37 Times People Failed To Copy And Paste And It Resulted In Hilarious Mishaps

Bland. Soulless. Generic. Robotic. Totally and undeniably fake. The last thing you want is to have someone waste your time with impersonal mass-marketing emails or messages. It’s bad enough having them fill up your inbox. It’s even worse when they’re not even proofread! If you don’t care enough to at least glance over your message before hitting [SEND], why should we care about what you’re offering?

The r/copypastegonewrong subreddit is a small but fantastic online community that has been gently poking fun at some of the biggest copy-and-paste fails to ever grace the net since 2018. Professors accidentally adding an embarrassing link in their emails and job recruiters failing to write your friggin’ name are just the tip of the Iceberg of Awkwardness.

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We’ve collected some of the r/copypastegonewrong subreddit’s members’ best posts to share with you, Pandas. It’s a reminder to always, always, ALWAYS reread what you wrote. (And then do it again!) Scroll down and upvote the fails that made you feel secondhand embarrassment.

Bored Panda has reached out to the moderator team running r/copypastegonewrong, and we’ll update the article once we hear back from them.

#1 Please Do Not Open The Other Link

Image credits: ECCE_M0N0

#2 Admit It Marissa, You Admire The Tenacity

Image credits: klucas503

#3 Maybe Bruce Was Just Celebrating Too Hard

Image credits: InBergatory

Oh, don’t get us wrong, everyone makes mistakes in their line of work. Nobody’s immune to this. You might be overworked, exhausted, and unable to focus. You might have double and triple-checked every single thing that you did, but an error slipped through the cracks. In times like these, we feel that it’s best to admit to your mistake.

Don’t let your embarrassment turn into shame and definitely don’t try to run away from the fact that you’ve made a mistake. Own up to it! It’s uncomfortable, but it’s what helps us grow as working professionals.

#4 How Do I Delete Someone Else’s Discord?

Image credits: Frillshark

#5 Is There An Mlm For Books? I’ve Known Her Since Elementary School And She’s Never Messaged Me Before…something Tells Me She’s New At This

Image credits: surrendersparkles

#6 It Really Feels Like She’s Trying Connect With Me On A Personal Level

Image credits: boney_e

On the flip side, some of the people sending out unedited messages might be completely lazy and not give a flip about their jobs or their potential clients, for all we know. You’d have to dig deep to figure out exactly what went wrong in each particular case.

However, the moral of the story is pretty darn clear. In order to avoid copy-paste fails like the ones that get shared on r/copypastegonewrong, you ought to care enough to slow down and put more effort into what you send. Take the time to go over the text. Edit some sentences to make them shorter, clearer, and more reader-friendly.

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#7 I’m Getting Used To The Generic Job Rejection Email… But This Is Just Lazy

Image credits: reddit.com

#8 Making An Interesting Exam For The Students

Image credits: nanouxxx

#9 I Love How (Characteristic) You Are!

Image credits: surrendersparkles

Check whether all of the links you’re sending actually work and, well, go where you want them to go. And please, please, PLEASE take the time to notice if what you’re sending is at least a personalized piece of text, instead of the formulaic chunk of word-dribble your company prepared for you in advance. Don’t go into auto-pilot mode!

#10 We Appreciate You, Associate’s Name!

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Make That Your Post

Image credits: reddit.com

#12 Analog Click

Image credits: BizProminence

It’s weird to realize just how much we rely on the copy-and-paste function in our daily lives. For one, it shows how ubiquitous computers have become in the workplace, and how widespread smartphones are, too. Whether you’re sending your friend a link to a funny article or retweeting/resharing a post you agree with, you’re essentially duplicating data and then plopping it down in a different context.

#13 Tinder Fail

Image credits: Bookaholic

#14 Tired Of People C&p’ing My Status

Image credits: mandypantsy

#15 Bad Time To Copy And Paste Your Sales Pitch, Hun

Image credits: surrendersparkles

Life would be very different without copy-paste ever existing, that’s for sure. Everyone would have to type everything out while duplicating funny cat pics would become impossible. As a result, we imagine that everyone would take a slower, more nuanced approach to how they share data and send messages.

#16 “No One Will Notice,” They Said

Image credits: Dr_Somebody

#17 I Finally Caught One In The Wild! Total Copy/Paste Job With Forgotten Beginning Quotation Mark

Image credits: surrendersparkles

#18 Name Of The Group And Much More

Image credits: Miserable_Sea

Ideally, in a world without copy-pasting, people would be more descriptive and personal in what they write. Realistically, though, internet users would probably just copy things word for word, just without the added safety net of duplicating things as they are. You might actually end up with more typos and errors than you do now!

#19 Spam Subject Line Should Read:

Image credits: mandypantsy

#20 Dear (Customer),

Image credits: lizziebomb

#21 You’re Invited!

Image credits: Slyth66

After all, it’s easy to write a lot: you start typing and you keep typing until you’ve got all of your surface thoughts on the (digital) page. It’s incredibly difficult to edit your thoughts into something coherent, entertaining, and informative. Who enjoys cutting out their own words when they’ve put so much time and energy into the entire writing process? But if your job is related to communications, editing is a must. 

#22 Reddit Promoted Post Fail

Image credits: ITS-A-JACKAL

#23 Insert Product

Image credits: Miserable_Sea

#24 Insert 3 Genuine Traits

Image credits: surrendersparkles

There’s another argument to be made for (re)writing and (re)typing things out word by word instead of relying on copy-pasting information over and over. Researchers found that passive learners, who simply study the information provided to them instead of taking notes, end up with the ‘illusion of competence.’

#25 R/Moon: Articles, Photos And Discussion About The Planet Mars

Image credits: cherryblossom001

#26 Turbotax – Where Copy/Paste = Clarity

Image credits: mcfadden113

#27 Nice Copy-Paste Apology Starbucks

Image credits: resnick04

Passive learners believe that they’ll outperform note-takers, but actually end up remembering far less information. Rewriting information commits it to our memory far better because we’re more engaged with the material at hand. Copy-pasting the info your professor gives you into a text document will give you far, far worse results than actively taking notes on what you’re reading or listening to.

Copy-pasting is incredibly useful, yes. But it can force you to switch your brain off. Just like relying exclusively on spellcheck software.

#28 Jimmy’s Copy/Paste Skills Explain #6

Image credits: dputnam211

#29 This Is Why It Is Always Important To Read Before You Copy And Paste

Image credits: hiddenjohnmitchel

#30 When Your Textbook’s Author Can’t Copy-Paste Well

Image credits: bigvadapav

#31 Sprint Social Customer Care Just Copy And Pasting From A Script

Image credits: gabrielr7637

#32 Even The Us Army Is Guilty

Image credits: iFightWithHonor

#33 Amazon Trying To Save Me Money

Image credits: reddit.com

#34 They Don’t Realize Their Copy Paste Has Two Different Os Phones Screenshots

Image credits: surrendersparkles

#35 The Artist Formerly Known As Antoni

Image credits: evjamhar

#36 Stolen From Facebook — The Mlmer Didn’t Adjust The Copy/Paste When She Posted It To A Group

Image credits: infortuneshand

#37 Found In My Spam Folder

Image credits: AnthroposBrad

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