36 Hidden Easter Eggs In Ratatouille That You Might Have Missed

2007’s Ratatouille is one of those rare cartoons that stick with you for a long, long time. It’s gorgeous, heartwarming, and it’s all about food… in Paris!—what’s not to love? I’ll be honest, it’s one of the very few movies that I’ve seen twice at the cinema (don’t judge me, movie tickets are expensive).

Produced by Pixar and released by Walt Disney Pictures, Ratatouille reminded us about the importance of putting love and sprinkling care into everything that we make and bake in the kitchen. However, there’s more than meets the eye to Ratatouille.

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The animated film is full of small details and Easter eggs. Hidden. Or… hiding. Just like the ingredients in your pantry that you know you have but can’t find no matter what. We here at Bored Panda love showing you awesome secret movie tidbits, so we’ve collected the best ones from Ratatouille. While you’re scrolling down and upvoting your fave hidden details, I’ll be raiding my fridge for a gourmet snack.

#1 Colette Has An Oven Rack Burn On Her Forearm – A Common Injury Among Professional Chefs

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#2 For A Scene Where Linguini Is Wet From Jumping In The River, They Got A Member Of Crew (Kesten Migdal) To Jump In A Swimming Pool In A Chef’s Uniform To See Where The Uniform Would Normally Stick To On The Body When Wet

Image credits: StatusLoquat8

#3 The Ratatouille That Rémy Prepares Was Designed By Chef Thomas Keller. It’s A Real Recipe. It Takes At Least Four Hours To Make

Image credits: Tokyono

[Eats snack with gusto.] Where were we? Ah, yes! Easter eggs. MTV points out that not all of the hidden details are visual. For instance, when Remy the rat is in the sewer, you can hear the ‘Dead men tell no tales’ soundbite playing ever so faintly. It’s from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride and it’s a friendly nod to Disney.

Meanwhile, the infamous and ever-present ‘Pizza Planet’ delivery truck also makes a cameo in Ratatouille. It’s been in practically every Pixar movie to date, having made its debut in Toy Story.

#4 Remy Makes Sure To Walk Upright Instead Of On All Fours To Keep His Two Front Paws Clean

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#5 At The End Of The Movie Anton Ego Is A Little Bit Fatter. This Is Especially Poignant Since He States, “I Don’t Like Food, I Love It… If I Don’t Love It I Don’t Swallow”

Image credits: mandydchew

#6 Anton Ego’s Typewriter Resembles A Skull And His Office A Coffin

Image credits: DrDreidel82

What’s more, a whole bunch of the Paris posters, food labels, as well as street and business signs are inside references. They’re named after people tied to the movie.

For example, ‘Lasseter Cabernet Sauvignon’ obviously refers to Executive Producer John Lasseter (I say ‘obviously,’ but you won’t get the reference unless you know the big shots by name). Similarly, ‘Bouchiba’ spaghetti refers to animator Bolhem Bouchiba. And Chateau-Jessup Pauillac Medoc is meant to point to production designer Harley Jessup.

#7 After Cars (2006) Lost Out On The Oscar For Best Animated Movie To Happy Feet (2006), Which Utilized Motion Capture, Pixar Placed A “Quality Assurance Guarantee” At The End Of Their Next Movie Ratatouille (2007) To Remind The Academy They Animate Every Single Frame Of Their Movies Manually

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Image credits: JonathanAllen19

#8 The First Thing Remy Does When He Enters The Kitchen Is Falls Into A Sink Full Of Soap And Water So He Doens’t Contaminate Any Food He Touches Later In The Scene

Image credits: TastesGreatIceCold

#9 When Anton Tastes Remy’s Ratatouille, He’s Reminded Of His Mother’s Cooking. There’s A Few Hidden Details That Suggest Remy Grew Up In Anton’s Mother’s House, Learning To Cook By Watching Anton’s Mother

Image credits: kingsupreeth97

The filmmakers of Ratatouille visited Paris to get all of their research done. During one of their excursions around the City of Lights, they walked underneath the Pont Alexandre III and this bridge was chosen for the scene where Remy and Linguini decide to become partners.

The team behind the movie also spent a lot of time enjoying brilliant food in some of the tastiest places in Paris. And we might be a tad jealous. So jealous that it’s about time for another snack.

#10 Linguini Has The Bite Mark On His Hand From Where Remy Bit Him, Previously

Image credits: notwutiwantd

#11 In Cars 2 (2011), In Paris You Can See A Restaurant Called “Gastow’s”. This Is A Direct Reference To “Gusteau’s” Restaurant From Ratatouille (2007)

Image credits: Numerous-Lemon

#12 Remy Uses A Toothpaste Cap As A Cup

Image credits: moviedetail

#13 Anton Ego’s Face Is Less Pale After He Eats The Ratatouille, Symbolising How His Emotions And Feelings About Food Have Changed

Image credits: InfinityOnWrs

#14 The Dog Barking At Remy Is Doug From Up

Image credits: PlamenDrop

#15 In This Scene At The End Of Ratatouille, The Cups Are Thimbles, The Plates Are Buttons, And The Utensils Are Pins

Image credits: Anunohmoose

#16 A Magazine In Riley’s Living Room Features Colette From Ratatouille On The Cover

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#17 Linguine Gives An “Inspirational Speech” Before Food Critic, Anton Ego, Comes To Critique The Restaurant’s Food. Pixar’s Attention To Detail Shows The Staff Visibility Exhausted By This Speech. That’s Because It Lasts Almost 20 Minutes During Dinner Service!

Image credits: Baryogenesis11

#18 The Shop With Dead Rats In The Window Is Based On A Real-Life Shop In Paris, France, Called Aurouze

Image credits: Tokyono

#19 Linguini Has To Hide Remy Before His Second Day Of Work. He Offers To Hide Him In His Pants, Revealing His Briefs Covered In The Incredibles Logo

Image credits: its_xSKYxFOXx

#20 This Mime In The Background Of Ratatouille Is Bomb Voyage From The Incredibles

Image credits: Trap_Carrot

#21 When Linguini Is Chopping Leeks For The Soup You Can See A Green Smear On The Cutting Board That Actually Happens When Cutting Green Vegtables. Also His Bite Marks Are Still There From When Remy Bit Him A Couple Of Days Before

Image credits: Paulsify

#22 When Flipping Through The Cookbook In The Sewer, One Of The Pages Remy Flips Through Shows The Jobs Of Each Person In Gusteau’s Kitchen, Revealing How Remy Knows This Later On

Image credits: creepycommie

#23 The Same Chinese Take Out Boxes Can Be Seen In A Bug’s Life, Ratatouille, And Inside Out

Image credits: tevecho816

#24 There Is Much Debate Over When Ratatouille (2007) Is Supposed To Take Place, Many Saying The Late 60s Because Of The Cars, Phones And Tvs. However, The Note Linguine’s Mom Leaves Gusteau Reveals It’s Within A Few Years After 2004

Image credits: Purpluss

#25 Chef Skinner Is Angry At Linguini’s Success. But Skinner Is Also Getting Some Media Attention; There’s An Article About Him Jumping Into The Seine River

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#26 You Can See Gusteau’s First Name, Auguste, On The Cookbook “Anyone Can Cook” Which Is An Anagram Of Gusteau

Image credits: —Merciless—

#27 Pixar Thinks Of Everything. Water Stains From Rain On Window When Remy Is Spying On The Kitchen. Thought You Guys Might Appreciate It

Image credits: handlemedown

#28 When Recording Lines For A Scene In Which Remy Hugs His Father Django, Patton Oswalt (Voice Of Remy) Actually Hugged Director Brad Bird To Achieve A Realistic Sound

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#29 When Remy Explores The Apartment Building, He Sees A Woman Pointing A Gun At A Man. A Moment Later, They End Up Kissing. Later On, When Colette Is About To Mace Linguini, Remy Makes Him Go In For A Kiss

Image credits: Disney / Pixar

#30 The Line “Get My Lawyer!” Is Pure Exposition; Skinner’s Phone Is A Landline, He Has No Secretary, And He Dials No One. He’s Talking To A Dial Tone

Image credits: –Merciless—

#31 When Remy And Linguine Cook Together, Linguine Pours In A Box Of Bouchiba Pasta. This Is A Nod To Animator Bolhem Bouchiba

Image credits: Tankiyaiba

#32 According To Brad Bird, Director Of Ratatouille (2007), He Chose Patton Oswalt To Voice Remy After Hearing One Of His Stand Up Routines About Food

Image credits: PBfilms

#33 There Is A Scene With The Health Inspector, Barging Into The Restaurant With A Picture Of His Face On The Wall. This Poster Is Present Throughout The Entire Movie Whenever This Section Of The Restaurant Is Shown

Image credits: jroddie4

#34 In The Newspaper The Cooks Are Reading, There Is An Advertisement For The Same 3 Step Stool That The Chef Uses To Watch The Dining Room In Ratatouille

Image credits: TastesGreatIceCold

#35 The Lovers From The Beginning Of The Film Are Seen Again During The Chase Scene As Skinner Falls Into The Water

Image credits: buddabuddayoyo

#36 There Is A Lasseter Wine Bottle. John Lasseter Owns A Winery In Real-Life. The Bottle Even Has The “Lasseter Family Winery” Logo

Image credits: Tokyono

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