42 Cheap And Insulting Things That People Received As Holiday Bonuses At Work (New Pics)

A year-end bonus (also called a “Christmas bonus”) is a reward paid to an employee at the end of the year. So if you demonstrated exceptional performance, met the key goals and hit the milestones, you can expect a monetary (but not only) reward.

And while most workers would agree that a little something is always better than nothing, in some particular cases, that’s not exactly true. In fact, bosses and managers can be really, really cheap.

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As we’re all about to face what’s in the end-of-year bonus for us, these people have already had it and were left with mere crumbs that cannot be called a decent ‘bonus’ from any perspective. The images speak for themselves, and I just leave the stage to them.

More pics of insulting bonuses which left people scratching their heads and thinking of a better job to start the New Year with can be found in our previous article.

#1 The Company I Work For Canceled Our Yearly Bonuses/Raises And Gave Us A $5 Starbucks Gift Card And An Ornament Instead

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Girlfriend’s Christmas Bonus

Image credits: rollergo11

#3 I Mean, I’d Rather Have The Bonus I Was Screwed Out Of, Or The 20+ Employees In My Department That Were Laid Off Right Before The Holidays, But This About Makes Up For It

Image credits: SirBearOfBrown

#4 My Christmas Bonus

Image credits: le_eddz

#5 Not From A Child’s Birthday Party. This Is Legit Our “Company Christmas Gift” (We Don’t Get Bonuses)

Image credits: MissHellWest

#6 Instead Of Giving Us A Much Needed Christmas Bonus, They Got Us A Pool/Ping Pong Table. Never Even Half Enough Time On Break Or Lunch To Even Play. Company Made ~45 Billion In Profits Last Year

Image credits: kinsolomon

#7 Christmas Bonus This Year

Image credits: DoubtfulThomas

#8 I’m A Skilled Tradesman Who Is Supposed To Get A $3000 Bonus At The End Of The Year For Making The Company $150,000 In Profit, Per My Contract. I Doubled It, Which Is Supposed To Increase My Bonus. This Is What I Received. 100% Done With This Industry

Image credits: itstinyrick86

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#9 My Xmas Bonus. Yes, That’s A Packet Of Lipton Cup Of Soup. But It Comes With A Cup And A Little Bow, So, You Know, All Good

Image credits: Felonious_Quail

#10 This Was My Dad’s Only Christmas Bonus From The Company He’s Worked At For Over 20 Years: A $20 Off Coupon For A Frozen Turkey. My Mom Got A Christmas Ornament

Image credits: AdiosTinyToast

#11 My Company’s “Christmas Bonus”

Image credits: Muttandcheese

#12 Bonus Cut

Image credits: EthersTragic

#13 I Work For A Company That’s Very Well Placed On The Fortune 500 List

Image credits: TheMondayMonocot

#14 Thank You For Working Hard This Year! For Your Bonus And Annual Gift, Here’s A Pewter Ornament With The Company Logo. We’re Going To Advertise Our Hospital On Your Christmas Tree At Home

Image credits: blueindian1328

#15 We Used To Get Small But Appreciated Xmas Bonuses. Now We Just Get Spam Emails Pretending To Be A Bonus. The Bonus Is A Free Registration To A Mandatory Internet Safety Class!

Image credits: sideshowmario

#16 The Company I Work For Gave Us Our “Christmas Bonus” It’s $25 For In-Store Use Only And They’re Taxing Us At The End Of The Month Whether We Use It Or Not

Image credits: BeeFrogger

#17 Christmas Bonus (Worked Here A Total Of 9 Years)

Image credits: cragnarok710

#18 My Mom’s Employer Informed Their Staff That They Would Not Be Getting A Bonus This Year, But Hey, At Least They Got This Cringe Xl Shirt

Image credits: Zoomzoommaz

#19 Yes, That’s Definitely What Happened

Image credits: Blueskywindandleaves

#20 Who Needs An End Of Year Bonus Anyway?

Image credits: throwaway798319

#21 Some People Get Bonuses For Christmas. Every Employee At My Office Got This From Our Boss. Nothing Else. No Bonus, No Candy Canes. After Christmas We’re Going To Have A Office-Wide Conference Call To Discuss. This Is Not A Joke

Image credits: reddit.com

#22 This Was My Husbands Xmas Bonus. He’s Been There 7 Years And His Job Requires A Degree. The CEO Made $5.3 Million Last Year. Even If You Times $30 By The Number Of Employees They Have It’s Still Less Than What He Made By Almost Half. The Company Itself Is Worth $123bn

Image credits: xithbaby

#23 Walmart Holiday Bonus

Image credits: PieCrafted

#24 I Got My Christmas Bonus Today! #blessed

Image credits: Jenchac

#25 Cancelled Bonus

Image credits: Nsukka_okpa

#26 My Entire Store’s Christmas Bonus Is This Box Of Cookies

Image credits: Rattzzzzz

#27 Ladies And Gentlemen, This Year’s Holiday Bonus

Image credits: Deb-1961

#28 Been Working Here For 5 Years, And Each Year It’s Gone Down From A $100 Actual Bonus To This S**t

Image credits: ADgreen15

#29 Check Out The Awesome “Bonus” I Got At My Work Christmas Party

Image credits: ilikecheese8888

#30 My Husband Got His Xmas Bonus At Work

Image credits: Majax2

#31 I Don’t Get A Christmas Bonus This Year But At Least I Get Microwave Pizza If My Department Is The Most Festive

Image credits: Thrwwy665544

#32 Record Breaking Profits And This Is Our Christmas Bonus. 10 Years Running. What’s Yours?

Image credits: Matter_horn89

#33 Overwhelmingly Grateful For My Year End Raise And Xmas Bonus Combined In One!

Image credits: Theebalz106

#34 Prior To Our Acquisition, We Used To Get $500 + $500 For Every Year We’ve Been With The Company As Our Holiday Bonus. I Was Expecting A $2000 Holiday Bonus This Year. This Is The Text My Entire Team Got. Technically, We’ve Only Been With This New Company For 89 Days

Image credits: coversbyrichard

#35 My Xmas Bonuses This Year

Image credits: scr00chy17

#36 “Bonus”

Image credits: mrk_is_pistol

#37 This Is The Last Check I Got From My Former Employer. It Was Supposed To Be The Xmas Bonus But I Quit A Week Before Xmas. They Decided That The Bonus Is For The Coming Year Not For The Past Year’s Work. I Could Never Understand Why Even They Bothered. Why Write A Check For Zero Dollars?

Image credits: jimmm33

#38 Xmas Bonus

Image credits: morenaabonitaa

#39 That Christmas Bonus To Ease Your Grandmas Cost Of Living Woes

Image credits: MoominDeBerry

#40 Our MET Xmas Bonus

Image credits: Introvertish_Citizen

#41 Xmas Bonus

Image credits: ManticorPhantom

#42 Bonus Worth Pennies Compared To Profit. In My Field Of Choice For 15 Years, Earn $20k Less Than Previous Job And This Is The Bonus. Been With The Company For 15 Months And Work My A** Off To Get This As A Holiday Bonus. Felt Like A Slap To The Face And I Wanted To Quit When I Saw It

Image credits: latinamomma20

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