34 Crappy Corona Designs That Just Don’t Work In The Context Of The Virus

Not every idea that seems absolutely genius at 2AM is equally brilliant when it comes to life. The truth is, most of our “eureka!” moments turn out to be pretty crappy designs and yet nobody takes a lesson from it. Check out our previous compilations, aka homage to “what de heck they were thinkin’,” with designs gone wrong here, here, and here.

But the coronavirus has brought a new source of inspiration, a fresh gust of wind, and some food for thought for all the great minds out there. In turn, they paved the way for the second wave of crappy designs. And this time, as you can guess, it’s all things corona. From nonsensical posters showing people holding hands to fight the pandemic, to very questionable virus infographics, these designs do little good. So get your popcorn ready and tune in for Bored Panda’s crappy design compilation: the corona edition.

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#1 Not The Best Way To Be Inspirational

Image credits: EndoGengar

#2 “Join Hands” To Make Hospitals “Infection Free”

Image credits: bea_easter12_

#3 This Book That Explains Covid-19 To Kids Has People Wearing Their Masks Incorrectly

Image credits: alli-katt

#4 I Don’t Think That’s How Nail Polish Works

Image credits: izzyredditsbadly

#5 Governor Of Georgia Arranged Covid-19 Not In Chronological Order To Make Appear That The Cases Are Decreasing (Look At The Dates)

Image credits: GamingOrca123

#6 A Pie Chart Out Of 178%

Image credits: veganator

#7 Apparently Nothing Anymore

Image credits: foretfemme

#8 Moldova Is Feeling Very Thankful For All The Help Received From China In Battling The Coronavirus

Image credits: Aris777

#9 How To Kill Your Customers 101 – Liquido, Vape Shop In My City, Is Adding Tiny, 10 Ml Hand Sanitizer To Every Purchase (72% Ethanol)

The problem is that the bottle looks just like normal vape liquid bottle, so some sloppy customer can pour ethanol to his vape instead of liquid.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: IamJuras

#10 A Face Mask With Holes, What Could Go Wrong

Image credits: shnarkel

#11 Lightest To Darkest Shade Except For The Maximum Where It’s The Lightest. Makes Sense To Me!

Image credits: mc_hambone

#12 Great Way To Stop Spreading Germs

Image credits: joasterg

#13 Why Does Blue Represent 2 Things

Image credits: Trafalgaladen

#14 This Hand Sanitizer Bottle That Looks More Like A Drink

Image credits: Phantom3007

#15 Don’t Let A Pandemic Stop You From Telling People About Your Foot Fetish

Image credits: hillaryyyyyyyyy

#16 Just Stick Your Hand In The Trash For A Little Sanitizer. At A Hospital No Less

Image credits: skankhun769

#17 This Legend Is Far From Legendary

Image credits: Xtratimesoccer

#18 I’m Pretty Sure 72 Hours Is Less Than 5 Days.

Image credits: 07wasowski

#19 The Discrepancy

Image credits: deciocoelho

#20 You’re Telling Me No One Involved In Making This Looked At It And Said “Darn We Can’t Use That It Looks Horrific”

Image credits: jennana100

#21 CDC’s “None” Is A Darker Shade Than The 11-20 & 21-50 Case Colors

Image credits: smik240sx

#22 The Y-Axis On This Fox News Graph Of Coronavirus Cases

Image credits: kingsley04

#23 A Peculiar Image Choice For Their Covid-19 Email Newsletter

Image credits: HothHanSolo

#24 Because Of Covid, The Buttons On This Lift Have Been Replaced With Pedals. People In Wheelchairs Have Issues Operating The Lift Now

Image credits: Trizocbs

#25 What Happened To France?

Image credits: 8BITDeluxe

#26 Please Mask Wear

Image credits: clover6818

#27 Snapchat Filter Describing Tips To Not Get The Coronavirus Depicts Someone Coughing Into Their Hands (Not A Good Idea)

Image credits: nvdnqvi

#28 Using A Virus To Promote Your Game

Image credits: DevilOfDreams

#29 No It’s Not A Bra – These Are The “CU Masks” Distributed Freely By HK Goverment Which Costed HKD$ 8 Billion For 8 Million Masks. Looking Like Underwear & Is Probably Toxic

Image credits: _enjoyce_

#30 Inventors Developed A Coronavirus Mask That Lets You Eat Without Taking It Off. Squeeze A Lever And It Opens A Slot So You Can Go At It Like Pac-Man

Image credits: nbcdfw

#31 Mask On Person’s Face Doesn’t Cover The Nose. The City Billboard

Image credits: Tayhuwaniwanga

#32 So The Vaccine Is A Burger? I’m In!

Image credits: FaultyDrone

#33 When Drying Your Hands, You Need Two Right Hands

Image credits: RyuuAraragi

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