42 Times People Found Such Infuriating Headlines, They Had To Share

While we all need a fair share of news to keep up to date with the world around us, the truth is, we don’t always benefit from that emotionally. Quite often the opposite happens. What we read or watch or hear may upset us, leaving us anxious and irritated for the rest of the day.

Sometimes it’s the sheer facts that trigger us negatively, like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine or the dreadful plastic pollution in the oceans. And other times, it’s not the facts but rather the presentation of how one thing or another is told to us.

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The headlines, for example, are notorious for inflating and misrepresenting things and we always have to take them with a pinch of salt. And even if we do, they may still frustrate us, as they did to people on the Trashy community on Reddit. Below we wrapped up the headlines that, according to people, have maddened them the most.

#1 Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea??

Image credits: Poop_Consumer_

#2 The Military Strikes Again

Image credits: zevHS

#3 Using Your Child’s Educational Growth For Views

Image credits: reddit.com

#4 Literal Trash

Image credits: BlootilyBloop

#5 “Guide Dogs Can’t Be Black”

Image credits: sksjjsns

#6 It’s Just Awful

Image credits: Carnizzy

#7 Feel Free To Get Angry

Image credits: celiaNezali

#8 Honestly, F**k Nestle

Image credits: sollille

#9 A Shame To Think That People Cannot Control Themselves

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Image credits: phatpussypatricia

#10 Pennsylvania School District Turns Down Local Businessman’s Offer To Pay Off Student Lunch Debts After Sending Threatening Letters To Parents

Image credits: thathaitianguy

#11 Nice, Stealing From A Teenage Cancer Patient

Image credits: mildreddabooty

#12 Mom Exploits Daughter To Pay For Their Plastic Surgeries

Image credits: Not_Ekta

#13 It’s One Thing To Criticize The Man’s Work, But This Is Just Vile

Image credits: girolski07

#14 These People Are Making Capitalism Look Bad

Image credits: MisterT12

#15 Dallas ISD Being Dallas ISD

Image credits: ArchitectureGeek

#16 Arizona Child Protection Workers

Image credits: christianbn

#17 There Is A Whole Lot To Unpack Here

Image credits: BonyMiggsz

#18 Yup, That’s Totally True!

Image credits: HelloAvram

#19 Casual Assault At Meet And Greets

Image credits: schrute_farmss

#20 Disgusting Couple

Image credits: greenscreen98

#21 Meds For Herself

Image credits: SurelyAmOmniscient

#22 I Have No Words

Image credits: brotherisarobot

#23 Youtuber Human Trash

Image credits: thereisnotry_11

#24 Commenting On The Appearance Of Someone Who Has Battled Addiction And Depression

Image credits: Dystmyn

#25 Who Said Chivalry Was Dead?

Image credits: Gingrpenguin

#26 How Is This Even Possible?

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 What A Lovely Woman

Image credits: kyungsookim

#28 Group Leaves Without Paying Check

Image credits: Half_Baked_420

#29 Blackface? Really?

Image credits: beaverkc

#30 So Classy!

Image credits: KrissyBean

#31 What’s Wrong With People

Image credits: Half_Baked_420

#32 Freakin’ Ohio. Imagine Getting So Angry Over Buying Ice Cream You Slam Doors And Start Swearing At Employees

Image credits: ILoveRegenHealth

#33 What A Great Way To Spend Time With A Friend

Image credits: bolt704

#34 Out Of All Places, Why The Court?

Image credits: SirThatsIllegal

#35 Mom Refuses To Pay For “Cheap Toys” Her Kids Break

Image credits: courtesea

#36 Poser’s Instant Karma

Image credits: Merle_24

#37 This Couple’s Been Clearing Out Costco Shelves And Reselling On Amazon

Image credits: MythicalGriffin1

#38 Trashy Pastor Says “God Told Him He Needs $300 Million This Year”

Image credits: LazySenpaii

#39 Man Licks Things In Walmart And Gets Charged “Terrorist Threat”

Image credits: ItsDrBlazar

#40 I’m Only Getting 50% Of My Husband’s Money When He Dies! I Need A New Man!!

Image credits: tesdfan17

#41 F Them

Image credits: Actualhumandisaster

#42 Can We Have A Copy Of The CCTV Footage? We’re On The Lookout For Something Crucial

Image credits: tinyrick_137

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