40 Graphic Designers Who Should Have Thought Twice Before Putting These Logos Out For The World To See

Hey there, logo enthusiasts! We sincerely hope you’ve had your daily dose of coffee because we’re about to take a wild ride through the weird and wacky world of logo design fails (I mean, who doesn’t like funny things?). So Pandas, strap in, because we’re about to showcase some examples where designers took ‘thinking outside the box’ a little too literally.

#1 iSmart’s Logo Really Thew Me For A Second

Image credits: TinaTeaspoon

#2 Vermont Maple Syrup Logo

Image credits: manfredaman

#3 Not The Greatest Logo

Image credits: 1aappyy

But how do these unfortunate logos come to be, you may wonder? And more puzzling, how do they get past marketing teams and into the public eye? Well, usually one of the main reasons these logo fails occur is due to lack of research and planning. A well-designed logo requires a deep understanding of the brand, its values, target audience, industry trends, and things alike.

#4 An Unfortunate Logo For A Fitness Center

Image credits: Dingwallace

#5 This Logo Of A Turkish Water Brand. It Obviously Sucks

Image credits: sercan35

#6 “Yes, A Hanged Family Would Make A Great Logo For Our Company”

Image credits: refeer

It’s not just about creating something visually pleasing (well, in the case of this post, perhaps this shouldn’t be applied); it’s about creating something that accurately represents the business and resonates with its consumers. When these factors aren’t considered, you end up with logos that seem simply absurd or just highly inappropriate in context…

#7 Ordered Jordan’s Online. Got Fake Ones, Jordan Logo Has An A*s Crack. Wtf Lol

Image credits: Hunchmine

#8 Unfortunate Placement Of The Facebook Logo

Image credits: tanghel

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#9 Don’t Overthink This, It’s Just A Handball Club Logo

Image credits: tarandfeathers

Of course, another case for failure may be due to the design being reviewed in isolation without considering how it might be perceived in the real world, or it might be that those reviewing the logo are too close to the project to see potential problems. Like when you are working on something for such a long time that your perception of it becomes frazzled (especially if you don’t get feedback on it).

#10 This Store Is Called Jupiter, Their Logo Is The Moon

Image credits: GaraMind

#11 The Logo For The 1973 Archdiocese Youth Commission

Image credits: Krackajak_78

#12 I Just Feel Like Someone Should’ve Noticed How Bad The Logo Is

Image credits: reddit.com

So Pandas, with all of that out of the way, tell us, which of the failed design logo was your favorite and why? We will be looking forward to your answers both under the photos and the post itself.

And remember, even if something doesn’t turn out perfect on the first try, it’s always possible to learn from the mistakes of others and make necessary adjustments. As these examples show, even the best of us can fail at times when working on something for far too long…

#13 South Dakota’s Logo For A New Anti-Meth Campaign

Image credits: adamhasabeard

#14 Logo Of My Local Doctor’s Office

Image credits: tlvrtm

#15 This Logo Design!!

Image credits: FaustoYoshihara

#16 This Dentist’s Choice Of Logo Near My House

Image credits: krukemeyer

#17 Your Logo Designer Is Still Laughing

Image credits: 1morepic_really

#18 Logo For A Children’s Hospital. Right Side Up Is A Man Juggling/Playing With Kids. Upside Down Is An Angry Man Stomping On Kids

Image credits: bb_or_not_bb

#19 This Church Near My House Should Probably Rethink Their Logo

Image credits: bcain204

#20 The Logo For My Son’s IT Class At School

Image credits: WarrenZevonsSkull

#21 The Unfortunate Logo Of A Florists Near Me. I’ve Been Calling It Std’s For Years. It’s Sid’s

Image credits: Cupnooble

#22 This Logo Of Czech Sausage Company

Image credits: RadyoP

#23 “Cass Toys” Didn’t Think Their Logo Design Through Too Well

Image credits: cthulhuscock

#24 This Is The Logo From A Local Dispensary

Image credits: TulsaIsMyCountry

#25 This Horrific Logo

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Probably The Worst Logo I’ve Ever Seen. It’s For A Plastic Surgeon

Image credits: Phedericus

#27 This New Sushi Restaurant Logo Has A Racist Cra*py Design

Image credits: MrsSanedunk

#28 This Bank Logo In My Hometown

Image credits: calumstevenson7

#29 Business Center Logo Looks Like A Guy Taking A Dump

Image credits: bernardo15

#30 Ontario’s Logo (Trillium Flower) Looks Like 3 Dudes In A Hot Tub

Image credits: GDML

#31 Russian Bread Company Logo. Literally Cra**y Design

Image credits: WildWasteland42

#32 This Pet Supplies Company’s Logo Is Meant To Depict A Cat And A Dog, But What I See Is A Dead Bird

Image credits: sentient_salami

#33 Logo Is Having A Bad Case Of Diarrhea

Image credits: LordGhoul

#34 This Kids Society Logo… The Bullet Holes Are An Interesting Touch

Image credits: clarkj1988

#35 My School’s Logo Looks Like A Crying Face

Image credits: raviioli

#36 They Really Need A New Logo

Image credits: ForeverInaDaze

#37 Someone Paid Money For This To Be Their Sign And Logo/Mascot. I’m Convinced This Is Drug Lord’s Money Laundering Business

Image credits: SoDakZak

#38 Quite A Bizarre Logo

Image credits: SupraPseudo

#39 Then Why Use The Recyclable Logo?

Image credits: kimmbahley

#40 This Logo Of A Bird Also Looks Like A Character Wearing A Hat Puking

Image credits: bunsharu

Source: boredpanda.com

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