40 Thursday Memes To Get You Excited For The Weekend

Thursdays can be a real struggle as we make our way toward the weekend. To help get through the day, we’ve compiled a hilarious collection of Thursday memes. Whether at the office or working from home, the memes we’ve picked are sure to get through the last stretch of the workweek.

Weekdays can sometimes feel endless, with Monday blues leading into the humdrum of Tuesday. But Thursday marks a turning point – the weekend is just around the corner! With one day to go, all you need is something to make the wait more bearable. That’s where the Thursday memes come in.

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The memes we’ve included cover many relatable Thursday moments. From the excitement and weekend anticipation to the dreadful realization that there’s still one more day of work left. You’ll find memes that capture the Thursday morning mood, the slow-moving Thursday afternoons, and the Happy Thursday greetings. So, take a break from your work (or whatever else you’re doing) and let these Thursday memes help you sail smoothly into the weekend. 

#1 “I Can Smell the Weekend from Here”

Image credits: ThePhoenix0829

#2 “It’s Wednesday, My Dude”

Image credits: hauzan2112

#3 Gentleman Fish Has an Important Announcement 

Image credits: AnakinFan28

#4 The Pain of Realizing It’s Only Thursday

Image credits: corporatebish

#5 Thursday Mood

Image credits: reddit.com

#6 “I Say Friday Eve”

Image credits: dryfallsoutfitters

The Origins of the Word Thursday

The origin of the word “Thursday” is deeply rooted in Norse mythology (just like many other old English words). To be more precise, it is a tribute to Thor, the god of thunder (1). Thor, the eldest son of Odin and the goddess of Earth is a prominent figure in Norse mythology, renowned for his immense strength and association with thunder, wind, lightning, and oak trees. The day itself, “Thor’s day,” reflects this influence. 

The naming for Thursday traces back to Roman times when the fourth day of the week was dedicated to Jupiter, the Roman god of thunder. During the Roman occupation of Germanic territories, this association merged with Thor’s attributes, leading to the adoption of “Thunor’s Day,“ which finally evolved into “Thursday.”

The Norse influence is evident in various Germanic languages: “Torsdag” in Scandinavian languages, “Donnerstag” in German, and “Donderdag” in Dutch. The spread of Christianity in Germanic-speaking regions further solidified Thor’s cultural significance, making Thursday a homage to the Norse god.

Today, Thursday memes are a popular way to celebrate this day, adding a fun twist to the workweek. The memes often highlight the anticipation for Friday and the weekend, making everyone happy as they get through their workday. So, next time you see a hilarious Thursday meme, remember the history of the word Thursday.

#7 “Foursday”

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Image credits: bluetriumphantcloud

#8 A Wild Ride to the Weekend

Image credits: rtslaywood

#9 “Me Every Time”

Image credits: urbanmedspa_

#10 Morgan Freeman’s Thursday Greetings

Image credits: NewAgeDoom

#11 Happy Thursday

Image credits: ADHDB0Y

#12 “Are You Serious?”

#13 “It’s Thursday”

Image credits: -MountainChicken-

#14 How I Look on Monday vs How I Look on Thursday 

Image credits: reddit.com

#15 “Happy Thursday Boo”

Image credits: Funny ~ Good Morning ~ Images ~ Quotes

#16 “Friday Will Be Here Soon, Promise”

#17 “May Your Friday Feel Like Saturday Morning”

Image credits: imgur.com

#18 “Get a Hold of Yourself, Bob”

Image credits: SugarFreeMom.com

#19 Thirsty Thursday

Image credits: LarryGnomes

#20 When It’s Thursday, But It’s Hard To Remain Serious

Image credits: nickn2323

#21 “What Do You Mean It’s Thursday?”

Image credits: Funny Memes India

#22 “You’re Scheduled Friday”

Image credits: DesperateHelicopter8

#23 A Happy Turtoise Brings Exciting News

Image credits: imgur.com

#24 “We All Know What That Means”

Image credits: BenJacobs04

#25 “Narrow Dog”

Image credits: Elevendy-Sheven

#26 “The Weekend’s Right Around the Corner”

Image credits: otctrainingcentre

#27 “Arise My Fellow Chaps”

Image credits: jai_wadhwa_

#28 Kermit Wishes Everyone a Great Thursday

Image credits: Funny ~ Good Morning ~ Images ~ Quotes

#29 “I’m Here to Inform You…”

Image credits: Zike77

#30 “What?!”

Image credits: Funny ~ Good Morning ~ Images ~ Quotes

#31 “Some People Call It Thursday…”

Image credits: labelpresents_official

#32 A Lucky Thursday

Image credits: imgur.com

#33 “According to My Calculations… “

#34 “If Thursday Could Actually Be Friday…”

Image credits: itimestweets

#35 “Curly Chicken Says It’s Thursday” 

Image credits: Cautious_Tonight

#36 “If Thursday Could Be Friday”

Image credits: 4thstfosters

#37 “What Day It Is Today?”

Image credits: mebibad

#38 “When You Thought It’s Friday…”

Image credits: purrfectspark

#39 “Ta Da!”

#40 Fancy Axeloti Has Important News to Share

Image credits: pacoporella


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Source: boredpanda.com

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