44 Times People Exposed Their Bosses From Hell By Sharing Screenshots On This Community

We live in the times of the cruel job market where you basically have to shower in a sea of cold “Good luck in your future endeavors!” application rejections to even get to the point of an interview with absolutely no promise of getting a position.

Getting rejected is something all job seekers grow accustomed to, even though it melts your confidence with each letter, leaving you with a sense of last hope until you finally get your job and everything suddenly seems like a bad dream, a nightmare, to be honest.

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So it’s only fair that many workers do everything they can to maintain their job even if that means they have to put up with the boss from hell. The subreddit “Antiwork” is a shelter for those who think of ending work, including those who have had enough of their employers and had to expose their deeds online.

Below is a list of the worst screenshots submitted by employees who basically deserve a medal for their patience. Scroll down and be sure to share your own experiences working with a bad boss in the comments, if you have one. And if you don’t, then we are happy for you!

#1 Who’s The Boss Now?

Image credits: tylerro2

#2 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: minPD0309

#3 I Made The Mistake Of Calling In Sick For My Shift 8 Hours Before It Started. No Regrets

Image credits: deepfriedpickle_yes

#4 Quit My Job Last Night, It Was Nice To Be Home To Make The Kids Breakfast And Take Them To School Today! Off To Hunt For A New Opportunity, Wish Me Luck

Image credits: hestolemysmile

#5 Got My Beer Balls On Right Now, I Think I Made The Right Decision

Image credits: ThrowRA_1895

#6 I’ve Never Had To Put Up With This Sh*t Before

Image credits: Mackwel

#7 My Girlfriend Works At A Recovery Home For Old People And People Who Need Help Physically And This Is What Her Boss Sent Her. 2 Weeks Later Her Coworker Came In With Covid And One Of The Patients Died From It

Image credits: Rayvyn2Turnt

#8 Between A Friend And His Manager At A Small Packing Plant

Image credits: somenerdnamedtom

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#9 That One Time My (Former) Boss Tried To Make Me Come In To Deliver Sandwiches During The Freeze In Texas

My apartment hadn’t had power for two days and was forty degrees, the roads were still completely frozen and everyone was getting into car accidents, and I was 3 months pregnant.

Image credits: Fptmike

#10 Fact: Sh*tty Managers Is Why No One Wants To Work

Image credits: troublemutt

#11 The Sign I Needed To Take The Plunge And Do What I Love For A Living

Image credits: TheGeekPoet

#12 I Encouraged My Cousin To Quit Her Job And She Finally Stood Up For Herself!!

Image credits: 1in7billion_

#13 I Work For A Multibillion Dollar Corporation. Which Of Us Is Actually Stealing Time?

Image credits: BruhKaizul

#14 Recruiters Response After Being Told I Can’t Start On A Two Days Notice

Image credits: TheBeansler

#15 I Was Sick And 10.50 An Hour Wasn’t Enough To Make Me Stay During A Pandemic

Image credits: tobyliveshere

#16 I’m Quite Annoyed And Want To Reply Accordingly, But I’m Unsure If My Words Hold Any Truth

Image credits: Aussie_Psycho

#17 I Was The Last Person At My Store, And I Quit Today After Being Expected To Come In And Help Customers After Being Exposed To Covid

Image credits: DiverLeft

#18 I Quit A Day After This

Image credits: minPD0309

#19 I Have Been Wanting To Quit My Job Of 10 Years Took A Mental Health Day To Think About It This Is What I Wake Up To..

Image credits: reddit.com

#20 Got Illegally Fired From My Job, And Then The District Manager Had To Tell My Store Manager To Re-Hire Me

Image credits: danighost

#21 My Boss Who Expected In The Office The Day After My Mom Died

Image credits: DarkseidHS

#22 How A Quit My Incredibly Toxic And Abusive Job A Couple Of Weeks Ago. Just Found This Sub And Thought I’d Throw It In There. I Had Worked 7- 60 Hr Weeks Str8 And Tried To Take Off For My 21st Birthday. Request Denied, So I Called Out Sick Instead. Boss Found Out And I Figured, F*ck It, And F*ck You

Image credits: ASMBGShShRKN3

#23 Got Fired After Having Allergic Reaction To Second Vaccine Dose

Image credits: Darkfearmusic7

#24 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: troublemutt

#25 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: troublemutt

#26 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: troublemutt

#27 This Was Sent To Me 20 Minutes Before My Shift Started

Image credits: Da_Neager

#28 Boss Called Me In The Middle Of Fixing The Day Shifts Mistakes On Top Of Doing My Own Job To Chew Me Out For Refusing A Customer. Needless To Say, She Won’t Have To Worry About Getting Anymore Complaints About Me

Image credits: theweirdlip

#29 My Buddy’s Boss Last Night. Good For Him But I Wouldn’t Have Answered

Image credits: rumbletumblecrumble

#30 Yeah, Let Me Just Cancel All My Plans. I’ve Made Months In Advance. Be Right There

Image credits: andale_guey

#31 Yesterday I Posted My Boss’s Reaction To My Mother Passing. Today I Was Notified My Son Has To Quarantine For 10 Days, This Is Another Gem

Image credits: DarkseidHS

#32 My Bosses Reply When I Told Him I Can’t Afford $260 Rain Gear Right Now. No I Don’t Need To Work More Hours, I Need You To Pay Me More

Image credits: Fptmike

#33 This Happened A Couple Years Ago, But I Just Discovered This Sub. Getting That Response Was Oh So Satisfying

Image credits: MLObenza

#34 My Boss Hired Me For Part Time, Knowing My Full School Schedule- But Keeps “Accidentally” Scheduling Me 50 Hours A Week

Image credits: Garden_Of_My_Mind

#35 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: minPD0309

#36 After Outing Him As A Theft, Liar And A Abuser Of His Power He Is Still The Manger Of That Store Till This Very Day

Image credits: Screaminglordpierrot

#37 Got Fired Yesterday

Image credits: ishippounds

#38 Prospective Employer Texts Me At 11:30pm The Night Before For A 9am Interview? Tf?

Image credits: catscatzkatz

#39 Right After I Called In Saying I Was Sick I Got This. I’ve Never Even Taken One Day Off

Image credits: justfutaba

#40 Resigning From A Sh*tty Job With Style

Image credits: skolopendron

#41 Notice!? I Got Your Notice Right Here Buddy!

Image credits: LordKaylon

#42 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: troublemutt

#43 I Had No Car, And He Scheduled Me At A Different Store Miles Away, Knowing I Walked. Fuck These Managers

Image credits: lemonyfreshpine

#44 Horrible Bosses

Image credits: troublemutt

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