38 Of The Best Reactions To A Coke Bottle Getting Spotted In Trump’s Office A Few Days After He Announced Coca-Cola Boycott

Even if Donald Trump, America’s 45th president (but you probably know that by now), is no longer in office, he’s still making headlines for every reason imaginable.

Most of these reasons are people finding him not keeping true to his own word. This is that story.

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Recently, Trump urged people to boycott, among many things, Coca-Cola. However, there has been a bit of a fail in the photo op department at Trump HQ and people started spotting a Coke bottle lousily hidden in a photo made after this call.

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Soon people all over the internet started mocking him for it. And, in fact, because it’s the internet, they started mocking absolutely everything in the photo.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best reactions by internauts to the now-viral picture. Vote and comment on the ones you liked the most and why not let us know what you thought about this in the comment section at the end of the article.

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So, to give you a little bit of context, Georgia’s recent attempts at suppressing votes have caused a bit of a stir among many. Huge companies like Delta Airlines, UPS, and Coca-Cola condemned this, with Major League Baseball also calling off events in Georgia.

In response to this, Trump decided to urge the Republicans as well as his followers to boycott said companies to show them a lesson.


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However, the so-called boycott didn’t last long. At least informally. Mere days after the calling for the boycott, Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor to Trump, tweeted a photo of him with Trump in his office, saying that he had just had a terrific meeting with him.

What they most likely didn’t notice—or never really bothered to do anything about—was a Coca-Cola bottle partially hidden behind the phone. In light of this boycott, the Coke bottle seems to be sending a mixed signal here.


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This has prompted many online to point out the little (or maybe not so little at this point) photo fail on Twitter. Many have started ridiculing this move in the form of memes and jokes, soon exploding into a now-viral Twitter thread.

For the most part, many were just pointing out the bottle and making fun of the oversight, if the intention was at all to try and hide it in the first place.

Others, however, began making fun of everything else found in the office, starting with all of the stuff in the background and ending with Stephen Miller himself.


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Among the many things that people poked fun at were the Trump statuette, his glasses, the pictures on and near the wall, all of the Presidential paraphernalia to the left of Miller, the glasses, and the President “trophy” on Trump’s table, among many other things.

You can check out the rest of the memes and jokes by scrolling down, or if you want more, you can check out the Tweet thread that started the jokes. But before you go, let us know what you thought of this in the comment section below!


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