37 Celebrities That Had Everything And Made Career-Changing Mistakes, As Presented In This Thread

Famous people seem to have it all. Fame, recognition, money and influence. Some folks would do anything to become a celebrity as it opens so many doors, but on the other hand, some wouldn’t like to be famous at any cost as they prefer a calm and private life. 

However, while being famous may look like a dream life where everything is possible, there is another side of the coin. They are being watched, discussed, every step and action are scanned and talked about. And while you may have the biggest potential, one mess-up and you may never recover from it.

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So speaking about that, recently one Reddit user started a discussion asking folks to list famous people that had everything going for them but then managed to mess up badly and never recover from it… because some of these actions are actually impossible to come back from and hope that everybody has forgotten. So sit back and scroll through this list as most of us like some drama. 

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Robert Downey Jr. And then, he started all over. I admire him.

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Ellen DeGeneres. “Be kind to one another” unless you work for me. Then all bets are off.

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I mean were still watching the chickens come home to roost in real time but Elon musk has destroyed at multi decade PR campaign to convince the average person he’s tony stark

Edit: a lot of Elon Stan’s are UPsetti spaghetti about this.

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NewOldSmartDum said:

Subway Jared

itsagoodtime added:

All Jared had to do was eat subs and not f**k kids. That’s it. Endless subs. And he just couldn’t help himself.

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Alison Mack

Her character in Smallville was original to the show and not part of the Superman mythos. She did so well by it that they introduced it in the comics.

But she had to go co-run a cult that sex trafficked women and branded them like animals.

End of career, no reunion shows, no comic cons, character dropped from the comics so no cool legacy, oh yeah…and jail.

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dubkitteh1 said:

Kanye West.

Iconoclassic404 added:

His mothers death really sent him off the deep end. The guy has some seriously untreated mental health issues, and it seems the people that surround him are making sure he doesn’t treat it.

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Whitney Houston. Her end was so tragic, most people forget she was once America’s sweetheart.

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Bit of an odd ball answer but Andrew Cuomo. He was an ADA, lawyer, founded a law firm, was a secretary under Clinton, AG, and then became NY governor. He was probably one step away from being the next DNC candidate for president.

Then, as y’all probably all already know, several women came forward and told their story.

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doonst said:

Oscar Pistorius

BarfingWalrus added:

I still don’t get it… like you’re one of the most celebrated athletes globally at that point. Everyone loves you. You’re at the top of your game, you’re rich you’re handsome… your girlfriend is an 11/10 model… and you shoot her through a door?

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Mystery_J said:

Ezra Miller

I still cannot believe that people still work with him.

DrVagax added:

Look at his list of controversies, the dude choked, punched and kicked people, barged into a couple’s bedroom after a fight and said I will bury you and your slut wife.” and the list goes on.

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Just_o_joo said:

Kevin Spacey.

Makeupguru58 added:

My dad was an extra on set of the movie A Time to Kill. He got to talk to Kevin Spacey on set everyday. Apparently the only thing he talked about was going to strip clubs and getting drunk. When my dad showed up to the wrap party he saw Spacey chasing a guy around the bar and he was mimicking a bull.

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Flycaster33 said:

Charlie Sheen

rnawmomof3 added:

His is a prime story of untreated mental illness and substance abuse. If someone that connected and wealthy can fall prey to those demons, it should surprise anyone that the average person has almost chance to beating that combo.

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Most recently? Kevin Porter Jr. nba player for the Houston Rockets. He just signed a 4 year, 80 million dollar deal and got arrested for assaulting his gf.

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Express_Cellist7985 said:

garrettj100 added:

OJ is a murderous piece of s**t, but who’re we kidding?

When he goes, they’re going to find the worst case of CTE ever.

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Lizzo, not sure her career will survive the banana incident.

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John Wilkes Booth. He was a famous and highly regarded actor with a very successful career before he murdered President Lincoln.

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Will ‘b***h slap’ Smith…


imsalim said:

Most recently Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

FiscalClifBar added:

They also just got busted by the SEC for selling unregistered securities (it’s NFTs).

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Steve-O, but he recovered so, so good! On the same note but not yet recovered, Bam Margera.

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Jennifer Grey is always my go-to for self-inflicted career ending.

After she starred in Dirty Dancing and became a big name, she decided to get a nose job to make herself look better. What happened was no one recognized her anymore, and her career became limited to minor roles in TV and B-rated movies.

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Mel Gibson definitely made a few f**kups


Debatable if you’d say he was super famous, but Armie Hammer before he couldn’t hide his cannibalistic side is up there

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To an extent, Prince Harry.

And completely- Prince Andrew


oncelerin said:

Alexander Hamilton

HoopOnPoop added:

He had an affair with a married woman. When her husband found out, he blackmailed/extorted Hamilton to keep it quiet. Later on, Hamilton’s political enemies found the financial irregularities and accused him of abusing his post as Treasury Secretary to engage in corrupt financial practices. At that point he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He could either risk being accused of abuse of power while the government was still in a really precarious place or he could come clean and explain what was really happening. He chose the latter and wrote the “Reynolds Pamphlet” (the woman was named Maria Reynolds) admitting to everything. It pretty much ended his political career right there.

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MC Hammer. To this day, he’s still used as a warning to up and coming music artists.

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DrGenius2011 said:

Aaron Hernandez

DogsAreMyFavPeople added:

Aaron Hernandez had some of the worst CTE ever seen in autopsy and literally the worst the researchers had ever seen in anyone younger than 45. He might have looked like he had everything going for him but he was badly brain damaged the entire time, and more so than even most pro football players.

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Henry Ruggs III, first round pick in the NFL. Racing his corvette through Vegas at 3 in the morning he crashed at 160 MPH and [ended] a woman and her dog. He was one of the top prospects in the game, 24 years old now he’s going to spend 3-10 years in jail, lose out on any and all NFL hopes and dreams. He only made it 2 seasons in the league before essentially ruining his life.

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Justin Roiland had a popular show (Rick & Morty) and while its quality (and maybe ratings I dunno) were waning, he had a guaranteed paycheck for a few more years, plus reruns, merch, whatever else, etc

All he had to do was not be a creepy piece of s**t.

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman…relapsing into [illegal substances] after decades of being clean cost him his life.


Dunno if he counts as “famous” but… for a BREAKING NEWS scandal, how about Justin Sane, lead singer of Anti-Flag, a well-established (since 1988) punk band. For 35 years Sane’s stage persona was of a militantly progressive singer, especially on women’s issues. One of their songs is “Feminism Is for Everybody”, and Sane was a VERY vocal supporter of the #MeToo movement.

Except *Rolling Stone* just published [a long story](https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/anti-flag-justin-sane-1234817170/) in which 13 women accuse him of violent sexual assault. Many were in high school at the time. One was 12.

When the rest of the band heard the news they immediately broke up and released a statement saying something like “this isn’t the guy we thought we knew for 35 years”. I’m not sure I believe that. The *Rolling Stone* piece mentions a couple times when the band *had* to know. For instance, Sane once (allegedly) took a girl to a shed behind a venue, and the rest of the band were (supposedly) making “where’s Justin?” jokes, as if they knew.

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Mickey Rourke was pretty much the next James Dean of the 80’s. Just hit after hit, women loved him, guys wanted to be him. Then he decided to try boxing and his face got pulverized, Bad plastic surgery followed, and he had issues with the press. The Wrestler was amazing, but the big comeback sort of fizzed out after that.

Seems like a cool and interesting guy, but he could have been royalty if not for a couple of bad decisions.

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FreckledArms78 said:

Scott Weiland, from Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver.

OneSmoothCactus added:

I forget who, but after hid death a family member of his said that they’d all been waiting for the call for the last 20 years. Can’t imagine knowing your son/brother/partner is [hurting] themselves with [illegal substances] and not be able to do anything about it.

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Brett Butler. She blew herself up pretty good in the 90s

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SumonaFlorence said:

John McAffee. Like, f**k me..

otakupirate added:

I read his wired interview and he was just… unhinged. He really had lost it. He made a lot of claims about the government and why he was in hiding and just seemed completely gone mentally.


Lindsay Lohan is another famous person who seemed to have everything going for her but faced a series of personal and professional setbacks due to her struggles with addiction and legal issues.

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The richest man in Ireland, Sean Quinn, lost everything today. A series of unsuccessful investments, tax evasion, led Quinn to court. Today, the former billionaire is completely bankrupt, and contempt of court has been added to the charges. A lot of people hate Sean. Three years ago, his former manager was even kidnapped and beaten, but the perpetrators were never found. Perhaps the former depositors of his bank who lost their funds are involved here, perhaps other investors.

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T.J. Miller was in every other comedy last decade but then made real bad life choices.
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