3D printed fetus service for expecting couples

As medical tech gets more sophisticated it presents the ability to accomplish feats that we never imagined possible. Along with these life-saving advancements come other novel opportunities like this 3D-printed fetus for expecting couples.

The company 3D Babies specializes in printing the ultrasound scan of your 23 week old fetus into a small model with a variety of customizable options. Your 3D figurine is available in 3 sizes: eight-inch Lifesize Baby, a four-inch Halfsize Baby, and a two-inch Mini Baby. You can then choose from three shades of skin colors, ranging from light to dark, and from two different positions. If a 3D printed fetus isn’t really your thing you can also print your baby after he or she is born through a process of modeling directly from photographs.

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You can even get Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby, named North West, printed for just $250 on the 3D Baby website here. How about that?






Source: designfaves.com

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