32 Pics That Prove Gen Z Takes Much Better Photos Than Any Other Generation

Gen Z is known for many things: being the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in US history, being open-minded and passionate about social issues, having a seemingly innate understanding of TikTok, and growing up with access to smartphones and the internet from a very young age. This young generation has many skills that are useful in the workplace and in their personal lives, one of which they’ve recently been applauded for online is their ability to take excellent photos.

Zoomers know the angles, filters, apps and strategies for taking the most flattering and impressive pics, and recently, many people of older generations have been sharing proof of these photog skills on Twitter. Be sure to upvote all of the pictures that you know you wouldn’t be able to take yourself, if you’re a millennial or older, and let us know in the comments what you appreciate most about this young, technologically savvy generation. 

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Keep reading to also find interviews with Cath Proctor and Catherine Sneed, two of the millennials who participated in this conversation on Twitter. Then, if you’d like to check out another Bored Panda article discussing what makes Gen Z unique, you can find that right here!


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When it comes to taking photos, we all have different standards. Some people prefer a more avant-garde pic, while others want a standard headshot that can be used on LinkedIn. I’m actually part of Gen Z myself, and I have to admit that I’ve had many discussions with my millennial partner about how to take a good photo. He doesn’t understand how to get the most flattering angles and seems somehow unbothered when a photo comes out slightly out of focus. Because of our generational divide (I hesitate to call it that because we’re both on the cusp of our respective generations, but you understand!), he always ends up with much better photos of himself than I have of myself. The things we do for love…

Jokes aside though, pandas, growing up with so much access to technology and the internet has benefitted Gen Z in a variety of ways. They’re extremely tech savvy, which means skills that used to require classes or training are already mastered by this young generation. This can also make them less likely to fall prey to internet scams and believing fake news. They may be young, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all learn a thing or two from Gen Z. 


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To gain more insight on this topic, we reached out to one of the Twitter users who joined in on this conversation, Cath Proctor. Cath told Bored Panda that she’s a millennial who loves Gen Z. “I’m a high school English teacher, and they impress me in all kinds of ways,” she shared. “My job provides me a pretty good view into their lives, and I’d say we’re not that different.”

We also asked Cath why this young generation seems to have an innate skill for taking photos. “They were born with these tools in their hands,” she told Bored Panda. “They’re also doing it constantly throughout the day, so it’s no surprise they’re honing that skill to a professional level.”


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We were also curious if Cath thinks these impressive photog skills that zoomers have can be taught, or if older generations just have different standards for what is considered a “great photo”. “I’m not sure we can learn, but if there was a course I’d take it,” she told Bored Panda. “They’re consuming such a high volume of images that, of course, they’re training their brains to recognize quality and have higher standards.”

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We also reached out to Catherine Sneed, another Twitter user who shared a photo proving how great Gen Z is at taking pics. “I’m an ‘elder’ millennial and consider GenZ to be really savvy with any tech,” she told Bored Panda. “They can pick up anything and use it flawlessly the first time.”

“Photo taking seems to be easy for younger generations because of all the filters,” she explained. “It’s similar to all the social feeds, and older generations are really just a shoot and click generation.”

And when it comes to whether or not anyone can learn the photography skills Gen Zers have, Catherine says, “I think it takes a long time to learn how to take great photos. There are so many hacks and learning videos because so many people just get it wrong.”


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Unsurprisingly, Gen Z is the most photographed generation. And while this might seem like it only impacts their social media presences, apparently, it has also influenced the way they shop. According to Business Insider, zoomers feel pressure to dress in new clothes often and in unique ways to set themselves apart from the crowd and prevent “outfit repeating” often online. But this young generation is also concerned about keeping costs low and protecting the planet, so they’re not always buying new. “Gen Z is shopping a lot more for secondhand clothing than previous generations,” Jessica Pruitt, an associate manager of marketing at Buffalo Exchange told Business Insider. “There is less stigma around this.”


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In fact, some zoomers even opt to rent their outfits rather than buy them, if they’ll only be worn a few times or for taking a few photos. “This is a fundamental evolution in consumer behavior, and we expect it will have an impact in the fashion business in the years ahead,” a group of writers wrote in Business of Fashion’s State of Fashion report for 2019. “There is a trend toward clothes having a second life or being used again,” Chad Kessler, global brand president at American Eagle, told Business Insider. “This is part of their focus on quality, value, and thoughtful purchasing, and I think these [rental services] are just different ways for them to participate.”


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And while older generations sometimes give Gen Z flack for taking too many photos, living inside their phones and being obsessed with taking selfies, there’s no need to be so hard on them. If they’re enjoying an activity with their friends or eating a delicious meal, why shouldn’t they snap a quick photo to remember the occasion by? Yes, living in the moment is great, but pausing for 15 seconds to take a photo does not ruin the moment. We have incredible cameras in the palms of our hands nowadays, we might as well use them! Plus, these expert photo skills that zoomers possess really come in handy when you’re out in public and need a group picture. 


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Gen Zers are also well aware of the fact that their generation is unique when it comes to taking photos and videos. Recently, the term “millennial pause” was coined on TikTok to define the obligatory pause that millennials take when making a video before they start talking to ensure that the video is actually recording. Apparently, Gen Zers don’t do this, and they’ve been mocking their elders online for this adorable quirk. “The way the quintessential Millennial behaves online is basically a bunch of silly little nuances strung together to create a personality that is very giddy and excitable about the normal or mundane,” Michael Stevens, a 24-year-old TikToker based in New England, told The Atlantic


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Even the way a selfie is taken can be a dead giveaway of your generation. Apparently, boomers are known for taking pictures at exceptionally low angles, close to their face. Gen X tends to use too high of an angle with their arms outstretched and their chin pointed down. Millennials are guilty of taking a photo straight on and being way too smiley, and finally, Gen Z has deemed the “right way” of taking selfies to be with their phones at about eye level and slightly pointed down. And while it’s never kind to mock others for their online behavior, Gen Z seems to know what they’re talking about. So I’ll let them make fun of me as much as they want as long as they’ll still help me out when I need a photo in public! 


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I think we can all agree that the next time you need a photo taken in public, it’s best to ask the youngest person you can find. Even 7 isn’t too young, apparently! We hope you’re enjoying this list highlighting one of Gen Z’s hidden skills, and be sure to upvote all of the pictures you find most impressive. Let us know in the comments how you feel about this young generation, and then if you’re interested in checking out another Bored Panda article discussing what makes Gen Z unique, you can find that right here!


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