40 TV Shows That Folks Online Think Don’t Deserve The Praise They Get

Everyone has at least one example of a very popular thing they just don’t get. From critically acclaimed films you don’t enjoy to popular music you can’t stand, the old adage that “you can’t please everyone” stands true.

Someone asked “What’s the most overrated TV show in your opinion?” and people shared their hot takes. From dislikable characters to just downright bad writing, get comfortable as you scroll through, upvote the examples you agree with and be sure to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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Keeping up with the Kardashians. Infact anything Kardashian!

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Saturday Night Live. I keep waiting for it to be funny…It just feels cringe most times. Occasionally, they stumble across a joke or some witty insight…Probably on accident.

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Wednesday. Outside of Jenna’s acting it’s pretty bad. It turned Addams Family into something it isn’t. With all the references to social media it really got on my nerves. The Addams Family is a classic that anyone from any age can enjoy. I’m sick of movies and shows trying so hard to appeal to us gen z. “You look like a real life instagram filter”. Like wtf is that dialogue. It’s terrible. No one in my generation talks like this. Why couldn’t the show makers just do what the makers of the Peanuts movie did for Peanuts but for Wednesday and the Addams Family instead. Introduce the Addams Family to new people but keep the charm of the original. Oh yeah and the romance sucked. I don’t understand why those two guys are so in love with Wednesday when she’s so unlikeable. There’s also Wednesday and Morticia having problems with each other when the whole point of the Addams Family is despite being a little weird they are a loving family and have no issues with each other.


The Walking Dead, I like it, but I feel like it’s let down by s****y writing and each season basically having the same plot over and over again.

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Ozark, tried and tried again, far too outrageous to believe the plot to escape reality for me.

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Rick and Morty isn’t terrible. But, I’ve had several conversations with friends who insist it’s the most brilliant show on television and even better than peak-The Simpsons, South Park, and Futurama. The same themes and jokes get recycled endlessly. There is very little of the sharp-cutting social commentary I associate with the other excellent adult-animated shows, and I find the writing fairly pedestrian in general. It’s fun, but I also think many people believe it’s significantly overrated.

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My wife watched a lot of The Good Doctor. That show is horrendous.

We GET IT. He’s autistic. That can’t be the only plot point in your entire show.

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Of the shows I’ve watched in-depth, I’d say Stranger Things. The first season is very good, but I just stopped caring midway through Season 2.

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2 broke girls!! 6 seasons of that c**p!! Laziest writing I’ve ever heard.

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Lost. Just bad writing hand-waved away as mysterious and spiritual.

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I’m gonna get hate for this, but This Is Us. The first two or three seasons were good, but I could only take so much weepy, pity party drama over and over again. Also, the character of Kate was so annoying.

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Euphoria. Disgusting show. I love the visuals, the makeup, the hair, the outfits. but the story itself? 1. incredibly unrealistic to high schoolers 2. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

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Gilmore Girls…

My wife adores it, watches it all the time. It’s a show about every day nothing topics, constant irritating tit for tat minor arguments, and the characters annoyingly and obsessively talking way too fast. I can’t f*cking stand it!

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Seinfeld. Seinfeld is a show I watched the first time around and enjoyed it to a certain extent but it is completely unwatchable to me now. I hate all the characters on it. There is not a single redeeming character. You can also tell that the writers were completely full of themselves.

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Peaky Blinders. The first season was great but then it went downhill. Too much filler. Like, for example, the episode where the father magically enters their lives again, like he’s been lurking all along but nobody ever mentioned that in the season and a half prior to that episode. And then he’s out of the picture again. Totally felt like a writer’s tactic.

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Unpopular opinion but: THE BEAR. I believe it conspiratorially submits itself as a “comedy” to make itself more competitive for awards.

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The Office is nine seasons long. And if you ignore the first one (which is pretty meh), it’s only downhill with every season after Season 2. It’s to the point where it almost starts feeling like different shows broken into different iterations. Like, Jim and Pam from Season 2 through Season 4 is reasonably realistic. Season 5 to Season 7 Michael is just a sitcom with talking head moments. Season 8 to Season 9…can we scrap every last dollar we can out of this?

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3 1/2 Men – how the f**k did that donkey s**t show stay on the air so long??? I mean it was pretty awesome when it started. Every single episode was funny, the timing was perfect, the laugh track was not annoying at all. But once I got older than 10 years old that opinion changed 😉


Yellowstone. The first couple of seasons are fun and enjoyable as a “modern Western soap opera” type thing. But it really crashed and burned at the end.

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I’m going to be crucified for this but the Netflix Marvel shows. Don’t get me wrong, some parts are genuinely great, but a lot of the time it just isn’t my cup of tea. I couldn’t really get into it or find myself super invested into them. Not to mention some seasons are rather inferior to another.


Doctor Who has a cycle of being absolute trash and then having four of the best episodes you’ve ever seen. It’s mostly been downhill ever since Peter Capaldi had his best episodes. The constant rewriting of the canon lore is also extremely annoying. I will stand by David Tennant’s Doctor being peak British TV, though.


Season 1 of Big Mouth was kind of great. It really captured what it felt like to be a hormonal teen full of self-shame. Then it got really weird and gross. The pillow f******g, the copious and unnecessary underage nudity, the incest, and so much vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity. It was like browsing 4chan.


During its run, so many people I knew suddenly acted like they were missionaries for Game of Thrones. Practically going door to door, spreading the ‘gospel,’ and badgering others to pledge that they’d watch it. Even when I’d tell them that I gave it a shot and it wasn’t for me, they’d insist that I didn’t give it a good enough chance and would interrogate me every time we saw each other about why I didn’t watch more of it yet. I spite ‘NOT-watched it’ even harder.


Bridgerton lost me after Season 2. I HATE that they had to spice it up and deviate from some of the plot. I refuse to watch Season 3 because it will always be the wrong book to have based the season off of, and I can’t get over it. Plus, spoilers for anyone who never read the books, but Eloise would NEVER be friendly with Cressida Cowper. Never, ever, ever. It’s a terrible disservice to that character.


Family Guy. It seems like especially in later seasons, the plot lines and characters were nothing more than vessels for each lame cutaway gag. Almost every episode feels like a bunch of cutaway gags lazily strung together.

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90 day fiance. That show sucks sooo bad, & just about every woman I know watches it religiously.


Parks and recreation for sure. Very similar to The Office but nothing intriguing going on.


Young Sheldon. I understand that Sheldon is supposed to be insufferable, but I swear I just want to punt the kid every single clip I see of that stupid show.


La Casa de Papel. I found it too unrealistic (but not in a funny or clever way) and thought it was a series that took itself too seriously.


I don’t think Succession is all that funny or witty. I need for someone to have at least ONE redeeming quality so I can root for them, even if I know rationally they’re a ‘bad guy.’ For instance Tony Soprano from The Sopranos. He was awful, but damn, if there weren’t moments where I was like, ‘Fuck yeah, Tony!’ There isn’t a shred of that for me in Succession. They all suck hard. I’d go so far as to say that the show is definitively not a comedy-drama, but rather a full-out tragedy on the pitfalls of parental child neglect and abuse. But, the one-liners serve to distract from that core tenet.


So I’m probably going to get down-voted to hell for this but… The Simpsons. The Simpsons has 9 or 10 insanely good seasons but it’s been mediocre to terrible for 24 years. That is to say the vast majority of the time the show has been on the air it’s been average or even bad.


For me its the boys. They use “shock value” in such a cheap way by the time you get to season 2 its just completely tedious.

(They are also trying to pass it on as humor that every single character contantly bullies and humiliates the main guy. Whats up with that? Is anybody laughing?).


Grey’s Anatomy was interesting for a couple of seasons, but then it became more and more and more ridiculous. Everyone fucked everyone, everyone had a clinical death, etc. (and that was by the 3rd and 4th seasons). I don’t even know what’s happening now.


Big bang theory. Completely unwatchable, on every level. It’s designed to use some “big words” to make us feel in on the smart jokes. But the jokes themselves are not funny and Sheldon is the worst. Ug, I hate that show.

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Yeah, Squid Game was good, but back in 2021, people were talking about it 24/7. Like, 90% of the internet was filled with it, and honestly, I don’t think the series deserved to have the entire world talking about it for three months nonstop.


The Flash. Or any CW superhero show. I like superhero media, but I can’t get past the low quality visual effects and stilted dialogue of CW shows.

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I hate to say this because my family’s Italian and I usually love shows like this, but The Sopranos just didn’t pull me in like I expected it to.


Charmed. I know so many people that loved that show but I just thought it was so corny. I usually enjoy sci-fi/ fantasy movies and shows too.


House of the dragon. No politics, no action, c****y CGI. Just bicker bicker bicker with a confusing cast change that means you can't tell the players without a program.


Might be controversial on Reddit, but Scrubs.

I watched it sporadically during its run and really enjoyed it, thought it was really funny.

Went back a couple years ago (during the pandemic lockdown maybe?) to try and watch it all the way through and lasted like half a season. JD is one of the most annoying, obnoxious, try-way-too-hard TV characters out there.
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