40 Dishes Made By Guys That Raise A Lot Of Questions And Zero Appetite, As Shared By Their Girlfriends Online

One of the most romantic things a guy could ever do for their significant other is prepare them dinner. But your mileage may vary depending on the culinary skills of your chosen one.

Some give off a chef vibe because they were probably born in a kitchen or under the croissant zodiac sign or something, while others weren’t as lucky and can’t cook to save their lives. This list is about the latter.

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Girlfriends online have been sharing their boyfriends’… questionable, I wanna go with that word… culinary endeavors that they just couldn’t but share online. Bored Panda has gathered some of the best attempts at cooking and made a lovely curated list for you to peruse.

So, vote, comment, and why not share some of your significant other’s food mishaps, whether deliberate or not, in the comment section below!

#1 These Adorable Salmon Sushi Pandas My Boyfriend Made

Image credits: wiklr

#2 Asked My Boyfriend To Bake The Croissants For Our Dinner…

Image credits: BrittBroChil

#3 Ramen With Sriracha Mickey Mouse “Art” My Boyfriend Made For Me Last Night

Image credits: ilikeanimalmemes

#4 My Boyfriend’s Chaotic Rendition Of Bangers And Mash

Image credits: leisurerules0714

#5 My Boyfriend Made This 100% Sober

Image credits: marymf4

#6 Boyfriend Made Some Lunch. Who Cuts Sandwiches Like This?

Image credits: mermaidcafe

#7 My Harry Potter Themed Birthday Cake Made By My Boyfriend

Image credits: Harlich

#8 My Boyfriend Made Food Faces. This Had Me Laughing Far Too Much.

Image credits: hippiepunkrocker

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#9 My Boyfriend’s Go-To Nostalgia/Lazy Meal, Jalapeño Tuna And Hot Cheeto Sandwich. Fresh Dill To Elevate.

Image credits: flexlionheart

#10 My Boyfriend Made Me A Romantic “Charcuterie Board” ?

Image credits: skinnerspatty

#11 My Boyfriend Made Me Homemade Ham And Cheese Sliders

Image credits: aglaonemaettarose

#12 Toast, Plain Indomie Noodles, And BBQ Sauce. My Boyfriend Is A Cretin

Image credits: moiimoi

#13 Gyoza With A Cheeto Drizzle Made By My High Boyfriend

Image credits: hellolaurenn

#14 My Boyfriend Made This Dinner For Himself: Cabbage, Previously-Frozen Meatballs, Spicy Corn Salsa. This Is A Regular Occurrence

Image credits: Ochopika

#15 My Boyfriend Got High And Made A Sandwich

Image credits: SwedishNewFish

#16 My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Tomato Sauce On His Noodles So This Was His Solution :/

Image credits: august_heart

#17 My Boyfriend’s Exclusive Lunch – Fish Balls, Macaroni And Ketchup

Image credits: Milkyuwu

#18 My Boyfriend Made Dinner. Yes, That Is The Japanese Symbol For Love!

Image credits: BobsuncleTimothy

#19 Boyfriend Made Tuna Salad With Hot Sauce And Pickles

Image credits: plstcglss

#20 I’m Sick. Asked My Boyfriend To Make Me Dinner.

Image credits: sxyazn

#21 Microwaved Chips, A Slice Of Cheese, And Salami. My Boyfriend’s Take On Nachos

Image credits: artnerd299

#22 My Boyfriend Made An Inspired Dessert

Image credits: bananafundae

#23 What Is Wrong With My Boyfriend? ?

Image credits: KitbogaBiggestFan

#24 Woke Up To These Matcha Pancakes Made Special By My Boyfriend

Image credits: kmooch289

#25 This “Pizza” My Boyfriend Made

Image credits: pattenrond

#26 My Boyfriend Made Breakfast.

Image credits: ispyky

#27 My Boyfriend Made Himself This As A Snack And Thought It Was Okay.

Image credits: olivebeaner

#28 My Boyfriend (38m) Thinks It’s Okay To Make Any Food Into A Sandwich Style Meal. Here He Offers You His Stir-Fryjita.

Image credits: pspsprettykitty

#29 Boyfriend Made Me “Tapas”

Image credits: reddit.com

#30 My Boyfriend Made This For Dinner

Image credits: Jessabird

#31 My Boyfriend Made Pesto Chicken

Image credits: murrperk

#32 My Boyfriend Made A Crab Meat And Caviar Sandwich And Said “It’s Too Fishy” When He Ate It.

Image credits: meadilicious

#33 Pizza Hut Was Closed So My Boyfriend Made “Mini Pizzas”. Tostadas, Mozzarella Cheese, Ham, And Sriracha.

Image credits: originalmoon

#34 So My Boyfriend Made Me Lunch Today

Image credits: suspiciousguy

#35 Just Found Out My Boyfriend Eats Pasta With Ketchup (Yes, This Is Ketchup Only, No Tomato Sauce)

Image credits: slutzombie

#36 My Boyfriend Made A Blueberry-Milkshake

Image credits: D-Beyond

#37 My Friend’s Boyfriend Made This. Apparently It Had A Strong Flavor Of Random Seasonings And It Was Spicy. The Boyfriend Did Not Finish The Bowl.

Image credits: Octolingfighter

#38 My Boyfriend Made Dinner

Image credits: drawmesunshine

#39 My Boyfriend Made Himself Some ‘Egg Bread’ And Cheese On Toast.

Image credits: smorgalorg

#40 My Boyfriend Made “Elote” And Claimed It Was “Delicious”

Image credits: Only_Win

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