37 Times People Online Got Roasted With Brilliant “This You?” Comebacks

Twitter is a great platform to take a stance and make your statement for the world to hear. You have almost unprecedented freedom to say what you want, for better or worse. But be careful—the internet never forgets and what you say might come back to bite you in the ass.

Although it’s hard to keep track of everything you’ve said online, you should at least stick to your guns if you’re going to be so opinionated. Otherwise, someone might realize you’ve contradicted yourself and cast up a previous tweet asking, “Is this you?”

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Serving up a slice of poetic justice is always delicious, and r/ThisYouComebacks is a community that shares all the juicy moments that people got handed it. We love a good comeback but “This You?” ones might just be a new favorite. Check out our top picks from the page and you’ll see what we mean.

#1 “Dont Talk About Feelings”

Image credits: Kvanantw

#2 This You, Novak?

Image credits: megamoze

#3 This You Ted?

Image credits: besf0rt

#4 When Karma Comes Calling

Image credits: AynRandPaulRyan

#5 The Perpetrators Always Join The Bandwagon

Image credits: soldierof239

#6 Brilliant

Image credits: GOP_Ethics

#7 The Cognitive Dissonance Is Strong With This One

Image credits: Grouchy-Yak

#8 It’s Not Cancel Culture When We Do It

Image credits: Nolimitsolja

#9 Arizona Republicans On President Elect Qualifications

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Image credits: justmytweeter

#10 This Is The Best Response

Image credits: CrithionLoren

#11 This You, Fox News?

Image credits: brianjayjones

#12 It Certainly Seems Like The Same Account

Image credits: Le7enda

#13 This You?!

Image credits: Cyn_Santana

#14 Pathetic

Image credits: TheMaShiKai

#15 Charlie Kirk’s Almost Too Easy Of A Target

Image credits: KnowNothingTV

#16 Another “Cancel Culture Is Marxism Unless I Do It” Post

Image credits: PixieRoze

#17 Right Wingers Are A Joke Lol Btw Her Tweets Were 17hrs Apart

Image credits: emdehaney

#18 Michael Tracey Is A Spineless Pos

Image credits: flashman

#19 This You, Piers Morgan?

Image credits: TimmyStevens9

#20 Republicans Don’t Own The Fourth Of July But…

Image credits: IdahoDems

#21 Well Would You Look At This

Image credits: phillycheeseguy

#22 This You?

Image credits: DutchPack

#23 Because You Can Always Trust Massive Oil And Gas Companies To Care About The World

Image credits: chickpeashell

#24 It’s Only Terrorism If They’re Not White

Image credits: red–6-

#25 Prageru Loves To Own Itself

Image credits: J3dr90

#26 This You, Rafael (Ted) Cruz?

Image credits: NursingManChristDude

#27 But Cancel Culture Is Such A Leftist Tactic!

Image credits: VermilionViath

#28 This You, Marjorie?

Image credits: HumanistReport

#29 “I’m Only Not White When It Suits Me”

Image credits: RichardGoldGod

#30 This Feels Like Low Hanging Fruit But

Image credits: CptMatt_theTrashCat

#31 Hope Money Mouse Hasn’t Been Posted Already

Image credits: Theoretical_Nerd

#32 From Praising Trump For The Vaccine To Praising “Thinking Citizens” For Rejecting The Vaccine.

Image credits: AhmedF

#33 The Corona Is Over!

Image credits: iamcandiih

#34 It’s Wrong To Boycott! Unless…

Image credits: Buttoneer138

#35 This You, Madison Cawthorn?

Image credits: My170

#36 Standard Tory Hypocrisy

Image credits: bradandbabby2020

#37 Ben Seems A Little Obsessed

Image credits: Thanos_Stomps

Source: boredpanda.com

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