40 Times Mushroom Pickers Stumbled Upon The Weirdest Species And Shared Them Online

It’s no big secret that nature does wonders for our physical and mental wellness – however, the majority will agree that we’re guilty of underappreciating it. 

We often forget that we live in a fast-paced environment and that ongoing stress can leave you feeling hopeless and, quite frankly, exhausted. 

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Getting some outdoor time will promise you a great mood, heaps of positive emotions, and, of course, a much-needed breath of fresh air. Yet strolling around your nearby park doesn’t always sound appealing, so since it’s fall time, perhaps you could take a cue from these folks and do some mushroom picking?

For the love of fungi: hunting, foraging, cultivation, images, research, questions & general discussion” – this online community dedicates its postings to all things mushroom. It was created in March 2020 and, ever since then, has been blessing interested parties with a collection of rare finds and stimulating discussions. The group currently has over 472k members, and today, we’ve decided to gather a couple of its best posts!

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#1 “In Zambia, One Mushroom Feeds A Family For Days. This Is Termitomyces Titanicus. Also Found In West Africa, The Largest Edible Fungus In The World”

Image credits: aphricanguy

It’s mushroom season, y’all! 

Well, technically, since there are over 14,000 species, mushroom foraging can be done all year long – however, the optimum time to go hunting is when there has been a lot of rain, as fungus likes humid, damp, and moist conditions. 

That said, most species come out in autumn, sometime at the end of September, and stay out until late November. 

Now, let’s go over the official definition. According to Wikipedia, a source that’s been trusted by folks around the globe since 2001, “A mushroom or toadstool is the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground, on soil, or on its food source.”

#2 Beautiful Fungi In My Own Back Yard

Image credits: plip420hi

Those of you who don’t hold any expertise on fungi might be asking yourself what the difference between a mushroom and a toadstool is. 

Well, the answer is actually pretty simple: the word “mushroom” refers to palatable, edible mushrooms – whereas a toadstool is a popular term used to describe fungi that are toxic, poisonous, or just inedible.

Speaking of “inedible,” whether you’re a professional mushroom picker or someone who’s never done it before and is eager to try, knowing the difference between poisonous and edible mushrooms is an absolute must.

#3 High On Mushrooms. Thought You’d Enjoy It

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 The Gift Of Autumn

Image credits: RobPesto

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All poisonous mushrooms cause gastrointestinal distress; other symptoms vary greatly depending on the species of fungus – however, the consumption of those may result in hospitalization and even death. 

So, how do you tell when a mushroom is poisonous?

Identifying an edible mushroom is hard if you’re a novice – therefore, to avoid any potential risk you should stick to picking the fungi that you’re 100% sure of. 

Otherwise, WildFoodUK offers a couple of great rules that’ll help you to stay out of any unwanted trouble – avoiding mushrooms with red on the cap or stem, white gills, a skirt or ring on the stem, and a bulbous or sack-like base are a few of them.

#5 A Heroic Lift

Image credits: pinedads

#6 My Favourite Find From Last Fall

Image credits: Spiderjello

To give you a more illustrative example, according to this CDC article that was published last year, “During 2016, an estimated 1,328 emergency department visits and 100 hospitalizations were associated with accidental poisonous mushroom ingestion. 8.6% (48 of 556) of patients who sought care for poisonous mushroom ingestions had a serious adverse outcome.”

While accidental poisoning is not something you can control, it’s vital to remember that a single species of poisonous mushrooms may contain only one toxin or it may contain several – which is why it’s in your best interest to assume the worst and head straight to the hospital where you’ll be able to get the help you need.

#7 Finally Decided To Break In One Of My Foraging Baskets I Made Over The Winter

Image credits: brachiomyback

#8 Lactarius Rubidius Growing Out Of Fox Skull

Image credits: Ghost25

#9 Found On Walk!

Image credits: karmicdivine

Although mushroom hunting has a lot of negative connotations and may even seem a little scary, it’s still a great experience.

First and foremost, it’s an outdoor activity. Just think about it, you’re out and about, exploring the treasures of your nearby forest, breathing in the fresh air, and disconnecting from the outside world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do that?

It does wonders for your body, mind, and spirit; plus, at the end of your picking session, you get to go home and prepare some delicious food.

#10 Found These Pinecone Fellas While On A Walk!

Image credits: sideswipecrackpipe

#11 A Massive Boletus Edulis (King Bolete) On The Oregon Coast

Image credits: chi-black-ian4

#12 I Saw God Today And She’s A Mushroom

Image credits: Happykayak

Bored Panda hopes that you’ve enjoyed this jaw-dropping collection of rare mushroom images! Give the subreddit a follow, and let us know if you’ve ever stumbled upon bizarre fungi species yourself.

#13 My Uncle Found A Big Puffball Mushroom

Image credits: SashaShelest

#14 Todays Fascinating Fungi

Image credits: solagrowa

#15 Camouflage Helped Me Sneak Up On It

Image credits: cg_9000

#16 Indigo Milk Caps! I Screamed

Image credits: fleuravore

#17 Amazing Mushroom I Saw While Hiking Last Week. Identified For Me As A Shoehorn Oyster

Image credits: itmightbehere

#18 Found Some Chicken

Image credits: juicyfinger

#19 Took My 77 Year Old Neighbor Chanterelle Hunting. It Was The First Time In 4years He Could Go, Due To Back And Neck Surgeries. He Told Us Where To Park, We Went Out And Picked For Him, And Found 17lbs. He Was So Happy To Get Back Out There With Some Help!

Image credits: nuuue

#20 Jelly Ear , My First Time Finding One !! ?

Image credits: Earthchildpentwyn4

#21 Another Shot From Fairy Forest!

Image credits: R4v_

#22 I Found These Tiny Guys In Some Mulch This Morning. Google Lens Is Not Helping Me Identify

Image credits: LadyDeadpool89

#23 Found Mushrooms In The Desert Of Wadi Rum – Jordan

Image credits: shamaly

#24 Giant Reshi !

Image credits: PhillyFarmerDave

#25 My Daughter Loves Mushroom Hunting And Found These Tiny Ones On An Acorn Cap

Image credits: TuxedoFloorca

#26 Not As Impressive As France, But I’m Super Happy With Yesterday’s 5 Lb Find From California!

Image credits: VeraWorksStudio

#27 First Time Mushroom Hunting And We Found Some Chicken Of The Woods!

Image credits: mr_Tsavs

#28 My Giant Puffball Find From Last Autumn – As It Was So Ridiculously Huge I Then Decided To Take Some Fun Pics With It

Image credits: Tillskaya

#29 I’m 99% Sure It’s Safe And Delicious, But Can You Beautiful People Please Confirm

Image credits: nvr_fd_away

#30 Absolute Bolete Unit

Image credits: ssigea

#31 Unrelenting Rain In Colorado- Total Frenzy On The Forest Floor. I Can’t Stop Smiling!

Image credits: reddit.com

#32 Lions Mane Found On My Parents Property. Any Reason Not To Eat It?

Image credits: breezy88

#33 Found The Biggest Mushroom I’ve Seen In My Life!

Image credits: Lazarus96000

#34 Massive Bolete

Image credits: GreasyTony68

#35 Mt Hood. October 11th

Image credits: createandconfuse

#36 Fire Morels Haul From This Weekend And A Few Blondes, British Columbia

Image credits: Jereterra

#37 Huge Puffball Found On The Side Of The Road. Had To Get A Picture With This Beauty

Image credits: SirPancakeFace

#38 A Tree Full Of Chickens! ??

Image credits: moss_goblins

#39 My Wife Stopped Us On A Steep, Bumpy Road To Snag This One

Image credits: Machaco

#40 Happy To Have Stumbled Across This On A Recent Hike

Image credits: SajoSings

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