40 Hilariously Petty Passive Aggressive Notes People Have Left For Others

I’m typically not a big fan of passive-aggressive behavior. If you have a problem with me, I would much prefer that you address it directly, rather than scribbling a note on the bathroom mirror. However, if you’re dealing with strangers or you can manage to bring humor into your writing, feel free to leave as many passive-aggressive messages as you’d like!

We took a trip to the Passive-Aggressive subreddit and gathered some of the most hilarious notes members have shared in the group down below. From messages for neighbors to remarks on food packaging, enjoy scrolling through these clever and snarky notes, and feel free to upvote the ones that you find particularly hilarious!

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#1 This Lone Sign At A Shut Down Store

Image credits: XDak0_0

#2 It’s Fine

Image credits: UnderstandingIll3482

#3 Family Secret

Image credits: EdFrkw

We’ve all experienced the discomfort of dealing with a passive-aggressive person. Whether it’s your mom saying she “doesn’t care” what you eat for dinner right before silently scowling at the whole family the entire meal or your roommate saying she “loves” it when you come home late at night and wake her up, it’s never fun to deal with people who refuse to simply say what they mean.

Well, it’s usually not fun. But if they find a way to incorporate comedy into their aggression, we’ll let it slide! The Passive-Aggressive subreddit is dedicated to featuring images and stories of experiences with passive-aggressive individuals, and lucky for us, members have shared some hilarious and clever photos of notes. While it’s probably wise to be upfront and honest with others to maintain relationships, nobody’s perfect. So you might need to let your snarky side slip from time to time!  

#4 Tired Of No One Understanding Were All Adults. Just Do Them!

Image credits: lauraj942012

#5 It’s The “Make Mom And Dad Proud” For Me

Image credits: MissaShip

#6 Spotted This Note On A Car On My Work Carpark Last Year

Image credits: WiganLad82

According to Verywell Mind, passive-aggressive behavior is “behavior that is seemingly innocuous, accidental, or neutral but that indirectly displays an unconscious aggressive motive.” This might involve resistance to someone’s requests through procrastination, expressing sullenness, being stubborn and/or using the silent treatment. 

Those who are passive-aggressive might allow others to take the lead and make decisions for them, at least at first, but they’ll later show signs of how unhappy they are with their situation. For example, they might agree to do something and then complain the entire time or say they’ll watch a movie their partner wants to see then refuse to pay attention or appear to be in a bad mood for no reason.

#7 This Elementary School Teacher’s Warning Sign To Students

Image credits: obx808

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#8 All These Rules But You Know What? Fuck You I Aint Renting It! Go To Hell!

Image credits: chris9830

#9 Could Be The Heaviest Passive Aggressive Sign Ever

Image credits: 1202Mcgowan

Unsurprisingly, being passive-aggressive can negatively impact relationships. It can be confusing for others when a passive-aggressive person refuses to be upfront about their feelings. And it can become frustrating when sarcasm is used instead of honesty. Not to mention the fact that bottling up your feelings is never healthy, so it’s not recommended to hold everything inside if it’s going to cause you to destroy your friendships with passive-aggressive remarks.  

#10 From A Bathroom In A Bar I Visited

Image credits: moses_marvin

#11 The Message On My Popcorn Bag

Image credits: Winter-Owl1

#12 Saw This In My Gym Today

Image credits: Vijay-Bhoi

As far as where this indirect behavior comes from, Verywell Mind notes that it might be the result of family upbringing, mental health issues, situational circumstances and/or discomfort with confrontation. Personally, I learned a lot of passive-aggressive behaviors from my mother growing up that I had to work hard to unlearn. 

I never saw her express her desires, and instead, the rest of us had to try to read her mind and tiptoe around to figure out what she wanted. Unfortunately, I developed a tendency to do the same thing without even realizing it. If you have the same bad habit, I would highly recommend working through it in therapy for the sake of your relationships! 

#13 Spotted On The Bottom Of A Box Containing Ear Wax Drops

Image credits: Kerfluffle_Pie

#14 The Arrows Were Added A Few Days Later… Guess Their Note Isn’t Working As Well As They Thought It Would

Image credits: gracegeeksout

#15 It’s The Heart For Me

Image credits: Waffledoppleganger

When it comes to dealing with passive-aggressive individuals, it’s important to first know how to recognize these behaviors. Once you’re aware of what signs to look out for, don’t be afraid to calmly point them out without judgment. Just make the other person notice how they’re choosing to communicate, and give them the opportunity to be more direct. Be patient, and provide them space to work through whatever is going on in their mind. And try not to take any of their passive-aggression personally.  

#16 I’m Sorry, I’ll Try My Best

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Sign On The Accessible Toilets At Work

Image credits: MrSeverum

#18 My Boyfriend Had Some Words For Subway

Image credits: kitsnacsnicsnac

If you’re trying to work on cutting down your own passive-aggressive behavior, Simply Psychology recommends first considering why you’re acting that way in the first place. Did you pick up these habits from a parent or your partner? Does it happen more often when you’re in a situation where you’re scared to be assertive? Reflect on where this might be coming from, and work on being more self-aware so you can prevent yourself from resorting to passive-aggressive behavior in the future. 

#19 App Sign Up Rolling It’s Eyes When I Start Typing

Image credits: ArtisanGerard

#20 Found Closed To Our Airbnb In Waikiki

Image credits: meow_you_doing_mp

#21 Found In Every Access Hallway

Image credits: lm_Cray

It’s also wise to try to accept how you feel in any given situation, rather than trying to push away your emotions by becoming silent or sarcastic. Simply Psychology notes that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to have emotions. There’s no need to try to eliminate them. In fact, it’s much better to communicate how we’re feeling with others than to use passive-aggressive behaviors to mask what’s going on inside our heads.

#22 I Love My Fellow Tenants

Image credits: jay3sbr

#23 For Five Years I’ve Stared At This Sign At Work. What Prompted This Sign?

Image credits: Markus_erendhart

#24 Sad To See Splash Car Wash Go…also The Passive Aggressive Sign Made Me Smile

Image credits: SchuminWeb

If you have a tendency to become passive-aggressive, you probably also need to work on becoming more assertive. Yes, this can be difficult if you’re terrified to tell a waiter that your order was wrong or you’ve never had to tell a friend that you don’t feel like hanging out with them. But I assure you, it gets easier the more and more you practice. Plus, it feels much better to simply state what you need than to hold it inside and have a terrible time. 

#25 I Live With Roommates And Made This Sign Instead Of Talking To Them About This

Image credits: bloatedstoat

#26 Found This Gem In The College Parking Lot Yesterday

Image credits: emhelen1121

#27 Beep Beep, Carolyn. Beep Beep

Image credits: likeistoleyourbike

We hope you’re enjoying scrolling through these clever passive-aggressive notes, pandas! It’s probably best to address issues directly in most cases, but if you need to leave a note once in a while, feel free to take inspiration from this list. Keep upvoting the pics that you find most hilarious, and then if you’re interested in checking out even more funny notes people have left others, look no further than right here!

#28 This Order Confirmation…

Image credits: jursla

#29 I Parked My ‘79 Porsche 911 (Which I Paid For) In A Reserved Spot And Found This Note On My Car. My Parents Have Given Me Nothing But Love And Life And I Currently Support Them Financially

Image credits: Ok_Pair2022

#30 Please Stop Fingerprinting!

Image credits: Wolverinexo

#31 Another Merry Passive Aggressive Christmas

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Finally Found One In The Wild, By The Fine Folks At 7/11

Image credits: newshirtworthy

#33 Others Have Noticed (@ A Local Church)

Image credits: ECUDUDE20

#34 Cold Night In Australia…. We Were Parked Legally And Nowhere Near Their Bins

Image credits: lukie_dee

#35 Postmates Is Really Laying It On Thick Especially Considering Their Spam Has Resulted In Zero Business From Me Anyway

Image credits: sessafresh

#36 For Context, I Forgot To Put A – To Make The Number Negative, On My Math Homework

Image credits: MinoDab492

#37 Spotted In A Discount Store’s Stairwell

Image credits: Corgi_with_stilts

#38 They Closed This Bathroom In Our Building

Image credits: bussy_slayer69

#39 From My Place Of Work

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 On Behalf Of Everyone Waiting On Your Guts Please Die!!

Image credits: Bb9999999

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