skyrocketed to the most destructive type.


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It was also said that the “catastrophic storm” of 12 to 16 feet above ground level is expected to land somewhere on the southwest Florida coastline, with a heavy rainfall spreading across the Florida peninsula through Thursday. 

At this very moment, Florida residents are preparing for hazardous storm surges, floods, and strong winds that will linger throughout the weekend, and while the majority of locals are already under evacuation orders, it won’t hurt to remember a few safety rules that might spare you your life.


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It’s always advisable to keep a storm kit on hand with enough supplies to last your home for several days, regardless of whether you intend to leave or stay in place once the event hits. 

Things like water, non-perishable foods to keep you on your feet, flashlights and extra batteries, and perhaps a battery-operated radio would also be handy in case you lose contact with the outside due to a power cut or something else. It’s also crucial to pack a first-aid kit that includes your prescribed medication, as well as any necessary items for your beloved pets and babies.


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Prior to the hurricane, you also need to take care of your property and protect it from any possible harm.

Any entry points of your home, such as windows and doors, are the most fragile parts that are bound to be affected during those catastrophic winds, so covering them with storm shutters or plywood can protect them from shattering. This will offer you a sense of security, as once your home gets exposed to all the wind and rain, it’ll be hard to remain uninjured.


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Another common tip is to surround your home with sandbags to protect it from floods. Additionally, most of us have at some point watched a few viral videos of objects flying around on social media, so it’s important to secure anything that could be swept up by those hurricane-force winds. Trim your trees, remove your kids’ trampoline, and don’t forget about your potted plants either.


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Mother Nature is striking again, so be smart and remember that safety is our number one priority! Keep your loved ones close, and for now, we hope that you’ve enjoyed this chucklesome collection of survival memes and jokes.


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