44 Times Restaurant Guests Left Absurd Reviews After Their Visits

A restaurant is often only as good as its reviews. Whether we read an article recommending that new Italian place downtown or one of our friends won’t shut up about it, most likely, we will still check out its online rating and read what other people think of it before deciding to go there.

However, the democratization of criticism isn’t always a good thing.  And the subreddit r/YelpDrama features plenty of reasons why.

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A popular category among its posts is ridiculous restaurant reviews that prove the customer isn’t always right. We’re talking trashing a joint that wasn’t even open when you “ordered” your food, or a one star because they wouldn’t allow you to order water and eat the meals you brought there yourself.

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#1 Ewww! A Gay Waiter!

Image credits: flexyourhead_

#2 I Don’t Know Who You Got Your Food From Tonight, But It Wasn’t Us

Image credits: GerBear_

#3 The Food At This Shop Sucked!

Image credits: 88Burner88

#4 Hmm

Image credits: y_shli

#5 You Wouldn’t Bring Mcdonalds Into An Olive Garden?

Image credits: peacelightlove

#6 “Influencer” Goes Out To Dinner

Image credits: notorious_BIGfoot

#7 “Politely Restrained”

Image credits: genesgray

#8 Business Owner Claps Back On Yelp User For Leaving A Negative Comment On His Restaurant

Image credits: thekinkykinkycrow

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#9 My Food = More Important Than Your Life

Image credits: Kl——–k

#10 He’s Just Enjoying His Meal, Karen

Image credits: lamest-liz

#11 “The Customer Is Always Right!!”

Image credits: Male_Rock

#12 A Not So Spicy Life!

Image credits: BJntheRV

#13 Chicken Tenders Heal His Broken Heart (And Home)

Image credits: peachykeen19

#14 User Writes 1 Star Review For Competing Restaurant

Image credits: frozenstuff

#15 “It’s Not Their Fault”…gives Them 1 Star

Image credits: beepbeepcollettuce

#16 ”wtf, I Didn’t Want This Food, Why Would You Make Me Eat It??”

Image credits: Sizzox

#17 Red Robin Needs To Wise Up

Image credits: gloomytoom

#18 Thank You, Kathie

Image credits: AychB

#19 Some People Have No Shame

Image credits: peachykeen19

#20 One Star Because The Server Wouldn’t Reveal Her Address

Image credits: Caliblair

#21 I Applaud The Dj

Image credits: biffin8r

#22 Bagel Drama

Image credits: darkmatterxiii

#23 3 Stars, Got Caught Shoplifting

Image credits: MyThrowAway0730

#24 You Can’t Even Make Out In Public During A Pandemic

Image credits: joshuaferris

#25 She Was Mad Her Tartare Was Undercooked

Image credits: caseyjones42069

#26 Someone Reviewed My Workplace

Image credits: haydensidun

#27 Trendy Asian Burrito Restaurant Near Me

Image credits: Goldenskinmaster23

#28 “I’ve Been Coming Here For Years And It’s Literally The Best, But During The Pandemic They’ve Sucked! Also I’m Racist”

Image credits: niketyname

#29 The Post That Started It

Image credits: Dr_Moo

#30 When Panera Bread Is Intimidating

Image credits: ihave10toes_AMA

#31 I Asked Them How Their Night Was And Was Doing My Work Smile And Voice Under My Mask, I Also Told Them That We Are Doing Last Call In A Little Bit So They Should Order All Of The Items They Want Before The Kitchen Closes

Image credits: ramenichirakuu

#32 Guy Got Booted After Throwing A Fit Because He Was Asked To Turn His Phone Volume Down. He Was Streaming A Football Game In A Nice Restaurant Full Blast. But The Server Was The Inconsiderate One. His Partner Looked So Embarrassed

Image credits: asap_boogy

#33 This Chicken Restaurant Didn’t Have Vegetarian Options

Image credits: ZachWatterson

#34 A Red Lobster Review

Image credits: gloomytoom

#35 She Just Wants An “Incentive” To Come Back

Image credits: thecatsmilkdish

#36 So This Is How My Question Started To A Wonderful Lady On Yelp

Image credits: rayboy75

#37 Imagine Driving To Hours To See Something Hanging On A Restaurant Wall

Image credits: NuklearMoose

#38 Why Even Mention The Baby, High Chair, Or Cutting Hush Puppies In Half?

Image credits: ihave10toes_AMA

#39 1 Star Napkin Eater

Image credits: Kodydog

#40 Review Of A Mcdonald’s

Image credits: Key-Chair-8086

#41 If You’ve Been Here, You Know

Image credits: theunluckyirishman

#42 A Review Of The Restaurant Where I Work:

Image credits: theoneandonlyjan

#43 Floors Where Sticky

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 I Would Poke Her Eyes Out With Chop Sticks If I Owned A Restaurant

Image credits: nyc420runner-

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