44 Times People Didn’t Think Their Actions Through And Lost Their Job In An Instant

While in these uncertain times, many employees hold onto their workplaces tighter than ever, others are somewhat more relaxed. And if you ask me whether it’s possible to loosen up a little too much when it comes to your job, the answer is yes.

For many unknown, illogical and often plain dumb reasons, some employees have earned themselves a solid “you’re fired!” badge. In fact, there’s a whole corner of Reddit with a cheeky name “Bye, Bye Job” that’s dedicated to sharing “images or stories of people losing their job, a scholarship/admission, or another kind of opportunity due to their actions online or in person.”

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Below we selected some of the most amusing, insane, and crazy examples that could easily compete in a sprint of losing your job the fastest way possible. Scroll down and after you’re done, be sure to check out our previous post with the funniest “you had one job” fails.

#1 An Oldie But A Goodie

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Record Setter

Image credits: Pyrox888

#3 Big Brain Move. Man Wears Work Badge To Insurrection

Image credits: vinnyvinnyvinnyvinny

#4 This Is A New One For Me

Image credits: IhaveTP4Bunghole

#5 He Seems Like A Nice Guy

Image credits: trapeandovv

#6 Bye Bye Job In Four Acts

Image credits: myownpersonalreddit

#7 Pretty Sure This One Counts

Image credits: gpstrickland315

#8 Welp, She Gone

Image credits: EGM0130

#9 He Really Owned The Libs This Time

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Image credits: JoePilot93

#10 Update: She Was Suspended Pending Investigation

Image credits: LightningBoltKnee

#11 Trainer A*shole Loses Job Through Homophobia And Humiliated Client By Loudly Professing His Clients New Workout Methods Suck For All To Hear

Image credits: Consistent-War6358

#12 Lab Intern Demands To Work Maskless And Not Only Gets Fired, But Risks Her Entire Future Career

Image credits: Rwbyy

#13 Update To A Post Made Earlier

Image credits: kinetisus

#14 Racist Volleyball Player Gets Suspended And Her Team Has To Pay A Fine

Image credits: TheOneWhoDies

#15 Mailman Is A Total Piece Of Sh*t

Image credits: theXsquid

#16 Son Posts Something Racist, Mom Agrees And Gets Fired From Her Job

Image credits: nokudalarj

#17 A Class Act

Image credits: KylieJeffords

#18 The Woman Who Laughed Has Been Fired

Image credits: bookluvr83

#19 Nazi Saluting Hospital Worker Gets The Boot After Being Found Out

Image credits: evan1k7

#20 Bosses Friend Made This Cake For A Couple Of Coworkers Who Didn’t Get Vaccinated

Image credits: VaultPunchr

#21 Apparently

Image credits: N0BodyLikesMe

#22 Local Cop And GF Decided To Be Racist On Snapchat. Less Than 48 Hours Later, Job Goes Bye Bye…

Image credits: thefreakychild

#23 Utah Man Coughed On Blm Protestors, Loses Job

Image credits: soultouch

#24 A “Doctor” That Refuses To Get Vaccinated And Doesn’t Believe In Science Losses Job. Good Riddance, Let Actual Professionals Replace This

Image credits: SpyGuyMcFly

#25 That Dickhead That Was Harassing Teenage Beach Goers About Their Bikinis Got The Boot

Image credits: hippopotma_gandhi

#26 Real Tweet By An Omaha Radio Personality About The Chauvin Verdict (He Has Since Been Fired)

Image credits: riffraffmorgan

#27 I Had To Fire A Client For Comparing A Restaurant Requiring Vaccine Proof To Ww2. Throwaway To Protect My Privacy

Image credits: JicamaSuperb3609

#28 Bye Bye But A Capella

Image credits: Nomad_Gui

#29 News Reporter Fired For Refusing Vaccine And Goes Full Blown Conspiracy Theorist

Image credits: TrickConfidence

#30 They Got Fired Because They Refused A Condition Of Employment

Image credits: RavenousFox1985

#31 Our Local Ppc (Canadian Libertarians) Candidate Ladies And Gents…

Image credits: admsk1

#32 Thoughts And Prayers To Those Hurt By Cancel Culture This Year

Image credits: veherthi

#33 This White Supremacist Group Patriot Front Delivered White Supremacist Flyers All Over A College Campus, And Then She Lost Her Job

Image credits: thepanichand

#34 A White Teacher In Texas Is Out Of A Job After A Student Recorded Him Using The “N-Word’ In Class. Classic. But Wait, There’s More!

Image credits: General-Pea2016

#35 Facebook Friend Is An Anti-Masker Who Brazenly Posts About Keeping His Job Even After Complaints About Him To Corporate. He’s Not So Cocky A Few Days Later

Image credits: WigglingCaboose

#36 Another Anti-Vaxxer Job Bites The Dust

Image credits: UCFFootballChamp

#37 British Journalist, Julie Burchill Is Fired After Tweeting “They Could Have Called It Georgina Floydina!” Regarding The Naming Of Prince Harry & Meghan’s Daughter

Image credits: Sweet-Lullaby

#38 Tiktok Bans ‘That Vegan Teacher’ With 1.7 Million Followers After 20,000 Sign Petition To Block Her

Image credits: deleted

#39 A Truly Worthy Sendoff

Image credits: itsfredlee

#40 So Proud

Image credits: Complete_Disk3655

#41 Guess Who Got Fired

Image credits: speedycat2014

#42 Losing Your Job As A Single Dad Of 3 Because You Refuse To Wear A Mask

Image credits: JustNeedANameee

#43 Chicago Real Estate Broker “Storms The Capitol” Promptly Loses Job

Image credits: Chaser_606

#44 Nurse Flashes The White Power Symbol On Tim Tok And Says Bye Bye To Her Job!

Image credits: leyersty

Source: boredpanda.com

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