42 Wholesome And Funny Moments From This Christmas

The halls decorated, presents wrapped and already unwrapped, the sweets indulged in and quite likely overindulged; no wonder winter festivities are one of the most awaited times of the year.

In fact, this survey has shown that 81% of people see Christmas as the most awaited time of the year. The primary reason for which they like it so much is because of an opportunity to spend time with the whole family (90%).

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So now that we have headed into the festivities, waiting for the champagne to pop for the year 2023, which is closer than ever before, let’s take a look at the most heartwarming and funny moments shared by people celebrating Christmas this year.

#1 We Don’t Have Kids So My Wife And I Take Our Dog Around To Look At The Lights. He Loves It

Image credits: pacmaneatsfruit

#2 A Cardinal In Our Tree After Our Deep Freeze. Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

Image credits: ChartFrogs

#3 A Coworkers Relative Got This Pup Without Consulting The Wife And Couldn’t Keep It So I Swooped In To Take Him In. First Family Dog And My Wife And Daughter Are Ecstatic. Christmas Hero

Image credits: ShitSandwich16

#4 Ukrainian Soldiers Celebrating Christmas On The Front Line

Image credits: CommanderCorrigan

#5 My Sister’s Cat Taking In The Majesty Of Christmas

Image credits: chrismanmd

#6 I Was On My Own For Christmas, But These Guys Kept Me Company

Image credits: Dx_Suss

#7 She Found And Opened Her Own Present While We Were Gone Without Disturbing Any Other Presents. I Don’t Know If That Makes Her Naughty Or Nice?

Image credits: Cuddle-Cactus2468

#8 Every Christmas She Perfectly Photobombs At Least One Picture. Zoe Will Be 16 In 3 Weeks

Image credits: Jesta83

#9 Not All Police Are On The Naughty List. I’m A Janitor That Cleans The PD 3x Weekly. This Is My Gift

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Image credits: noonespxial

#10 Put Up A Christmas Tree We Encourage Our Cats To Climb

Image credits: HerpDerpenberg

#11 Blessed Christmas

Image credits: Kuthibale

#12 “Thank Goodness You’re Home! The Christmas Tree Fainted”

Image credits: Souriane

#13 First Time Alone For Christmas After Coming Back From Homelessness, At Least I Have These Rascals!

Image credits: andstu

#14 I Have The Ugliest Christmas Sweater This Year

Image credits: xDanSolo

#15 I Made A Mug Shelf For My Wife For Christmas!

Image credits: bluejaythebear

#16 Adopted 3 Dogs From The Shelter This Year, Decided To Give Them The Best Christmas I Possibly Could

Image credits: InLynneBo

#17 My Stepdad Said He Wanted Nothing For Christmas. I Made Him This

Image credits: Nintenfoxy1983

#18 Merry Christmas To All Except Luke

Image credits: bajamillie

#19 I Hand Painted Wine Tumblers For My Family For Christmas

Image credits: Penguinz90

#20 Preparing For Christmas Eve Dinner With My Family For The First Time In Six Years. I Am So Thankful

Image credits: bostonchef72296

#21 My 12-Year-Old Picked This Shirt Out For Her Papaw For Christmas. He’s So Proud To Wear It!

Image credits: ringodesu

#22 Every Year I Get Dressed Up For Work On Christmas Eve. Year 8 Coming At Ya

Image credits: Dshack122

#23 My Public Library Has A Christmas Tree Made Of Books

Image credits: Chipmunk-Warrior

#24 Santa Stopped By. Merry Christmas

Image credits: nothankyou928

#25 Merry Christmas To Everyone From Us Here In New Zealand

Image credits: raytaylor

#26 Twisted Bastard Beheads Kitten And Mounts It To Make Xmas Decoration

Image credits: satsumanightmare

#27 One Of Moms Christmas Gifts This Year

Image credits: Estropelic

#28 I Built A Ferris Wheel To Hold My Girlfriends Christmas Gifts

Image credits: SeanM2020

#29 My Sister-In-Law Spent The Past Year Knitting The Christmas Tree!

Image credits: MakeMeBeautifulDuet

#30 My First Christmas Card After 5 Min Of Youtube And 6 Hours Of Mistakes

Image credits: lamy1989

#31 A Christmas Gift From Microsoft. It’s A Tiny Xbox Series S Made Of Chocolate And The Details Are Amazing

Image credits: Sankobal

#32 My Dad Does This Hanging Ornament Christmas Tree Every Year

Image credits: ILikeBreakfast7

#33 My Son’s Face When He Realized He Got A PC For Christmas!

Image credits: HueyUsaIdiot

#34 As A Dad, I Have Ascended. Best Christmas Gift Ever

Image credits: Ocmrm

#35 My Friend Matched The Drapes At The Christmas Party

Image credits: That_Julian

#36 My Kid’s Been Wishing For A Basketball For Christmas Every Day For Months. When He Discovered This Present Today, He Exclaimed: “I Know What It Is! It’s A Chocolate Ball!”

Image credits: OG_SisterMidnight

#37 Christmas Princess Peach Cosplay

Image credits: ecky–ptang-zooboing

#38 Merry Christmas

Image credits: its_phtephen

#39 Christmas Tree Cupcakes!! Happy Holidays/New Year

Image credits: Typical_Alfalfa_3684

#40 I Live In A 180sq Ft Micro-Studio, So I Decided To Get Creative With My Christmas “Tree” This Year

Image credits: tomtomjaaahallo

#41 The Saddest Christmas Tree At Work…

Image credits: euthyme

#42 My Dad Showed Up To My House Christmas Day Carrying His Coffee In An Old Sauerkraut Jar

Image credits: downhillguru1186

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