40 Obsolete Things To Prove How Much The World Has Moved On And Changed

Rob Sheffield, a veteran rock and pop culture critic and staff writer for Rolling Stone magazine, wrote in his memoirs that nothing brings to life the times you lived through and the people you shared those times with like an old mixtape. Maybe to some. But I will argue that photos can do just the same.

There’s a subreddit dedicated exclusively to nostalgia with over 853,000 members. There, people share photos, reminiscing about the past, and they hit right in the feels as much as a mixtape should. From the torture device known as the “Sit and Reach” test to “the pipes” screensaver we all were watching for entertainment at one point in our lives, it has it all.

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“Whether it’s an old commercial or a book from your past, it belongs in /r/Nostalgia,” the mods said about their subreddit, adding that the content can be both humorous and sad. So grab your rotary phone and invite your friend over — this is going to be a wild ride.

#1 Remember Watching The Pipes Screensaver?

Image credits: IHaveShitToDO

Experts say that small literature on the psychology of nostalgia has developed over the past decade. Mostly, research shows that people engage in nostalgic reverie when they’re feeling down in an attempt to boost their mood and self-confidence.

Experimental evidence indicates that we experience nostalgia as an overwhelmingly positive emotion. In fact, it can not only boost our mood but increase a sense of meaning in life as well. Indulging in nostalgia also raises self-esteem and optimism for the future. 

However, the University of Southern California psychologist David Newman and colleagues argue that these findings have more to do with the experimental setup than to the true nature of nostalgia.

#2 Pencils With Cartridges

Image credits: Lexjiggler

Their study produced two very interesting outcomes. The first was that people felt more nostalgic when they were with family and friends or when they were eating than they did when they were at work or school.

One explanation could be that family, friends, and food all serve as what psychologists call “retrieval cues.” They trigger memories. People can use retrieval cues intentionally, for example, post a to-do list on the refrigerator door. But they emerge unintentionally too, as for instance when a whiff of apple pie aroma reminds someone of their grandmother because she baked them all the time.

#3 These TV Carts Always Meant Class Was Going To Be Fun When The Teacher Rolled One In

Image credits: curly1022

The second key finding was that people experienced nostalgia more when they were feeling depressed than when they were happy. At first glance, this result appears to contradict the outcomes of induced nostalgia in the laboratory, where remembering happy events from the past resulted in a boost in mood.

However, some argue that the study by Newman and colleagues was correlational in nature. Participants were not divided into separate conditions and treated differently. Rather, at each measurement, each respondent reported on their current mood and whether or not they felt nostalgic. And what the researchers found was that nostalgia and low mood co-occur.

It could mean that nostalgia leads to negative emotions. But it could also be that people engage in nostalgia when they’re feeling down.

#4 Overhead Projector

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#5 The Old Cartoon Network

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Image credits: TheUnknown135

#6 Who Remembers This [ice Cream] From School?

Image credits: 42iseverywhere42

#7 Burning The Sickest Cds In The Neighborhood

Image credits: Jeffrey_Strange

#8 Eye Witness Books. The Best Part Of The Scholastic Book Fair

Image credits: TheKingoftheBlind

#9 Actor Jonathan Hyde, A Staple Of Fun 90s Movies (Pictured: Richie Rich, Jumanji, Titanic, And The Mummy)

Image credits: PotatoQuie

#10 Turning Markers Into Swords

Image credits: TheBlackoutEmpire

#11 Flipping Through These As A Kid Trying To Find Your Favourite Bands Poster

Image credits: beardynolando

#12 This Eraser

Image credits: Lauren092916

#13 Remember When You Didn’t Have To Enter Your Personal Info Online To Win A Soda?

Image credits: VitruvianHooligan

#14 Only Fidget Spinner I Ever Owned

Image credits: dystoxin

#15 See-Through Electronics

Image credits: rysterf

#16 The Ge Alarm Clock That Everyone Seemed To Have

Image credits: reddit.com

#17 Wrapping Your Textbook In The 90s

Image credits: anuncommontruth

#18 The Family Computer

Image credits: IrishAzrael

#19 This Movie Theater Carpeting

Image credits: Sumidiotdude

#20 This Velcro Toss And Catch Game

Image credits: anarachelb

#21 Mom Giving You A $20 Bill For The Scholastic Book Fair. I Would Feel Like Such A Boss With My Mint Condition Animorphs, Goosebumps, And Various Bookmarks

Image credits: unknown

#22 Removing The Ball From Your Computer Mouse

Image credits: keluvsorangesoda

#23 The Motorola Razr. Still The Coolest Cell Phone To Be Produced

Image credits: Boojibs

#24 Removing The Faceplate Of Your Car Stereo So It Wouldn’t Get Stolen

Image credits: ebjazzz

#25 Space Cadet Was My Childhood

Image credits: SEMiTRiCKY

#26 These Old School Pencil Sharpeners

Image credits: jay-vee

#27 90’s TV Cabinet. I Remember Needing To Push On The Glass Doors To Open Them

Image credits: SeattleMana

#28 School Cafeteria Pizza

Image credits: jezzabeth87

#29 Who Remembers Having To Switch The Tape To Watch The Rest Of Titanic?

Image credits: rrt098

#30 Anyone Else Remember The Weird, Course Texture These Bouncy Balls Had?

Image credits: Shaxai

#31 Rear Door Ashtrays; Playing With These As A Kid On Car Rides

Image credits: FunnyCutty23

#32 Flipping Your Chair On To Your Desk At The End Of The Day.

Image credits: Lateroni

#33 Coming Soon To Own On Dvd & Video, *a Loud Mans Voice That Shakes The Walls*

Image credits: Tarhabibi

#34 The Perfect 2000’s PC!

Image credits: cigar_dude

#35 Who Remembers … The Grade Book ?

Image credits: -icon

#36 These Battered Library Stools

Image credits: reddit.com

#37 Did Anyone Else Have A Stage In The Cafeteria Of Their School?

Image credits: Zolebrow

#38 Wooden Playgrounds

Image credits: Xnightx0wlx

#39 Those Red Pebbled Cups From The Pizza Joint With The Arcade When You Were A Kid

Image credits: Kiarray

#40 The “Good” Ice

Image credits: joshman150

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