35 Times People Were Sick Of Capitalism And Decided To Speak Up Against It

If you’re a human being who appreciates the finer things in life, like food and shelter, you might have noticed that things have been getting pretty dystopian. No, it’s no recent development, but it seems like upcoming elections and opportunities for reform in several countries are contributing to a wave of vocal anti-capitalism. Because when technology and productivity just keep improving, but corporations and their owners aren’t letting it translate to benefits for the people who are putting in most of their waking hours to keep business running, people are right to start questioning things. Some say that young people are just entitled and want to have it better than previous generations, while others say… well, why wouldn’t we want today’s workers to have it better than previous generations? Isn’t that how human progress works?

Here’s a collection of anti-capitalist tweets to get you fired up, make you laugh (because sometimes we have to laugh, or else we’ll cry) and give you some ideas to mull over with your coworkers (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

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Another tip: adding a charity donation to your total at the grocery store checkout counter may just be paying for the corporation’s donation that they can use to receive tax deductions. If you’re willing and able to donate to charity, research a cause you’d like to contribute to at home and tell the cashier you prefer to donate directly.


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One of the most prominent targets of vitriol is the world’s richest person, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, whose $100 billion in wealth and hourly income of over 8 million dollars are more than many say one could even reasonably find a use for.

Critics say it’s unlikely he’s working 500,000 times harder than the employees rushing to meet digitally-tracked speed requirements and accumulating chronic injuries in Amazon packing centers for $15 an hour (and that’s considered a good minimum salary in the US).

Meanwhile, over in the UK, statistics show the average CEO getting 90 times as much income as their lowest-paid workers, and the richest 10% of society owning two-thirds of all wealth.


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A recurring hashtag reads #TaxTheRich, which is probably a more politically sound approach, if not less catchy or satisfying, than old classics like #EatTheRich or #BeheadTheRich.


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