34 Red Flags When Starting Romantic Relationships With Someone, According To People In This Online Community

Love at first sight, of course, sometimes happens to people, but is this enough for a strong, healthy and happy relationship? Yes, sometimes a kind of spark runs between people who have known each other for just a few minutes, but the flame flared up from it can just as quickly go out.

There are actually many reasons for this. A person can be incredibly beautiful on the outside, but be an absolute jerk by their nature. You may not share some beliefs with another person, certain habits may annoy you so much… In the end, you may root for different teams – this also happens and sometimes leads to a breakup, trust us.

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In any case, there are various things that can signal that something is totally off. “Just stop, turn around and leave right now before it gets worse!” they say. But how do you recognize such signs, especially if you are not an overly perceptive person?

In the AskReddit community, a special thread has recently appeared, just dedicated to these red flags. Its author originally asked the question: “What’s a dealbreaker when it comes to dating?” and as of today, the thread boasts over 6.0K upvotes and about the same number of different comments.

Of course, not all of these comments are equally wholesome, and even more so, not all of them should be taken as a guide to action. To make it easier for you to read, Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most popular, useful and sometimes even funny signs that serve as a clear signal to a variety of people – it’s time to end your relationship with this person! 

So feel free to scroll to the very end of the list, mark the submissions you like or believe the most and, of course, write your own red flags in the comments. If, of course, you have at least one.

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#1 Treating Animals Poorly

treating animals poorly

Image credits: HeartStarHeart

#2 Putting One’s Hands On Another Person

Don’t ever put your hands on me. I can’t be serious enough.

I don’t care about your emotions. Don’t care if it was a 1/10th of a second of insanity or a miscommunication or you thought I was cheating. Don’t ever put your hands on me. I spent too much time as a child dealing with people who hit me and I’ll be damned if I let it happen again. There is zero excuse for adults to hit each other.

Image credits: Dr_Garp

#3 Being A Flat Earther

Flat earther

Image credits: karmaredemption

#4 Littering


Image credits: Low_Expensive

#5 Overly Extravagant Beliefs

Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, anti-science views.

Image credits: scatteredloops

#6 Narcissism


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#7 Different Beliefs On Having Children

As someone who doesn’t want children, dating someone who does is a dealbreaker. Suffered a couple broken hearts over having to make this decision…

Image credits: _JazminBianca

#8 Open Mouth Chewing

Open mouth chewing.

Image credits: miku_dominos

#9 Mind Games

Mind games. If you still want to do that in your 20’s or 30’s you are not mentally old enough to be with me.

Image credits: boopnsnootshaha

#10 Poor Dental Hygiene

Not brushing your teeth / poor dental hygiene on a regular basis

Image credits: Ohyeahimoverhereyeah

#11 Being Too Dramatical

Drama. At this point I’ve been through too much s**t and value my peace way more than I value someone I’ve just met’s feelings.

Image credits: lifesux254

#12 Consuming Alcohol Too Much

Alcoholics. I love to drink and smoke, but in moderation. That’s just me, though.

Image credits: qweenkunt

#13 Making Another Person Pay For Everything

Me paying for everything, all the time.

Image credits: PumpkinPatch404

#14 Not Initiating Literally Anything

They don’t initiate ANYTHING such as dates or intimacy

Image credits: Blackcore8

#15 Attempting To Justify Any Behavior By Coincidence

If you expect me to excuse s***ty behavior because of the position the stars were in when you were born.

Image credits: xJD88x

#16 Being An Overly Entitled Person

Being a d**k. Common symptoms include being rude to people in the service industry, ridiculous levels of self importance, lack of compassion, etc. don’t be a d**k.

Image credits: acetroxel

#17 Being Obsessed With Themselves

The date being obsessed with themselves or continually talking about their ex partners

Image credits: LMcGenius

#18 Being A “Fix Me” Person

A ‘fix me’ person. I will support you to be your best. But I am not responsible to fix you.

Image credits: nadanope11

#19 Dating Just To Get Healed From The Previous Relationship

As a young woman that has dipped her toes into dating. A deal breaker for me is someone who has just come out of a long committed relationship and is out dating without giving themselves a proper healing stage.

Image credits: isaboooty

#20 Being A Part Of Your Life Every Second

Having to constantly message and call because they want to be apart of your life every second. Even while working. Oh God.

Image credits: rnbwhtr

#21 Lack Of Accountability

Lack of accountability

Image credits: vi0letalien

#22 Trying To Change You The Way They Want

When u notice that they want to change you into ways they like more, subtle hints at start but progressively they get more ballsy

Image credits: Draxxony

#23 A Bad Temper

A bad temper

Image credits: alval98

#24 Inconsistency In Behavior And Words

Inconsistency in behaviours and words. Nothing tires me out like people who are not clear in their intentions. Im not going to navigate in troubled waters, when I can swim in clear ones

Image credits: Geremia_Visconti

#25 Being Mean To Their Mom

If they’re mean to their mom for no reason.

Image credits: tinytatofish

#26 Treating It Like A Job Interview

Treating it like a job interview. Met this one lady a while back. Beautiful woman, beautiful Australian accent, polite, funny…all the things a guy could want, only to have it end with “Ok well it was great meeting you. This was wonderful. However, I do have two other dates planned this week so I’ll be in touch.”

In other words…Ok well thank you for coming in today! We have your resume but we we do have 4 other candidates to interview so…we’ll reach out to you.

Couldn’t get to my car fast enough to unmatch and block her number. Not because I was butt hurt that she was seeing other guys. But because if that’s how she treats men at the dating level, she would have to be an absolute nightmare to be in a relationship with…..kinda like at a company meeting where the first words said are “you can leave at any time, and we are free to fire you at any time.”

Yeah great way to set the tone, dumbass.

#27 Having No Beliefs, No Interests And No Hobbies At All

Someone who doesn’t believe in… anything. No passions, no interests, no stances on issues, just molding themselves to whatever they think I want to hear.

That’s a person who A. Will be codependent because they’ve not developed a sense of self & will rely on me for all mental stimulation. Or B. A person who’s secretly got s***ty views or toxic habits & is concealing them to try & get me invested.

Hard pass.

**Edit** wow this pissed off a very specific crowd. If you are shy or reserved, this is not about you. If you keep certain things back for when you’re serious, this is also not about you. Stop acting like hit dogs.

No one is talking about a normal amount of caution.

This is a person who actually *cannot* express interest or belief or disbelief or anything in polite smalltalk. They don’t have anything they do to tell you about, they can’t express any likes or dislikes, they’re not even all that interested in anything you say.

Like..whew. I’m an incredibly shy person out dating, calm down guys, I fully get it & this is not about us.

Image credits: AllPerspicacity

#28 Being Clearly Unable To Have Time To Develop A Relationship

being clearly unable to have time to develop a relationship. We all have jobs,hobbies and a social life. if you can’t administrate your time to make an effort into getting involved with me, I will walk out of your life really quickly

Image credits: Paula_Sub

#29 Making Another Person Feel Unsafe

Well this will completely get buried, but I’ll add mine here anyway for posterity.

– Anyone who makes me feel unsafe. Whether that’s anger issues, boundary breaking, reckless lifestyle, woman bashing, or just a spidey sense, I’m out.

– People with no firm opinions or values, can’t keep up any mildly challenging conversation. Life’s more fun with those who dare think for themselves.

– Immaturity and codependence. I’m looking to pair up, not to parent.

– Grating on my nerves. I don’t know, some people just annoy me in the longer term. Like they’re too boisterous or crass. That one’s on me, I’m sensitive.

– Petty meanness and dickishness. Spoiled adults who expect everyone in the service industry to kiss the ground they walk on. Who are snide to others. Who have something to prove all the time. Who regularly fail at life’s empathy checks. It’s pretty much the worst type of person imo.

– Me: sometimes I am the dealbreaker. When I’m not ready to be a good partner to someone else. Even though they’re great and the timing just didn’t line up.

#30 Entitlement


#31 Not Respecting Boundaries

i have a lot, but these are the main ones.

when they’re obsessive and expect me to talk and stick by them 24/7.. i am a person, i have a life. they are not my world, theyre just a part of it.

when they get jealous easily and dont communicate with me.

when they don’t respect boundaries.

when they dont know how to communicate properly and only think of themself.

Image credits: basicallyimgay

#32 Getting Too Clingy Too Quick

Getting too clingy too quick. We’ve been talking for 2 days mate, don’t call me babe yet.

#33 Using Mental Illness As Part Of One’s Identity

Using their mental illness as part of their identity. No attempt to truly address it and leverage their illness to guilt others.

Image credits: Toogern

#34 People With No Hobbies

People with no hobbies.

Image credits: triple_hoop

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