40 Cringy Posts Of People “Blinded By Their Own Nostalgia”, As Shared On This Online Community

Nostalgia is a strange creature. It always ties you to a sentimental longing for the seemingly better times when people were nicer, life was easier, and the world simply didn’t stink. And let’s be real, nothing brings back happy memories more than an old mixtape. Or a childhood snack. Or a garment that is somehow back in style. These things hold a special place in our sentiment-addled hearts and make us believe everything back in the day was great, wasn’t it?

Well, some people get way, way stuck in the past. They yearn for bygone days, decry modern culture, complain about virtually everything, and create countless posts and memes about being left out and misunderstood. And then rightfully get shamed for it online.

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Here’s where the ‘Le Wrong Generation’ subreddit comes in. With the tagline “pray for kanye”, this forum is the perfect place to satirically mock those who declare that the past was for sure better than the present. We at Bored Panda have gathered some of the most entertaining posts from the group to share with you right below. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy laughing through this wild rollercoaster of a ride. Be sure to upvote your favorite pics, and let us know if you’ve ever stumbled upon anything like this in the comments!

#1 They Had Us In The First Part, Not Gonna Lie

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#2 J’accuse!

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#3 Le Counterargument

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“This is a subreddit dedicated to satirically mocking those people who, blinded by their own nostalgia, believe certain things in the past to be unequivocally better than today,” the moderators write in the subreddit’s description as they welcome members into the page. “We place a special emphasis on music because this subreddit was created after annoyance over ‘born in the wrong generation’ attitude often expressed by fans of 60s/70s rock.”

This online group graced the internet in 2013 and has gained a strong foothold on the platform. At the time of writing, it has amassed over 302k dedicated fans eager to ridicule anyone who feels proud of their quasi-nostalgic attitudes, whether it relates to music, video games, film, other media, or societal trends in general.

In short, they mock people who wish they were born back in the good old days when real music (read: classic rock) and real art ruled the ears and minds of every civilian. ‘Le wrong generation’ people believe that everything made before their time was far better, and display hypocrisy by bemoaning the generation they live in and stereotyping everyone as rude, narcissistic, and tech-addicted.

#4 I Wish I Was Born In The Good Old Days

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#5 “I’m Only 15 And I Listen To Nirvana, I’m Born In The Wrong Generation”

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#6 Fricking Millennials Calling And Texting Their Loved Ones And Telling Them They Became World Champions

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According to the internet database Know Your Meme, ‘Le Wrong Generation’ is a pejorative label that refers to youths and young adults who show contempt for popular contemporary culture.

The earliest known use of the term was posted in 2013 in a thread on 4chan’s music board about a YouTube video of a child complaining about — you guessed it — being born in the wrong generation. The phrase quickly caught on after the subreddit in question was launched to satirize people who consider old culture superior and belittle anything current.

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#7 So Do That?

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#8 Much Needed Opinion

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#9 Killing The Doorbell Industry

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It’s hardly surprising why so many people deem these proclamations as hypocritical. After all, day by day, hour by hour, our world is constantly changing. There are heaps of advancements in technology, medicine, human rights, equality, and much much more, that make life better. So when the hatred for the modern era becomes some people’s sole mission, listening to their rants (which often occur online, ironically) gets annoying. Not to mention that when people begin to “live” in the past, it can compromise their well-being.

#10 Gamer Moment

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#11 Le Sigh

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#12 Skin Care Is For Weak Millennials!

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Of course, feeling nostalgic and appreciating the lifestyles of the previous decades is nothing wrong in itself. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the state of nostalgia in part as “a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for a return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition”. Or, in other words, longing for how things once were.

Although we now associate the term with fond memory, the word was coined to refer to an unwanted medical condition — a mania tied to homesickness in soldiers. The nost- in nostalgia means “homecoming,” and the –algia means “pain”. This sentimental yearning for home was viewed as a disorder of the brain, “with symptoms ranging from melancholy and malnutrition to brain fever and hallucinations.”

#13 Them Oldies Always On Their Talkers

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#14 What We’ve Done

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#15 Doctors, Amirite?

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There’s an abundance of evidence that proves that reminiscing about the past can indeed be good for you. Andrea Brandt Ph.D. M.F.T., a marriage and family therapist with over 35 years of clinical experience, explained that nostalgia is different from simply remembering things that happened in the past, which can sometimes make us feel sad. It usually boosts our well-being because it’s a comparison-free way of looking at the bygone days.

“When we think about meaningful life events that trigger our nostalgia response, it helps make meaning of our lives,” she wrote. “We form a narrative about who we are, who we’ve been, who we’d like to become and where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we’d like to go. The story we tell ourselves about ourselves is vital to our well-being.”

#16 Rabbits Just Aren’t What They Used To Be

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#17 100 Year Old Comic Proving Boomer Is A Mindset

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#18 Men Today No Longer Want To Break Free

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Moreover, Taylor FioRito and Clay Routledge from North Dakota State University noted that nostalgia is a common, universal, and highly social-emotional experience. “When people bring to mind memories that make them nostalgic, they are revisiting personally meaningful life events shared with loved ones.”

The researchers explained that negative affective states such as sadness, loneliness, and meaninglessness trigger nostalgia, and it, in turn, enhances well-being, feelings of social connectedness, and perceptions of meaning in life. “Nostalgia involves reflecting on past experiences but it motivates affective states, behaviors, and goals that improve people’s future lives.”

#19 Only 2000 BC Boomers Will Remember

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#20 Parents Smart. Kids Dumb

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#21 Not Even Dogs Are Safe

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However, while it may seem that nostalgia is a primarily positive emotion that lifts people’s spirits, psychologists at USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences have found the opposite may be true. They discovered that in previous studies, participants were usually asked to recall past events that made them feel most nostalgic, which usually lead to recalling positive and fond memories.

“When people are asked to describe something that makes them feel very nostalgic, the positive elements dominate,” David Newman, the study’s lead author and a Ph.D. candidate at USC Dornsife, said. “They think of a pleasant past experience, and the memories they bring to mind have a positive influence on how they see their own life.”

According to the research team, this approach overlooks that people may have different memories depending on their mood — whether they’re experiencing a good or a bad day. They decided to conduct several studies that look into how frequently people may feel nostalgic and how intense their feelings are in daily life. So they reached out to 230 undergraduate students to participate in diary studies and complete daily questionnaires for 14 days.

#22 Those Were Ye Good Ol’ Days

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#23 Listening To Two Of The Most Popular Bands Of All Time Makes You Interesting

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#24 Beautiful Little Thing I Found In The Comments Of Paint It Black The The Rolling Stones

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Interestingly, the results revealed that people were likely to feel nostalgic when things were not quite right for them in the present. “Nostalgia is a mixed emotion,” Newman said. “It also is negative. We found that people are most likely to think of the good old days when something goes wrong in the present.”

Moreover, people reported feeling more stressed, depressed, and lonely on days when they felt nostalgic. They also expressed more regret and rumination, lower self-esteem, and dissatisfaction with their life. “These negative experiences colored nostalgia in a negative light,” Newman added.

However, the psychologists also found a positive connection “when they had helped others, were reminded of old friendships or music, felt inspired and engaged in social media use”.

#25 The Person Who Posted This Is 19 Years Old

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#26 Posted On Facebook By A 23 Year Old

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#27 Spotted On The Ifunny Features

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“The results from these studies stand in sharp contrast to the prevailing conclusion from previous research, which had indicated that nostalgia is a mixed but predominantly positive emotion,” Newman said.

“Deliberately engaging in the recollection of extremely nostalgic moments may improve well-being. But in most situations in daily life, feeling nostalgic may not feel very pleasant,” he concluded.

#28 Poor Millennials

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#29 Pretty Sure Most People Know Both

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#30 Wish We Could Go Back

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#31 Here We Go

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#32 Pinterest

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#33 Engineers Are Bad

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#34 A Lewronggeneration And A Wooosh At The Same Time

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#35 People Still Have These

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#36 iCarly Trying Way Too Hard

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#37 This, Not This

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#38 Why Are There No Smartphone Photos Of The Titanic?

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#39 They Will Never Survive

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#40 The Tables Have Turned

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