44 Photos Taken In Real Life Yet Looking Like They Are From A Video Game, As Shown In This Dedicated Online Group

Perhaps, in the contemporary world, it is almost impossible to find a person who would not play video games or at least who knows nothing about them. Games have become a real part of our reality, so sometimes we deliberately “try on” things from the outside world for their gameplay.

For example, few people will argue that the new Ferrari not only confers +20 speed, but also +30 attractiveness and +40 self-confidence. And, well, let’s say the first two episodes of Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” are definitely -5 fan love and +10 facepalm skill. The list could be actually endless…

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It turns out that there is a special community on Reddit called the Item Shop, whose members are just doing this true fascinating thing – projecting of the real world on game plots. Right now, the community has nearly 499K members, and the most popular threads are gaining over 40K upvotes and hundreds of various comments.

Bored Panda has put together this incredible selection of the most popular and interesting items from this community directly for you, so feel free to scroll to the very end and don’t forget to tag your favorite (and most useful) “game items”. And one more thing – each comment on this post gives us +10 wit and +20 good mood!

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#1 Good Boi. Is He A Good Boi

Image credits: buffering-neko

#2 Snow Giant Hedgehog: Rare Pet, Only Found In Mountain

Image credits: NLX1224

#3 Khaljit, The Wandering Trader

Image credits: touchableuntouchable

#4 Cowboy Dog (Companion) Assists With Combat, Deals 50 Damage Per Strike, Heals Master With Cuteness

Image credits: Th0t_slayer_69420

#5 Squirrel Knight. Stats: +10 Damage, -5 Speed, +50 Charisma

Image credits: RedditShaz420

#6 Anti-Spiritual Audiotape: Grants A 1 Hour Buff Against Spiritual Attacks

Image credits: Doc_Holliday1880

#7 Water Tent

Image credits: buffering-neko

#8 Secret Doggo Shop. Only Appears At Midnight In The City. Sells Legendary Items For Pure Gold

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Image credits: CoddyBoi

#9 +100 Stealth

Image credits: MrSHH_AUS

#10 Mike Wahousekey: The Key To The Mike Wazousky House Legendary Loot Inside!

Image credits: thedoggotron21

#11 Elemental Dice

Image credits: Monlord

#12 Armoured Cockroach Def 300+ Attack 20 Speed 15 You Can Kill Him Using A Fire Or Hit It 20 Times

Image credits: FZZB2

#13 The Possum Orb. Does Random Stuff When Thrown At Another Entity

Image credits: jadelemental

#14 Turtle Duck +100 Cuteness +100 Defense +1000 Quack

Image credits: Go_commit_unalive

#15 Shop

Image credits: cookieman5231

#16 Key To The Spirit World (Ring Variant) -100 Hp

Image credits: FortePiano119

#17 Holy PC. +100 Speed, +200 Faith, 50% Chance Faulty Logic Board

Image credits: JasonPanay

#18 The Portable Soul Harvester | 1 Minute Set Up Time, Needs Power Source, Can Take Someone’s Soul To Hell

Image credits: Ashtenson

#19 The Existence Eraser

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#20 Airport Jungle Juice Restores 50% Health, 5 Random Stat Buffs, 1 Random Status Effect, Poison Effect In Covid-19 Event

Image credits: lobster_loser3

#21 Item Shop – Sells Only Items From /R/Itemshop

Image credits: ogodwhyamidoingthis

#22 Poison -24hp Per Second

Image credits: Badotski

#23 The Holy Mask +30 Protection -20 Breathing +100holinesss

Image credits: nofair00

#24 Soup Of Infinite Possibilities. +50 Luck

Image credits: Tangycheese33

#25 Hello Travaler How May I Help?

Image credits: nikbrencic

#26 Smooth Bread: +45 Hp, +15 Speed, -25 Charisma

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 Iron Food: +50 Pain -999 Regret

Image credits: Pizzaboylover69

#28 Long Bonk. +400% Range, +190% Bonk

Image credits: Marith_INT

#29 Engineer Pet, + 25% Repair And Craft Speed

Image credits: WilkOskar

#30 Rubik’s Sandwich +20hp And +50 Confusion If Not Solved

Image credits: renzer122

#31 Gaming Calculator

Image credits: buffering-neko

#32 Magic Hat

Image credits: kinggwoq

#33 Sentient Pillow Pet

Image credits: zOiNkS-sCoObYdOo

#34 Bible Signed By Belle Delphine, +100 Holiness, -100 Holiness

Image credits: 1Ferrox

#35 Book Of Cow +100 Intelligence

Image credits: Gargro404

#36 Cowch

Image credits: king-panguan

#37 Campfire. Boosts Energy And Hp Stat By 2 Per Second

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 Iron Sword Enchanted With Fire Aspect II

Image credits: RoguerEEE

#39 Antivirus Cd Mask: +10 Defense, -60 Comfort, 99.99% Success Rate

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Wireless Seatbelts: +100 Swag -1000 Safety

Image credits: Captain_Trenk

#41 Bookmarks Of Sus (Stats In Comments)

Image credits: Putnus69

#42 Iorn Flipflops: Used In That One Fucking Annoying Water Level, Relaxaton +50, Slowness +160, 40% Chance Of Being Poisoned Every Time They’re Equipped

Image credits: DrDanksause

#43 Washes Away Sins

Image credits: AnomalyKnownAsCelo

#44 Pandile , Rare Pet , Eats Anything Made Of Bamboo

Image credits: 1Raheem

Source: boredpanda.com

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