3D-Printed Gizmo Prevents Dogs from Knocking the Garbage Can Over

“We were tired of coming home to find out that our dog knocked over the trash and had a feast!” writes Colorado-based programmer Greg Brault. This is a common gripe among pet owners, and Brault aimed to solve it once and for all.

Brault’s specialty is electronics—you can see some of his projects here—but he also knows a thing or two about 3D-printing, so came up with this simple assembly:

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The installation isn’t a massive ask, even for those with low DIY skills.

The results (and the cute, foiled culprit):

“You can easily lift up the trash can from the wall mount if needed (to clean, etc.),” writes Brault, who also points out that he can print custom sizes if needed. He’s been selling his Pet Proof Trash Can Holder on Etsy for a mere $12, and the reviews are effusive. An example:

“I just came home from going out for the evening and the dogs didn’t get into my trash. I could cry. It’s been 3 years of trying to finding SOMETHING to stop this. BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE TRASH PANDAS AKA DOGS IN YOUR HOME!!!!”

During my daily searches, I often see the work of new ID grads designing coasters, fidget spinners, desktop plinths for holding letter openers, et cetera. And I’m always wishing they’d just go out and talk to real people and find out what their little daily annoyances are. As silly as it might seem, particularly if you don’t own dogs, humble objects like this are well worth designing (and I know some of you with ID degrees could improve upon this design).

Source: core77

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