43 Celebs And Other Twitter Users React To Elon Musk Taking Over Twitter, With Some Of Them Deciding To Leave The Platform

October 27th of this year was the day when Elon Musk finally closed the deal and became the owner of the social network company Twitter. The 51-year-old businessman who is the CEO of the companies SpaceX and Tesla spent $44 billion on the site, after taking some time to try to get out of the deal. It was revealed that this matter had to be settled in trial after Twitter sued him for breaching the deal, but none of this was needed as the now “Chief Twit” agreed to go ahead with the plan and buy the company. Once Musk became the owner of the site, he didn’t waste any time and already implemented some novelties that sparked a discussion among Twitter users.

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One of the first things implemented by Musk that many users online noticed was the change in Twitter’s homepage. The “old” Twitter homepage would request those who are logged out or not signed in to do so to be able to see any content. The new change allows people who are not Twitter users to see news and posts without being logged in or having to set up an account. Even though there was no clear explanation as to why the business owner decided to do it, it was clear that things are going to change at a fast pace with the new person behind the wheel. 

A few more changes were also made when Twitter’s “Super Follows” subscription, which allows users to access additional paid content, was changed to “Subscriptions”. The man also revealed plans to use his SpaceX resources to make Twitter available to areas where it’s not yet accessible.

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Musk also made some staff-related changes. It was reported that he fired Parag Agrawal, who was Twitter’s CEO from November 2021 until October of this year. The new CEO of the company became Matt Wallace, a cryptocurrency expert who broke the news on his Twitter account, stating that he “will work hard to protect free speech and integrate #Dogecoin!”.


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The news of Musk becoming the owner of Twitter was met with different opinions. The business mogul shared that “the bird is freed”, suggesting that now people will have the right to express their opinions freely and won’t be suspended for it. While this might seem like a good thing, this view made a lot of users online, among whom are well-known names, concerned about the hate speech and false information that will be circling around once users with rather conservative and extremist viewpoints will join Twitter or regain access to their accounts. 


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After finding out that Musk took over Twitter, some people decided to leave the site for good, revealing that they don’t believe allowing people to spread hatred and calling it free speech is going to work. These opinions were outweighed by those who were happy to see a change in the way Twitter is going to be operated from now. What is your opinion on this situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments down below!


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