40 People Who Ended Up With Very Unappealing Food On Their Plates (New Pics)

There’s nothing like looking at a nice fresh dinner made with love to get our appetites going. But as we all know, creating such meals is no easy feat — learning to cook well enough takes time and a great deal of effort. So while some manage to prepare dishes they can post on their Instagram feed, others end up with something far from expected.

Whether it’s hilarious cooking fails, terrible meals people had the audacity to serve, or pictures of simply cursed food, people have a soft spot for witnessing kitchen disasters. Thanks to this Reddit community, we can easily boost our confidence and have a nice laugh by seeing the bad, the ugly, and the most unappetizing meals out there.

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So get ready, because we’re about to take a deep dive into some of the worst images this online group had to offer, all for your amusement. Make sure to scroll down below and upvote the ones that made you cringe the most. Also, if you’re hungry for some more lousy and trashy food, don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this post right here!

#1 Peas And Mayonnaise Pizza

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Damn Damn Damn

Image credits: sensational_sushant_

To learn more about how these kitchen disasters happen and what people could do to avoid them, we reached out to Ellen Manning, freelance journalist, writer, and founder of the Eat With Ellen blog. “I’m no expert, but from experience, I’d say the biggest cooking mistakes amateurs make are not planning and preparing properly, and not allowing enough time,” she told Bored Panda.

“Even the very best chefs make sure everything is prepared in advance, and they know how much time they need to execute certain dishes,” Ellen explained. Whether you feel daunted by the whole process or believe you simply lack the skill to create beautiful meals, there are plenty of easy-to-follow cooking tips that can up your culinary game right away.

“If you’re less confident, it’s even more important to do this and to build in a bit of extra time so you’re not rushing and getting stressed. I’ve ruined many a meal because I tried to rush, didn’t read the recipe in advance and get everything ready, then ended up trying to do too much in too little time, which inevitably causes mistakes,” the blogger revealed.

#3 I Noticed A Piece Of Broccoli On My Plate That I Thought Looked Like An Opossum Face So I Used It To Make A Little Food Opossum

Image credits: idkdudejustkillme

#4 Food Before Time

Image credits: nost76

#5 Local Bakery Made These, All Profits Will Go To Colon Cancer Research.

Image credits: bendegreef

Luckily, it’s easy to avoid kitchen blunders such as you see in this list if you simply make a plan and stick to it. “Take time to read the recipe, to check you’ve got the right ingredients, and to plan what you need and what you’ll need to do,” Ellen suggested. “This is even more important if you’re cooking several dishes at the same time. There’s many an adage that says ‘perfect planning prevents poor performance’ — or words to that effect — and it’s no different in the kitchen.”

So if you want to prevent slip-ups, mishaps, and setting your kitchen on fire, or generally want to know some small steps to help you improve your cooking, Ellen has you covered. “If you’re making a complicated dish, get everything chopped up, measured out, and weighed in advance. This will help,” she advised.

“Also, try to clear up as you go along (or get someone else to do it). Tidy workspace, tidy mind, and all that. It will keep you organized and calm if you’re not working in chaos.”

#6 It May Look Kinda [bad] But I’m Still Grateful As It’s All From My Local Food Bank

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Image credits: ginseng-tea

#7 Types Of Cones

Image credits: SevsGirl

#8 Spider Man Saving His Own Cake

Image credits: Bumble-Bee-Butt

Let’s not forget that sight, smell, and even sound of food also contribute to how we perceive a certain food. That’s why serving and eating from an attractive plate is also extremely important.

When asked how we can make our food look more appetizing, Ellen told us that a lot of this could come down to preference. “But as everyone says, you eat with your eyes as well as your mouth, so how your dish looks matters as much as how it tastes.”

#9 Me And My Girlfriend Hit One Year Together. We’re Both Broke. So Nugs And Fries To Celebrate!

Image credits: AThilgers

#10 I Got Trashed, Made Orange Chicken Dino Nuggets

Image credits: MingMao

#11 My Attempt At Baking A Brownie Turned Out Like A Before And After Picture Of Meth Addiction

Image credits: pandyxxx

#12 The Chicken Sandwich I Got From Mr Beast Burger Today

Image credits: Kingsavage07

“Arranging food in a way that’s pleasing to the eye is key — think of it as the main part of the dish being the centerpiece, with other elements around it designed to help it stand out, and to complement it in terms of color.”

“It’s important to think of appearance in three dimensions, not just two, so consider using height (that’s why you see so many dishes with elements stacked up on each other). That said, sometimes less is more, so try not to make your plate too ‘busy’. You don’t want people to be put off by a plate of chaos.”

#13 I Tried To Make Bread Using Only Flour And Water

Image credits: rusted4

#14 Found A “Cook Book” That My Brother Wrote When He Was 7 Years Old, And Am Re-Creating The Recipes. Here’s “Licorice Egg”

Image credits: stevejtrettel

#15 Our Airbnb Had A Brick Oven. We Tried Making Pizza

Image credits: fckn_oko

So when you finally prepare a delicious and appealing plate, you immediately know what to do next — take your phone out and snap a photo. According to Ellen, there are many different ways to take food pictures, and she had a few handy tips to share with you.

“45 degree [angle] always works well but lots of people love a ‘flat lay’ — when you take a picture from above the plate,” she said and added that often it’s all about trial and error. “Try different angles, or having different elements as the focus of your shot. You might think it would be the steak, but sometimes the best picture might be focused on the chips, with the steak behind them. Play around and see what works. But remember — while food photos are great, so is eating a hot meal!”

#16 Ah, Breakfast

Image credits: tsNevergiveup

#17 The “Pizza Americana” I Ordered In Slovakia

Image credits: Vozembouch69

#18 Broke Till Payday. Hot Dog And Pickle Grilled Cheese

Image credits: CoyoteCarp

#19 My Daughter’s Hotdog Made From Starburst

Image credits: Bnickislim

#20 Blörö – The Famous Finnish Breakfast Consisting Of Hot Coffee, Vodka, And A Cigarette

Image credits: ByAnyMeansNecessary0

#21 $50 Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Image credits: GaryHC

#22 Spaghetti With The Proper Amount Of Powdered Cheese Product

Image credits: PolymerPussies

#23 Dumplings From The Hell’s Gate

Image credits: 27thdivision

#24 This Regular Pepperoni My Brother Ordered

Image credits: The_Skeletor_

#25 $59 Worth Of BBQ

Image credits: wilymon

#26 I Want To Thank Taco Bell For Saving The Best Part Of The Tomatoes For My Taco Specifically.

Image credits: PolymerPussies

#27 I Like To Eat Bread With Mashed Potatoes And People Tell Me That’s Not Normal

Image credits: DanVo42

#28 A Tempting Slice From The 1970s Cookbook

Image credits: Inflames811

#29 My School’s $7 Take On Avocado Toast

Image credits: meegsbear

#30 Behold! The Worlds Largest Nigiri Sushi

Image credits: cazua

#31 Bagel Bite And Chicken Nugget Slider

Image credits: bunnnnnnnnnnny

#32 Under A Tight Deadline, I Had To Stop Everything To Post My Wife’s Dinner

Image credits: Roscoe_P_Trolltrain

#33 Al Dente

Image credits: Instinctual777

#34 Sandwich My Dad Likes To Eat, Raw Ground Beef With Raw Onions And White Pepper On Hard Bread

Image credits: GerryDos

#35 The Arrogance Of Man Rears Its Ugly Head Once More As We Continue To Sin Against Heaven And God

Image credits: Ahjeofel

#36 In Connecticut, Breweries Require Food With Drink. This Is Their “Charcuterie Board”

Image credits: From_My_Brain

#37 Two Years Ago I Blessed The Internet With The Spam Shot Glass. This Year I Got To Go Camping Again And Got The Chance To Recreate The Iconic Meat Orifice, As Well As Create A New Drink Container Which I Humbly Dubbed The Spam Flask

Image credits: PineBadger

#38 My Kids School Lunch Today. Pancake Sausage Burger With Cheese

Image credits: HostileBiscuits

#39 I Love When Fast Food Chicken Has A Nice, Seared Crust And A Juicy, Rare Center

Image credits: beansfanatic

#40 This Was $20

Image credits: Anders13

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