3D House Listing Goes Viral And The More You Look At It, The Weirder It Gets

If you liked this $159,900 house listing that looks modest at first but gets very weird very fast once you look inside, you are going to love this one.

A real estate listing of a 3,161-square-foot house in Kentucky has been going viral thanks to its 3D virtual walk-through feature that allowed users to explore the maze of rooms, porn DVDs, and boxes of “Body Skin” on their quest to find a tucked-away baptism spot turned bathtub.

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Que the music: every breath you take / and every click you make / every room you shake / every step you take / sh*t gets weird.

This house may look normal on the outside, but it gets really weird when its sellers invite you in

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Let’s begin with the laundry room slash crime scene

And move on to this underground casino

Clearly, the owners don’t want people to see what’s inside

Seriously, what’s with all the boxes?

Apparently, this building was once a church, and people identified this unventilated bath as a spot for baptisms

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But in order to enter it, you must first make your way through a huge stash of porn

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Some people tried to map out this maze

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Including the two toilet couple

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At least there are a few TVs

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Turns out, the strange bath was just scratching the surface of all the ridiculous things happening inside this house

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Whatever the former residents were up to, they probably ran entirely on energy drinks

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The huose turned into a meme real quick

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Imagine the electricity bill with all these appliances

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These two look really similar, don’t they?

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At least there’s a buffet

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Maybe this is a hint of what’s inside the box towers?

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Suddenly, it all makes sense

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