35 Hacks Folks In This Online Group Shared That They Use For Falling Asleep Easily That You Might Want To Try Out In Honor Of World Sleep Day

Every morning people who need to go to school, to work or any other commitments wish that they could sleep just for 5 more minutes. Every night we say that tonight we’ll go to bed early so we’ll be rested in the morning, but that usually doesn’t happen. But it should, as sleep is very important in order for the human body and mind to function properly.

Sleep deprivation is very common and to spread awareness about its damage, the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society declared the last Friday before the March Equinox as World Sleep Day, first held on 14 March 2008.

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This year, World Sleep Day falls on 18 March and to celebrate it properly, it’s obvious we have to have a good night’s sleep. To achieve this goal, Bored Panda went on the internet and picked out the most useful tips for easily falling asleep that are tried out by Reddit users. While personal experience is great advice, we also looked into what the scientists are saying, so you can find that in this article as well.

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#1 Try To Imagine Strange And Impossible Things

I close my eyes and try to imagine strange and impossible things, the kinds of things that usually happen only in my dreams. Once I’m able to start letting one idea flow seamlessly into another I’m usually already asleep and dreaming.

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Every year, the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society organizes discussions, presentations of educational materials and exhibitions to make people talk about sleep, its importance and the damage that not many people know about if they don’t get those 8 hours a night. This year’s slogan is ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’ and if we would like to achieve that, we should follow a few instructions.

#2 Only Use Your Bed For Sleeping

The best advice I ever got for falling asleep is to only use your bed for sleeping. Your brain will learn to associate laying in bed with sleep and you’ll be conditioned Pavlov-style to conk out shortly after you lay down. If you currently hang out in your bed during the day reading, playing video games, etc try not doing that for awhile and see what changes.

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#3 The Sock Routine

1. Undress


3. Go to bed

4. Hate the living f**k out of your socks

5. OMG these socks are so uncomfortable…I wish i could take them off!

6.Don’t take off your socks

7. Hate your socks even more

8. And all your other socks too


10. After 5 minutes, take off the socks

11. Enjoy bliss

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

12. Fall asleep like a happy little angel on a cloud of comfort.

If you are one of those people who enjoy sleeping with socks (a.k.a. freaks of nature), just do the same but with socks off first.

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Covid and the whole pandemic messed up people’s sleeping habits so the National Health Service or the NHS, which is the public healthcare system in the UK, gives advice on what can help with falling asleep faster and improving the quality of sleep.

They firstly advise you to get into a daily routine and stick to the same sleeping pattern at all times. It is also important to have a nightly routine of winding down and that can include meditation, reading, and most importantly, putting down your phone or your computer.

#4 Build Your Dream Mansion

i got told to build my dream mansion like in sims, i never make it past the 1st floor

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#5 Close Your Eyes And Try To Feel Like You’re Melting Into The Bed

My dad told me this when I was a kid and it worked for me. Close your eyes and try to feel like you’re melting into the bed.

Warning: may cause sleep paralysis.

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#6 Get Up, Walk Around, Do Whatever You Want To Do/Felt Stressed About

I think the biggest thing for me falling asleep when I couldn’t was to not fight it. I would just let myself get up, walk around, do whatever I wanted to do/felt stressed about and then slept after.

I found that I ended up sleeping faster, and better, once I got things off my mind.

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Sometimes people really want to go to sleep because their bodies are tired, but their minds are running on full power. It often is caused by anxiety and worries we have, and it is especially relevant now because the pandemic isn’t even over, and on top of that, the war in Ukraine doesn’t seem to have an end.

The NHS thinks that the most important thing while dealing with these unwanted emotions is to recognize them, challenge them and try to find something to replace them with, “By catching the thought, checking it, and seeing if you can change it, with practice, you can help break the negative cycle.”

#7 Slowly Count Backwards From 100

Slowly count backwards from 100. Chances are you’ll get tired by 50..

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#8 Do A Little Writing

I do a little writing in order to get any negative feelings out of my mind and onto paper. Then I pick a book (paper, not e-book) and read until I start nodding off. Works every time.

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Try to avoid “having caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or a big meal too close to bedtime” because they can prevent deep sleep and can make it harder to fall asleep. The NHS suggests that regular exercise helps with normalizing your sleep but just be careful about doing anything intense before bedtime as for some people it might have an opposite effect.

The environment in which you sleep also can impact the quality of sleep and the time you fall asleep. It’s best to keep the room not too hot, dark and quiet. If that doesn’t help, you might want to adjust and maybe listen to an audiobook, have a night lamp or have another layer on you. Also, “wearing earplugs, putting your phone on silent and face down (or out of the room entirely), keeping clocks out of view and making sure the room is well ventilated can all make a big difference.”

#9 Put Your Phone On A Charger Outside Your Bedroom

At night, put your phone on a charger outside your bedroom. This 1) keeps you from staying up all night on your phone and 2) makes you get up in the morning to turn off the alarm.

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#10 Good Mattress Makes A Difference

Can’t stress how much a good mattress makes a difference. Even when I wasn’t earning too much, it was the best investment I made. Also reducing any stimulants close to bed such as sugar and caffeine.

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#11 Replay A Book Or Movie In Your Head With You As A Character

Replay a book or movie in your head with you as the hero/villain.

Essentially, tell yourself a story.

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The last thing that the NHS points out is that if you are lying in bed with eyes wide open and don’t feel sleepy at all, it’s best to get up and do something relaxing such as reading a book or listening to calm, quiet music until you feel sleepier. 

We would like to know if you have ever tried out any of the methods mentioned by redditors or by the NHS specialists. Maybe you have some tricks of your own? Let us know in the comments!

#12 Try To Stay Awake

Try to stay awake. Reverse psychology.

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#13 Close My Eyes And Focus Only On My Breathing

Close my eyes and focus only on my breathing. Certified one way ticket to Zzz land

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#14 Don’t Have Children

Don’t have children.

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#15 Read A Book

reading a book

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#16 Stop Browsing Reddit

Stop browsing reddit for one

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#17 Close Your Eyes And Don’t Move

For me the solution is to just close my eyes and don’t move. After a few minutes I “automatically” fall asleep. Music often helps, as your brain has something to occupy itself with.

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#18 Sleep With Ear Plugs

I think the big thing for me was to get into a habit and doing the same thing. Being in front of a screen like my cell phone never really bothered me in terms of being able to fall asleep so I will usually be in bed on it for a while. What really does it for me is that I sleep with ear plugs. I can be awake, reading, talking to the GF, etc, but once I put my ear plugs in it’s like my body knows it’s sleepy time.

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#19 No Caffeine In The Afternoon, No Screen Time After 9 And Exercise

No caffeine in the afternoon.

No screen time after 9 (or a couple hours before you want to go to sleep).

Exercise during the day.

If all else fails, NyQuil and weed.

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#20 Wake Up And Go To Bed At The Same Time Every Day

Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day and avoid stimulants or alcohol.

Barring that, diphenhydramine.

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#21 Just Let Your Mind Wander

I just let my mind wander. I try to focus on visual things rather than my internal dialogue just because I feel like talking in my head will keep me awake.

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#22 Read College Textbooks

Pull out one of my college textbooks that I should be reading and my eyes will instantly start feeling heavy.

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#23 Listen To ASMR

I listen to ASMR. I usually end up passing out 15 minutes in.

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#24 No Electronics Or Screens About An Hour Before Bed Time

No electronics or screens about an hour before laying down.

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#25 Sleep With Me Podcast

Sleep With Me Podcast

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#26 Listen To Kripparian Being Salty

I listen to Kripparian being salty. Have done for nearly 3 years now

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#27 Drink A Glass Of Milk

Drink a glass of milk before you go to bed. My friend did a science fair project on it in middle school (according to her research it works!)

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#28 Meditate

Meditating is a good way to both clear or strength the mind against wondering before bed. It’s hard at first but gets easier over time. If you can also simulate the feeling of drifting off to sleep in your mind..the feeling you get when you’re really tired and just can’t help but fall sleep sitting at your computer, you kind of focus on that feeling and let it take you away and you’re out.

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#29 Try To Exert Yourself Throughout The Day

Try to exert yourself throughout the day. For e.g. take stairs instead of an elevator. Do those things in such a way that you don’t waste your work time. Go for a run in the morning and play or go for a run after you get from work. Basically get tired at the end of the day. That way the exercise is better for your health and you will get the best sleep of your life.

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#30 Throw On Some Futurama On A Very Low Volume

Throw on some Futurama, lower the volume until you can just barely hear it, and then close your eyes.

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#31 Do Some Strenuous Exercise During The Day

I find it much easier if I’m physically tired, so I guess do some strenuous exercise during the day and take it from there

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#32 Join The Military?

Join the military? Seemed to work wonders for some of those I work along side with.

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#33 Have A Calming Night Routine

An hour before bed, take a shower and dry yourself with a fluffy towel. (Note: from this point onward, NO SCREENS) Sniff a bit of lavender essential oil. Otherwise, another soft-smelling scent will do. Small amounts! Don’t wanna overstimulate. Go lie in bed, notice your body and relax it one muscle at a time, all the way to your neck, jaw, lips, eyes. Breathe. Like, a lot. Not fast and crazy, but just pay attention to your breath for a while as you continue to relax. Zzz.

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#34 Quit Caffeine

Quit caffeine.

I did about a year ago and rarely have sleepless/bad nights anymore. I mean, I have medications and therapy for bipolar which is tied to insomnia as well, and I’m sure those are helping.

But those were helping other aspects of my life for years and still I’d go days and days without real sleep.

Quitting caffeine made all the difference in the world.

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#35 Pray

pray, knocks you out almost instantly

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