44 Insulting Holiday Bonuses That Bosses “Rewarded” Their Employees With

A year-end bonus (sometimes called a Christmas bonus) is a reward paid to an employee during the Holiday season. In many companies, it’s tied to performance metrics, and the amount can vary depending on whether certain milestones are met. Year-end bonuses are usually made up of lump-sum payments used to acknowledge the individual for hard work and dedication. Compared to the recipient’s salary, these monetary encouragements can be quite substantial. Or as we are about to learn, a real spit in the face.

I guess I wouldn’t surprise anyone if I said bosses can be really cheap. But some of them are such scrooges, they see every dollar that goes into employee motivation and retention budgets as losses. So when the opportunity arises, these tight-a**es pay themselves back and leave everyone else with just the crumbs. Continue scrolling to check out the worst Holiday bonuses we could find. Let them serve as a reminder that staff always have to be treated with respect. Screw those who forget that.

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#1 Just Saw This On Twitter. It’s So Tragic It’s Almost Funny. Surely This Isn’t Legal?

Image credits: TheLordPresents

#2 My Dad, Who Has Worked For His Employer For 22 Years, Sharing His “Thank You” For The Holidays. They Pay Him Less Than $18/Hr. Doing This Is More Insulting Than Doing Nothing At All

Image credits: rxb73

#3 Finally Got Our Christmas Bonus For A Year Of Our Hard Work On The Front Lines During The Pandemic. 7 Pieces Of Stale Candy And A Card Full Of Empty Platitudes

Image credits: Capt_Irk

#4 Our Christmas Bonus In One Of The Companies Most Profitable Years. What Is That, Like $5 Total?

Image credits: Inuyasharlz

#5 Helped My Company’s Accounting Team Get $190m In Profits Sorted This Year. Been With Them For 5+ Years. My Christmas Bonus This Year: (Not Pictured The Unsigned Card With CEO’s Signature As A Stamp)

Image credits: freddielizzard

#6 Management Gets Bonus Checks, While Regular Employees Get Water Bottles

Image credits: marques33

#7 Here’s My Christmas Bonus For Being A #frontlinehero

Image credits: grobend

#8 Bonus? No. Hazard Pay? No. Here’s A Cheap Chinese Snowflake For Working During A Global Pandemic Without Hazard Pay! And Thru The Holidays! Stay Strong!!

Image credits: A-T-P

#9 For Christmas 2019, My Boss Gifted Us With 1 Work From Home Day In 2020

Image credits: thenarcostate

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#10 This Definitely Makes Up For The Toxic Work Environment And Forced Overtime!!!!

Image credits: virginiacreeperr

#11 Thanks For The Rubber Band And Single Starburst But Can We Just Have A Reasonable Work Load Instead?

Image credits: Its_Only_Cindy

#12 Recalling When Air Canada Gave My Partner A Plastic Christmas Ornament Instead Of A Christmas Bonus

Image credits: embracingparadox

#13 Christmas Bonus? Nope, Target Just Prints And Snail Mails Monopoly Money To Your House Now

Image credits: nijoih

#14 What We Got After A Year Of Mandatory 50 Hour Weeks And 0 Holidays Off

Image credits: TsarAnderson

#15 My Mother’s Completely Unironic “Christmas Bonus” This Year

Image credits: MegaBeefBowl

#16 My Job Told Us No Christmas Bonus Yesterday And We Got This In An Email Today. (I Work For A Billion Dollar Company) My CEO Sent The Email, He Made 1.4 Million In 2020 As CFO

Image credits: starjasper

#17 My Sister Got This From Work This Week. It’s Honestly Just Offensive

Image credits: squashlolz

#18 I Definitely Feel Appreciated

Image credits: lesbianwalongsword

#19 Thought This Group Would Appreciate My Staffs Christmas Gifts (Arrived Today)

Image credits: 11Daysinthewake

#20 “Record Year” But No Raise Or Bonus. The Box Lunch Is The Covid Version Of A Pizza Party And A High Five

Image credits: scifi-riot

#21 Our Holiday “Bonus”. Yes That’s A $15 Off Coupon For A Butterball Turkey

Image credits: Searchin4AFartOfGold

#22 Imagine Getting This As A Gift Bag From Your Boss

Image credits: Formal-Concern

#23 My Brother Got A “Sauage” As A Holiday Bonus

Image credits: jbourne0129

#24 Work Gave Us This For Our Holiday Bonus.. But I’ts Okay Cause They Respect Us

Image credits: igorswolf

#25 Got My Holiday Bonus!!!!

Image credits: Mrs-PB

#26 Here At [redacted], Your Christmas Bonus Is The Chance To Win A Free Vacation For Your S**tty Managers If You Work Yourself Close Enough To Death

Image credits: GurpsWibcheengs

#27 Frick You Kroger I Just Worked 4 Hours Straight In Your S**tty Store And You Have The Audacity To Not Only Suggest I Spend The Meager Holiday Bonus You Gave Me On Your S**tty In House Jewelry Store, You Do So By Spreading Fliers All Over The Break Room

Image credits: Common_Wrangler_9671

#28 Thank You Bonus For All Employees From The Owner

Image credits: AuCeallaigh

#29 So I Work At Walgreens And We Were Told We’d Get A $50 Christmas Bonus. Turns Out It’s Only In Store Credit. It’s Nice To Be Sure But I Wish I Hadn’t Gotten My Hopes Up

Image credits: OttoDocOck08

#30 A Blanket

Image credits: f**kyouiquit

#31 Something My Wife Got For Busting Her A** Off

Image credits: MAXIMUSPR007

#32 My Jobs Thanksgiving Gift To Us. 7 Years With Foodlion And This Is How They Appreciate Us, With Kid Snacks

Image credits: lil_Dumplins

#33 No Christmas Party This Year, But Hey, At Least My Job Gave Us All A Scratching Ticket To Compensate

Image credits: Naotagrey

#34 My Christmas Gift From My Boss. Fortune 500 Company. No Christmas Bonus, Post It Notes, 2 Pieces Of Chocolate, Pen, Jeans One Day

Image credits: apocalypse31

#35 My Girlfriends Boss Handed This To Her In Her Office Saying, “These Are Being Handed Out From The Company.” I’m Not Sure If This Is A Christmas Gift. What Do You All Think?

Image credits: Forex4x

#36 Boss Left My Holiday Bonus At My Desk While I Was Away. My Office Is In A Bad Part Of Town So I Guess It’s Useful At Least

Image credits: AndyjHops

#37 Well, If We’re Flashing Around Our Bonus

Image credits: meunderadiffname

#38 My “Holiday Bonus”

Image credits: slipknotsita13

#39 Holiday “Bonuses” Congrats To Any Of You Dinosaurs With 19 Plus Of Hourly

Image credits: WhatSort

#40 Thanks Kroger! This Makes Me Feel So Appreciated. Not A Raise, Bonus, Or Anything Of Actual Value After Two Years Of Constant Record Sales. Just A Handful Of Basic-B**ch Coupons

Image credits: CrystalSugarDreams

#41 My Boss Is Paying Me With This And Said “It Is Good To Restore The Natural Order Of Things”. I Just Want My Christmas Bonus!

Image credits: Wendorfian

#42 The Warehouse I Work At Had Us All Come In On Thanksgiving And This Is How They Showed Us Their Gratitude

Image credits: Dukedyduke

#43 Got My Holiday Bonus Text!

Image credits: anonnomel

#44 Since People Are Sharing Holiday Bonuses From There Work Here Mine . In Case People Are Wondering Warehouse Job

Image credits: macross1986

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