3D Printed Sunglasses Coming from Adidas Eyewear

Adidas Eyewear will be producing a limited run of 3D-printed eyewear.

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Called the Adidas Sport 3D CMPT, these are sunglasses printed with “a flexible nylon structure that is treated with a special coating that creates a rubberized effect across the entire spiraling textured surface.” By going with a lattice, they gain the necessary structure but are able to remove a fair bit of mass, making the glasses lightweight:

“The one-piece frame weighs just 20 grams and has an integrated spherical mirrored lens shield. Non-slip contact points on the nose pads and end tips give the frame an extremely comfortable fit while ensuring stability and dynamism through any type of training, competition, or all-day wear.”

Of course, the lattice makes them wildly impractical for say, regular people working outdoors; I wouldn’t want to try cleaning out all those dust-clogged pores. But these are aimed at competitive athletes and intended as a statement, so I think the point here is for the design to draw attention to the manufacturing method.

The $415 limited-run shades will be available at Adidas.com during Creative Club Week for Club Members starting August 23rd, 2021.

Source: core77

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