42 Times A Customer Get Caught And Publicly Shamed For Lying In A Review

On paper, online reviews are a great way to do your due diligence before laying down some hard-earned cash. Unfortunately, it does leave you at the mercy of random internet people, who can range from well-informed and helpful to enteral made up. 

The ‘Quit Your BS’ internet group gathers all the times people have publicly lied and then gotten caught in the act. Most prominent are the posts about customers leaving reviews so fake that the business owners themselves had to debunk them. So be sure to upvote the most satisfying call-outs as you scroll and comment your own stories below.

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#1 One Star Review For A Wedding Officiant

Image credits: Amethyst928

#2 Reviewing A Place That Isn’t Even Open Yet

Image credits: endoflevelbaddy

#3 The Food At This Shop Sucked!

Image credits: 88Burner88

The unfortunate truth is that the internet allows for pure anonymity, so it’s not hard to lash out vindictively against a business that you think slighted you in some way or maybe just mess with someone’s day. A more sinister phenomenon, depending on how you look at it, is the rise in bought, fake reviews. Amazon is the prime location for these sorts of operations, where anyone can unleash an army of bots or poorly paid users to give their products rave reviews. Even worse, a nefarious business owner can, instead, use these services to give competitors bad reviews

The result of all this manipulation is that many customers simply don’t know whether they can trust a review or not. This basically has the effect of removing any and all trust in general. This has become such an issue that certain regulatory bodies are actually looking into ways to hold companies accountable. The UK Competition and Markets Authority is investigating Amazon and Google for not doing enough to combat fake reviews.

#4 A Review About A Trampoline Park

Image credits: demonic_pug

#5 Why Lie It’s Just Not Worth It’ll The Embarrassment?

Image credits: ari_bu03

#6 Owner Calls Out Customer Over Poor Review

Image credits: PurpleDiver

As a consumer, if you plan to put down serious money for a product, you would want to at least read through a handful of user reviews beforehand. But now that you know that so many are faked, what can you do to be sure? While it’s impossible to know one hundred percent, there are a few telltale signs to look out for. You can use services like Fakespot or Reviewmeta to analyze if something is real or not. There are also browser extensions like Camelizer that can rate the reliability of a text.

#7 Fake Review After Eating The Food

Image credits: LionsLioness

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#8 Fake Review Before The Restaurant Even Opens

Image credits: your_dankesty

#9 Fake Review By A Competitor For A Bicycle Store

Image credits: Trazer854

Generally, just reading through the review can give you some good indicators. Vague descriptions, a multitude of grammatical errors, and generally short texts all point towards a review being created by a bot or a service provider. Reviews with images of the product are more likely to be real, and you can reverse image search the picture to see if it’s just been taken from elsewhere. 

#10 Pink Tried To Make A Bad Review, Then Gets Called Out By The Devs Of The App

Image credits: GirixK

#11 1 – Star Review Fail

Image credits: Eileithia

#12 Local Barber Shop Calls Out Fake Review

Image credits: CallingYouForMoney

Another suggestion is to explore reviews outside of Amazon. Professional reviews can be helpful, though they often don’t use the item long enough to determine if it’s suitable for long-term use. Similarly, restaurant reviews can be difficult since tastes, literally, differ. If it’s a more mundane item, might be hard to find an expert review, since, say, garden hoses and roof shingles might not have a dedicated community assessing them.

#13 Local Shop Owner Calling Out Fake Review

Image credits: ratdaddy225

#14 A Nail Salon Owner Responds To A 1 Star Review

Image credits: imgur.com

#15 This Review Of My University

Image credits: DrKader

The best bet would be to go to a store to try the item in person, but this only really works for a handful of options. Most restaurants don’t really let you sample random dishes for free, though you can at least enter the establishment to determine the vibe. Similarly, service providers like wedding planners and photographers might have impressive portfolios, but until they actually do their job, it can be difficult to keep track. The bottom line is that buyers really do have to be wary. Fortunately, at least some business owners do their part to ensure only fair and, more importantly, real reviews. 

#16 Competitor Barber Shop Posts Fake Review – Gets Called Out

Image credits: schleiderftw

#17 My Orthodontist Received A Fake Review From The Competition… Murder Ensues

Image credits: reddit.com

#18 Leaving An Incorrect Negative Review

Image credits: reddit.com

#19 Customer Post A Bad Review On A Restaurant

Only for the owner to call the bulls**t that they tried to do a professional photoshoot and lingered around for 3.5hrs buying 3 coffees for a group of 6!!!

Image credits: Indianfattie

#20 Hostel Responding To A Hostile Yelp Review

Image credits: imgur.com

#21 Woman Writes A Fake Bad Review, Gets Called Out By Restaurant Owner

Image credits: BRANN0N

#22 Owner Of Salon Says ‘Quit Your Bullsh*t’ To Fake Review

Image credits: CynicalCinderella

#23 Left One Star Review On Super Bowl Sunday

Image credits: NarutoCell

#24 “WTH, I Didn’t Want This Food, Why Would You Make Me Eat It??”

Image credits: Sizzox

#25 Casually Browsing Reviews For Dinner When

Image credits: ginga_gingaa

#26 Owner Of A Micro-Brewery Responds To A Review, The Reviewer Doesn’t Want To Quit Their Bullsh*t

Image credits: carlsto1

#27 Woman Leaves Poor Review On Local Restaurant, Restaurant Fires Back

Image credits: lilgnat

#28 Lying On A Pet Store Google Review Because They Wouldn’t Hire Him. Owner Responds

Image credits: greeneyes826

#29 Owner Of Car Mechanic Shop Calls Out Fake Reviewer

Image credits: kar816

#30 More Fake Reviews

Image credits: myameans

#31 Fake Review For An Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Program

Image credits: anagorinth

#32 A Coworker Was Fired In No Small Part Due To His Harassment Of Me

He wasting no time in asking his friends to leave a bunch of fake reviews against me and the tattoo I work at. I thought it was over since it’s been 4 months, but we just got a new one!

Image credits: rococo_chaos

#33 Fake Account Leaves A One Star Review. Gets Called Out By Owner

Image credits: solidsnoot

#34 Guy Gives New Dentist In Town It’s Only Bad Review. Called It By New Dentist. Funny The Reviewer Name Is Mr. @ickman And Suggest They See Dr. $ickman Instead

Image credits: looky32

#35 Fake Google Review Gets Called Out

Image credits: dannydevito77

#36 Local Restaurant Fighting Back

Image credits: habadab

#37 Got Caught Faking A Puppy Review

Image credits: MrFluids

#38 Friend Of Disgruntled Ex Employee Leaves Fake Review, Gets Called Out

Image credits: you-know-poo

#39 Reading Reviews For A Hotel And Found This Gem

Image credits: silkblackrose

#40 Restaurant Owner Smacks Down Bs Review

Image credits: BoricuaDriver

#41 Came Across This Review For A Nearby Bakery

Image credits: sh**hij

#42 Good Old Fake Reviews

Image credits: SkyylarYT

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