33 Weird Ways To Get Creative, As Shared On This Online Group

Most people like doing things by default. We often thrive in our comfort zone and rarely take a walk outside of it.

But every now and then, it’s fun to get into improv mode and be a little weird. Of course, we’re not recommending starving your brain of oxygen to come up with big ideas like Japanese inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu. What we want you to do instead is to have an inspirational walk through this Reddit community named “Weird Way To Get Creative.”

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Created in 2019, the subreddit is relatively new and invites people to share the most unusual ways to do things creatively. The result is hilariously entertaining!

#1 Weird Way To Groom A Dog

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Weird Way To Express Emotion Through Art

Image credits: reddit.com

#3 Like… Why?

Image credits: pnkindi

#4 My Mashed Potatoes Were Dry So I Sculpted My Dad Sitting On The Sofa

Image credits: thatsmesasha

#5 Found On Nextf**kinglevel Thought It Belonged Here

Image credits: poopyhead582

#6 I Appreciate The Creativity And The Cost Of Materials Might Make These Roller Skates Worth More Than $25

Image credits: mrsvrblpollution

#7 Big Brain Design

Image credits: Read_It_Kill_Me_Pls

#8 Deep In The Forests Of Indonesia Sits An Abandoned Church Shaped Like A Chicken

Image credits: Poison-Ivey15

#9 Guy On Letgo Turned 2 Expensive Kitchen Appliances Into Lamps

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Image credits: lickmyclit6969

#10 Weird Way To Take A Nap

My dad swears by his 15 minute power naps during the day, but he doesn’t like napping in bed or on the couch because it’s too comfortable and the sleep will “win.” During family functions he will suddenly lay down on the floor and wrap himself around the nearest piece of furniture to pass tf out for 15 minute increments. Nobody finds it unusual and we all just step over him. Then he gets up and joins us again.

Image credits: ashlynnbuxton

#11 Breast Milk Jewelry

Image credits: whoooooooooooooooa

#12 Best Way To Measure Snowfall Is In Ounces

Image credits: xCUBUFFSx

#13 This Is Something Else

Top layer: pure hot dog water Jello.

Middle layer: hot dog water jello with chucks of hot dog suspended in it.

Bottom layer: hot dog jello.

Image credits: insert-funny-thing

#14 Thanks, I Hate Beluga Whales

Image credits: masalpuri4lyf

#15 Interesting Puzzle Creation That Im Surprised Ive Never Seen

Image credits: JimbuKow298

#16 Big Brain Weird Way To Get Creative

Image credits: MemeOscar

#17 Water Fountain Repair Guy Left This Tiny Water Fountain As His Business Card

Image credits: badmotion

#18 Yea, Its Her Hair

Image credits: PilotHielDeath

#19 I Am A Cremation Artist. I Make Custom Art Pieces Using Pet And Human Cremation Ashes To Honor Those Who Have Passed. This Is A Galaxy Orb I Created

Image credits: swimswima95

#20 Dinosaurs Emerging From Geode – New Keyrings I’ve Made!

Image credits: WorldAroundEwe

#21 The Pattern Gave Him A Booty, So We Gave Him A Thong

Image credits: dont_fuckup

#22 When You Get Bored At Work… And Decide To Get Creative

Image credits: Ckirbys

#23 Thanks, I Hate Leather Pet Face-Hugger

Image credits: Te_Quiero_Puta

#24 Weird But Creative Way To Number Floors

Image credits: Jase426

#25 This Is A Very Weird Way To Get Creative

Image credits: MemeOscar

#26 Taking Photoshop To New Levels Or Something… I Have No Idea Anymore

Image credits: Fang_21

#27 Forgot My Camera And Tripod At Home But Still Had To Get Some Family Pics

Image credits: SteelToeStilettos

#28 Weird Way To Threaten People

Image credits: NTurn427

#29 That’s A Weird Way To Bake Bread

Image credits: Hectate

#30 Here Is An Elephant I Made Out Of Rats And Mice Skin

Image credits: WorldAroundEwe

#31 I Dont Know What To Put Here

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Making A Real Minecraft Sword

Image credits: isolatedbeans87

#33 I Made A Ferrat

Image credits: WorldAroundEwe

Source: boredpanda.com

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