37 People Who Got Sick And Tired Of Influencers Asking For Free Stuff And Shamed Them On The Internet

Many people and businesses hate the term “influencer.” Especially those individuals who attach it to themselves and start demanding rather than negotiating. However, the growth of influencer marketing often means they’re still getting offers they do not want. To deter them away, people have begun to voice their disapproval both online and in real life. Whether it’s a humorous post on Facebook or a stingy sign next to their establishment, one thing is clear: influencers have to adapt their strategies and communication methods in order not to lose potential customers.

#1 This Artist Greets All Influencers With An Offer

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#2 White Banana Beach Club Shuts Down Influencers

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#3 The Only Way To Protect Your Business From Wild Cb’s

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#4 Trying To Get Accommodation For Free

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#5 Hot Take: Social Media “Influencers” Are Useless And Pointless

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#6 Social Media Influencer Cb

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#7 I Guess I Just Lost The Biggest Opportunity Of My Life

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#8 Traveling Blog Asks If They Can Feature A Hit Restaurant In Their Blog – Then Ask To Be Compensated For It

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#9 This Fake Guru Has 186k Followers And Always Post About How Much Money He Makes

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#10 Sick And Tired Of Influencers

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#11 D Grade Reality Cook Tries To Offer Exposure To Award Winning Restaurant

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#12 The Level Of Absurdity Is High With This One

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#13 Warning, Rant Post

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#14 This Ice Cream Man’s Response To A Choosing Beggar Gives Me Hope For Humanity

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#15 “We Kindly Retract Our Wish To Work With You”

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#16 For Anyone Who Wants To Know What Happened To Towie

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#17 Burgers For Bullcrap

#18 Bachelorette Contestant Wants Free Rent To Be “Live-In Influencer”

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#19 Yeah I Need Exposure, But Not This Way, Also I Think The Amount Of Emojis He Used Is Scary

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#20 Laura Worthington Of Laura’s Little Bakery Is Sick Of People Asking For Freebies

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#21 My Friend Is A Photographer And He Told Me That He Usually Gets Tons Of Messages Like This One !

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#22 Free Food In Exchange For Posts

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#23 Perfect Response

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#24 ‘Influencer’ Bride With 55k Followers Tries To Get Wedding Shot For Free, Photographers Destroy Her With Sarcastic Response

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#25 Yelper Is Mad Because Restaurant Didn’t Them Free Meal In Exchange For Potential Ig Exposure

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#26 Why Is It That When You Turn Down “Promotion!!!” In Exchange For Real Hard Work, These People Instantly Do A 180?

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#27 Kirpa And Sydney Moving To La

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#28 He Said He’d Fry My Router So This Is Goodbye

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#29 Likes Do Not Pay The Bills Ma’am

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#30 The Way They Started Their Letter Is Worth A Separate Post

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#31 The Emoji Covino Restaurant Chose Fits Perfectly

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#32 Dutch Blogger Annoyed That Xiaomi Won’t Respond To His Repeated Requests For Free Home Automation Setup

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#33 I Will Give You A Follower! Totally Worth It!

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#34 Running An Apparel Brand Is So Much Fun

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#35 New Tactic Against Influencers? He Never Responded

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#36 When Harry Met Franco

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#37 Found On Instagram Last Night

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