40 Times People Had Such Terrible Group Project Members, They Just Had To Share Their Struggle Online

If you’ve ever worked on a group project, you know how frustrating it is when someone isn’t contributing as much as they should. If not, chances are, you’re the slacker.

However, there’s a subreddit where you can publicly shame these people and get at least some retribution.

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Whether you need to vent because your partner can’t get anything right or they haven’t even responded to your messages, it’s the place to blow off steam.

Of course, you can also scroll through the sub just out of curiosity. Like you’re doing anthropological research on how infuriating and downright useless some folks can be. Spoiler: a lot.


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This is for a Master’s course

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Our project is due Tuesday and she canceled on our group meeting 1 hour before

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We had two weeks to do this lab report with in-class reminders and everyone else forgot. Or “forgot”

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Thanks for letting me know! Good thing the project isn’t due tomorrow and I already did your work!

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Has not been here a single day of the project even though he lives across the road from campus in a ludicrously expensive downtown apt. B/c his parent pay all his rent/bills/school while he doesn’t even work… We all work and commute and I walk 20 mins from my parking spot every day

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My uni lets us peer-review team members after a project (which affects grades)…

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On a group project (9 slides and 25 guided questions that I had to do on my own)

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Group member says she doesn’t need to include citations in her section, because my section has so many that no one will notice

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I fixed some inconsistent formatting and errors but alright

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Gave this dude until 25 minutes before class to participate, then shut him out of the presentation

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“This was a couple years ago, but the professor had said if your whole group didn’t show up on presentation day, everyone in the group would lose 25 points. Ended up running out of time before we had to present so luckily we got to do it another day, but group member didn’t know that and would’ve cost us our grades.”

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