35 Examples Of Glitches In The Matrix That Made People Question Everything (New Pics)

Our memory is largely prone to being faulty. At this point, I can’t tell you how many times I confidently tried proving to someone that the recollection ingrained in my mind was correct, only to learn that I was completely wrong. Weirdly and interestingly enough, some of these false memories are shared among people, like Curious George having a tail or peanut butter called Jiffy being a thing. 

This phenomenon is colloquially called the Mandela Effect, which the Facebook community “Mandela Effect & Glitches In The Matrix” explores daily. If you ever thought you were going crazy by believing some things existed when, in reality, they didn’t, you might want to scroll down and find peace in knowing you’re not alone.

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For decades I thought her name was Julia Childs.

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I have a very simple comment…
I was born around 1970…. the Mona Lisa NEVER had a smile. None. Not even a smirk. I even took Art Appreciation in college and studied this portrait. There is not a single person, dead or alive, that can convince me she always had a smile. The pictures name was IRONIC.
Anyone else?

Image credits: Michelle Nitz Schaefer


My wife was reading to our kids and noticed this…

Image credits: Michael Webking


So, I have two daughters aged 6 and 7 where EVERYTHING has to be the same otherwise there will be arguments! Their older brother got a towel with a pokemon figure on it as a birthday present a few years ago. My girls have argued about being allowed to use this towel when they shower, and there’s always been a lot of fuss about this since we only have one.
Yesterday, both girls were going to take a shower, and the eldest went to get her own towel and went into the shower. When she was finished and came out of the bathroom I asked my youngest daughter to go get herself a towel so I could help her shower. Off course she picked up the pokemon towel but I didnt see that. When she was finished showering she wrapped the towel around her hair and walked out into the living room where her sister was sitting. Then i saw that she had picked the pokemon towel, and thought to myself that they were going to start an argument.
But then I looked over to her sister and saw that she also had a pokemon towel – completely identical!
We have NEVER owned two of this towel, as it was a gift. None of the kids have been taking towels to school or had any sleepovers – and I cant figure out where the other towel came from!! ?
Sorry for bad picture. Took the picure before throwing the towels in the washer

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On tonight’s (6/7) episode of Jeopardy, an answer of “Sex IN the City” was accepted as correct. Guess Ken Jennings and the infallible Jeopardy judges agree that the original timeline was correct.

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I swear it first aired in 82. Like my whole life it was 82!

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Weird thing just happened.

Me and my partner are watching the new Aqua Man film (it’s s**t btw) and my 3 year old daughter is snuggled up with her Daddy, I’m on the other side of the sofa scrolling through a friend’s wedding pictures in Turkey.

At the exact moment I’m being nosey and zooming in on the bridesmaids, my daughter says “I wish I was going to Turkey, all my friends are going to Turkey”

– Nothing in the film has mentioned Turkey
– I haven’t said mentioned the photo or the wedding or anything (they aren’t close friends I was just being nosey!)
– I don’t even know how she knows that Turkey is a place! We have not once said that we would like to go there as a holiday destination!
– She wasn’t able to see my phone and even if she could, she can’t read!

I’m sat here in astonishment, my partner didn’t have the same reaction I did, he shrugged and said “yeah that’s weird” WEIRD!?

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Okay, we ALL know the Tears For Fears song… Everybody Wants to…. But here’s what played on my husband’s Pandora today! NOT RULE

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Last night my husband and son saw a bubble floating in the room, near the ceiling and popped by the ceiling fan.
No one was blowing bubbles or bathing or anything near water. It just was …there!
How bizarre!

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Just wanted to share something I can’t explain. What would you say happened?
I’ve had a Britney Spears CD since I was a young child. My cousin gave it to me, and I’ve had it my entire life. A few years ago I put it in a suitcase with a bunch of special, centimental things, and locked the suitcase with a lock that needs a code to get in. The code was in my head, and never written down.
I went into my suitcase one day, and the Britney CD was now a DIFFERENT Britney CD. I started with the “Oops I did it again” CD, and suddenly in my suitcase was now the “Baby one more time” CD. I messaged my cousin and asked her which CD she gave me way back, and she said it was the Oops I did it again CD, with the purple and gold cover. This is the one I remember too, because I know all the songs on the back and listened to them over and over. If I read the back of Baby one more time, I know maybe two songs. I know this was not the CD I grew up with.

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So I lost my ring in our backyard, I wouldn’t cut the grass until I could find it. One day, a butterfly I’ve never seen in my area ever flew to the fence and I followed it, then a bumblebee and the butterfly twitted around an area I looked in over and over and boom…. My ring right there out in the open.

Image credits: Holly Sathern


A few very minor changes happened that make me think I hopped timelines a few times.
1. My husband and I brought a card game to my in-laws place. We played it with my SIL and her friend. My MIL had to tell us to quiet down multiple times because we were laughing so much and she was in a meeting. Next time I went to get the game out, it was still in the wrapping.
2. I have a canon mini printer that I keep in the case with the cord it came with and extra printer paper. I went to charge it the other day and the cord looked exactly the same, except it was no longer the type of older mini usb that fit in the printer, it was the newer kind.
3. My husband bought an iPhone to give to someone, and a couple days later looked at it and it was an android.
I know that some of these seem like they could just be a mix up, but they’re things that just absolutely don’t make sense to me. I always put that cord away in the case after I use it. I didn’t have a cord like the one I found in there. And how to you explain the game? We felt like we were crazy and even double checked with my SIL that we played it, and that we were the ones who brought it.

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I remember this as being “Lyons” golden syrup not Lyles…

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Here is one of my faves…
Remember Danielle Steele .. Me too
But ummm … Nope… it’s Danielle Steel ?
Say what!!!

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When my daughter was a baby (18 mos) she could talk very well but she was still using a booster seat. Someone had forgotten to strap her in, and it kind of tipped and she fell, away from me to the floor. Because I was sitting on the other side, it was impossible for me to catch her. I dashed around the chair and picked her up. No bruises or anything, and she was SMILING. I was apologizing and saying “sorry I tried to catch you!” but she was so happy and said “it’s okay, momma, you caught me.” I said, “no, I couldn’t catch you, I wasn’t fast enough” and she said something I’ll never understand. She said “I was falling and you scooped me up with your warm soft teddy bear arms.” (lol!) I have no idea exactly what she meant by ‘teddy bear arms’ but in that moment I was shocked that she was saying she absolutely DIDN’T hit the floor because I caught her. I don’t know what to think about that. In her ‘experience’ she fell but never hit the ground.
EDIT TO ADD: I taught her “Baby Signs” from 9-10 mos onward, and I’m a Montessori preschool teacher. I also followed “The Baby Whisperer” guidelines for good sleep. In Canada we are able to stay home with our babies for a year (at a reduced rate of our regular pay) and I stayed home with her longer because I had planned to have another baby straightaway. So, yeah, I was pretty involved in giving her a stimulating environment and good health as well as lots of social interaction and great sleep. On the other hand, she was slightly delayed in walking well whereas some other babies seem to walk right away! Lol. In the end, I believe that all babies are amazing and adorable and parenting isn’t a contest – we just need to do our best, and love them as much as we can.

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92-93 ish … Ed McMahon on roseanne with a fake publishers clearing house check … and Golden Girls made reference to him and publishers clearing house as well , I just can’t remember the exact quote atm … we need to end this one Mandela

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So I’ve always had bad eyes & need glasses since elementary. Anywho while In a relationship with my kids father we use to get into altercations and he would always go straight for my eyes. Around 2021, I started seeing things just go past my eyes & never knew what it was it use to scare me thought it was a fly or something.

So 2022, I went to my annual eye doctor appointment & I told them about what I had been seeing they said it was something called “floaters”. They continued on with everything like normal and afterwards the doctor comes in and tells me my eye sight was getting worse. I had something call “lattice”, also said the white part around my eye was thinning out & that my retina could detach from my brain at anytime & I could go blind.

After getting the news I was scared but it was time to pick out new frames. I got these cute red ones (first time trying a color).. So my next appointment was in 2023. After they dilated and checked my eyes. I asked was the lattice & thinning getting any worse? She just looks at me in confusion and say she doesn’t know what I’m talking about my eyes are just fine. I explained what I was told my last appointment in 2022 and she tells me I haven’t been seen there since “2019” and she has no clue who told me that or why anyone would tell me those things. I still don’t understand what happened?

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There’s an episode of American Dad in season three, and they’re in the grocery store looking at peanut butter, and they specifically point out “Jiffy” peanut butter, and I swear, I have always remembered it being Jiffy. I know there’s cornbread made by Jiffy, but the PB use to be called Jiffy as well. This season of American Dad came out in like 2006.

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I was given a present, 2 identical items, one for me and one was meant for me to pass onto whoever I felt I wanted to gift it to. We were out at a coffee shop when my friend gave it to me, I opened it immediately, I saw the 2 items, the only other thing in the bag was a gift card. I took it home and put it in the top of my wardrobe for safe keeping.

Roll on a week or so later and I get the gift bag down as I'm wanting to show it to another friend (I was taking it to her, she wasn't in my home) as we'd been talking about it. Only now there's 3 in the bag, all identical. My friend who made it and I haven't seen each other in the time between, she hasn't been in my home and no one else who had been in my house had seen her either.

The strangest part is these were crafted/homemade gifts and she only ever made 2 of them ? so a third one can't possibly exist, let alone be in my home x

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Me and my 2 niece were coming back from a funeral, it was about a 2 hour drive back home we were traveling on a road that was out in the country like and every ten or so miles you would come to 4way stops. At the last 4way we were arguing as we got close to it, I was driving and turned my head to say something to them and my niece hollered and I looked and we were nearly at the 4 way no way was it going to be possible for me to stop in time and there was a 18 wheel truck starting to cross in front of us I just closed my eyes and thought this is the end and when I opened them we were on the other side of the 4 way stop there was no way that we should have made it across the intersection with out crashing into the big truck. That was 25 years ago and we still talk about this and still can’t explain how we didn’t crash.


Did anyone else see the moon this last Thursday? Very glitchy.
I stood outside and watched the moon move from about the 10:00 position to the 1:00 position within about 3 minutes. Refocused my eyes thinking, “eh, it’s the clouds moving”….watched the clouds for another 30-45 seconds….no movement at all. Just the moon flying across the sky like this is The Truman Show


My grandmother passed in 2016. My grandfather gave me her diamond earrings. I wore them everyday as they meant a lot to me. One day I was cleaning the house and realized one of them had fallen out. I had combed through the carpet of the entire house for hours. Vacuumed the house and checked the bag. Nothing. I was devastated. About 3 months later I was sitting on the edge of my bed, there it was. My grandma’s diamond earring. It wasn’t there before because I clean and dust my house every Sunday.


This is un fricken believable…. in the pic is a pair of my old boots and me wearing my new ones. This morning I went to chuck my work boots on, when I checked I was like huh???? these are my old ones how’d they get there?
Whats unbelievable is the day I bought the new ones, I took my old ones off and threw them in the skip at work!!!! No sh**ting!!!! I have no fricken idea how they ended up back by the chair I used to put them next to, furthermore, they weren’t by the fricken chair yesterday!!! Wtf

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So years about 10 years ago I was walking to my partners house it was around 1hr 30mins walk she rang me to check where I was … at this point I was at the bottom of her road so I said to her I’ll be 5minuets i ended the call and put the phone back in my pocket and when I looked back up I was shocked to realise that I was no longer at the bottom of her road and that I was about 45 mins back down the road I instantly called her back confused and told her what had just happened !!! I felt like I had been teleported back

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It’s probably that I am remembering wrong but….
Ok, so everyone knows the Full House theme song, ? everywhere you look…. Does anyone remember it being a different song? Specifically “Our House” by Crosby Stills, Nash and Young? No, just me? I’ll see myself out… ?


I’m watching Matilda, the 90s Roald Dahl movie, I’ve ALWAYS thought Trunchbull was Miss Honey’s Aunt – her Dads Sister! I remember it clearly being her dads sister!! So does my husband!!! Just now watching it, it said he invited his Wife’s Step Sister to live with them!! Not his sister, not his Wife’s sister, his Wife’s STEP sister!!!!! What?!?!?!


Just want to share my personal glitch. I was in bed watching TV and I had a water bottle and a packet of drink mix for said water bottle on my night stand. I opened the packet and dumped it into my water bottle and went into my bathroom to fill it up with water. I didn’t turn the light on in the bathroom because the light from my room was enough. I put the lid back on and shook the water bottle as I walked back to my bed and sat down. I went to take a drink and realized it was only water in my bottle. I looked over and there was the opened and empty packet of drink mix on my nightstand. There was no powder anywhere. The drink mix packet was indeed empty but no longer in the bottle I had just emptied it into.


My son was born with a mark on his neck and used to wake up crying uncontrollably in the early hours of the morning. Generally around 1-3AM. Every night. At the time we conceded that it was due to something he ate or messing his diaper or whatever not realizing that it was happening the same time every night.

When he was about 5 months old, my wife at the time was invited by her mother’s friend to go and visit a psychic. She had gone to them before and was intrigued by it so she decided to go again. Especially considering the women they were told to go and see was ‘legit’ according to her mothers friend. So she goes.

She’s the first one to see the psychic and right away the psychic says to her “you have a son”. Not wanting to give in to leading information my ex doesn’t say anything. The psychic goes on to describe the mark on his neck which is quite unique. The psychic goes on to say that he was k*lled in a past life and the mark on his neck is how he died. She goes on to say that he was a furniture maker / carpenter in a past life and he was stabbed with one of his tools at a market he was selling at by an angry customer. Continuing, she says that’s why he wakes up every night at about 2AM because that’s his time of death and he’s reliving that moment. She then proceeds to write down a prayer for my ex and I to say every night before bed.

My ex and I started to recite this prayer and after about a week he stopped waking up in the middle of the night and slept through ever since. To this day he still has that birth mark on his neck. As a kicker, my family from as far back as I can remember have been carpenters or tradesmen of some sort. All the way back to my great great grandfather. So much so that some of their work is presented in museums to this day across our country. Do any of you believe that reincarnation is a glitch in the matrix? It still gives me the chills when I tell this story.


When we were living in western New York in our first home I had a dream of a man looking down at me from a skylight roof window. We had a small cape home with no skylights so I just thought it was a strange morning dream. 3 years later we moved to coastal Massachusetts for a new job for my husband. We bought a newer townhouse condo and it had several levels and skylights. One day I was laying on the living room couch and looked up at the skylight. There’s the same man in the skylight looking down at me. They were re-roofing the building and he was a worker. This still amazes me.


Ok so this is more a glitch than Mandela effect but here it goes. So we moved into my grandparents big old (1886) haunted house upstate NY in September of 2022. There is an old 90s bird clock in the kitchen, the one that makes a different bird call every hour, that has been there for decades and is still working! We have 10 ft ceilings and the clock is high on a wall over a shelf and the formica table and just a big PITA rigamarole to change… so we didn’t and just knew that for part of the year it would be an hour off… no big deal there is the stove clock that was easy to change and the correct time so we didn’t get confused.
So now it’s March of this year and daylight savings time is coming and the clock is about to be correct again for half the year… except the day before the clocks change it somehow switches to the correct hour all on its own during the day so that when clocks do change the next day it will now be the incorrect time once again. No other adult was around that could have changed it but me. Even if my kids had somehow moved all the furniture around in the kitchen and put up the step ladder they still would not have been able to reach the clock or change the time on their own.
I think about it everyday when I’m in the kitchen and can not come up with a reasonable answer of how or why it happened.
The clock tells perfect time other than it being an hour off… so I’m leaving it to tick to it’s own drum.


Ok,so I have seen videos of birds,planes and people just frozen, while everything else is normal. Thought it was interesting but probably fake. 2 days ago I turned on my quiet, little 2 lane street and I’m driving up by the grade school. Over the school is a little 2 person plane,and I got worried because it was so low I could throw a baseball and hit it. As I got closer, I realized it wasn’t moving AND it wasn’t making any sound. I get up close and stick my head out the window and about 20 sec later I hear the engine, loud and it starts to fly. I’m sure I was sitting there with a really dumb look on my face. I couldn’t freaking believe it. I wish I had my phone out. I believe those videos now. Holy crap!! Then I went to an appointment yesterday and see a Muslim lady walking alone down a back street I use as a short cut. Noticed what she was wearing and it was unique. I get up to a busy intersection, about a half mile away and there she is AGAIN! Waiting to cross. It absolutely was her. Mind BLOWN…


I know this effect has been talked about, the wonderful Britney Spears microphone debate……However, Even Lizzie McQuire in her show had the microphone and this was in season 1. In Jan 21, 2001…. And ops I did it again came out in May 3, 2000. Soooo not even a full year later..
I remember the microphone.

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I’ve got another one for you. I’ve told you about the disappearing-then-reappearing keys, but that’s definitely not the only one that has happened. This one is specific to me.
I will try to give as many details as I can so you can see how this played-out.
So this some time after the thing with the keys. My gf and I decided to move to a different state to be closer to family. I went ahead to start a new job and to find a house. She stayed behind to organize the move while I got things set-up in the new location. I moved in August, closed on the house in October and we officially moved into the new house that month.
Fast-forward about one year. I was sitting in the living room of the new house one morning just browsing the interwebs and when I hear a loud noise come from the bedroom. There was a short hallway between the back bedrooms and the living room so it was very close. The best way I can describe it was a loud metallic “Click” sound. I was by myself and no one was in the bedroom so I was curious to know what that was.
We had a bed from IKEA with attached side tables and a lamp on each table. My gf had her side and I had mine. The lamps had wooden bases with a raised edge of about 1/4”. I walked into the bedroom and looked around to see what the source of that noise was.
I wasn’t even into the room good when something caught my eye. Lying on the base of the lamp on my side of the bed was a ring. It was a ring that I had lost years before. That ring had gone missing BEFORE the move while we were still living in a different state and there it was sitting on the base of that lamp. The loud “Click” noise was when that ring fell onto the wood. Where did it fall from?
I have no explanation whatsoever. That ring, literally, fell out of thin air. I heard it when it dropped. There is no rational explanation as to how it came all the way from a different state, was not unpacked in the move, was not seen for years before the move or after, was not THERE when I got up that morning then “Click” there was the ring.
If anyone has an explanation for how this is possible I’d like to hear it because I have none.


I know movie lines and scenes can be changed but since when has their been a 3 second scene in “Cars” where Mcqueen sees a futuristic type fighting scene in the sky when he is visualising winning the race? I have a 23 year old son who agreed he has never seen it and a 13 year old that says he has. I personally have never seen it and I’ve watched that movie dozens of times. Was it always there? Or do Mandelas also appear as we change something within ourselves (not just timelines) ? Curious on opinions here


I’ve had many unexplainable things happen to me in my life, but this one is at the top of the list.
So here’s what happened. On this particular evening I was already home from work. My gf got home from work a couple of hours later and we were just going about our usual routine when she says; “Where are my keys?”. She had to have her keys on order to drive home and to unlock the front door so I told her to check the front door maybe she left them in the lock. I’ve done that before. They weren’t there.
She checked all her pockets. We retraced her steps. She hadn’t been anywhere but in the house. We checked the couch cushions, behind the furniture. No keys. We looked EVERYWHERE. After about an hour of searching with no results it came to me that we would not find the keys no matter where we looked. I said to her; “The keys are not in the house, but they will turn up when they’re supposed to”. I found the spare set of car keys for her to use.
Fast forward about one month later. We had gone out to this restaurant in town. We had just paid the bill and were headed for the door to leave when one of the restaurant staff came up to my gf and extended his hand to her. In his hand was her set of keys. You could have knocked us both over with a feather. We were just sort of in shock.
How those keys got there we don’t know. I’ve tried to make sense of it. I’ve tried to find some type of way that her keys could have ended up in a Mexican restaurant when she drove straight home from work with them and then lost them in the house.
They were not in the house and they did turn up later just like I said. It’s like I already knew but I don’t know HOW I knew. It’s kind of mind-bending. I was definitely glad she got them back, though.
If anyone has ever experienced anything similar or has any thoughts on what might have happened, I’d definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts.
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